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  1. A

    LG TV losing stored channels

    My aunt has an LG TV in her bedroom and over the last couple of months it loses the Freeview channels. It will jump from 2 to 7 then 9 and needs retuned every couple of days. I had an aerial guy out and he changed the aerial but it still happened and he has checked signals with his meters and...
  2. L

    Onkyo NR686 rear high channels are dead

    I recently tried to exchange my DVR receiver connection to a TiVo. Probably should have unplugged everything first, but I was just changing out the HDMI cord between my Onkyo and the TiVo. Got a NR L R BR BL error on the Onkyo and no sound. Finally found a thread that showed my how to clear the...
  3. M

    Sarason Bathroom TV Looses Channels after set up.

    Hi Everyone. Ive just finished remodelling my bathroom to include fitting a waterproof TV over the bath. Nice touch, although when it finishes auto tuning, it seems to find all the freeview channels (will have to check just how many channels its getting) but then if i turn it off, when I go back...
  4. MaxyPower

    No signal on most Freesat channels - Any advice!?

    Hi! I live in a block of flats with a communal dish. Used Freesat built into an LG TV for the last two years. Since the very stormy weather we had a few months ago, a lot of channels have no signal, however none of the other residents I’ve spoken to have noticed any issues. Because of this, the...
  5. C

    Panasonic DMR-EX95V No Freeview channels

    My Panasonic machine is old but fully working except the Freeview tuner. I’ve tried a rescan and nothing is found. The aerial goes into the Panasonic and out to a TV which is fully working . Looking at an old thread for another model suggests it may be a failed capacitor. I’m interested to know...
  6. TVKatz

    LG LQ63 Deleting Channels

    I recently bought the model: LG 32LQ631CIZA FHD LED smart My simple problem is how to delete Antenna and Satellite channels. The deletion facility exists for Web channels, but for Antenna and Satellite channels, all I seem able to do is lock and/or skip a channel, but not get rid of it...
  7. D

    Can i connect my Sky Q dish to my LG G1 TV to watch free to air channels?

    Can I connect my Sky Q dish to my LG G1 TV to watch free to air channels? The dish has two coaxi outputs and my G1 TV has one satellite dish input.
  8. R

    multi ch. amp, switching channels on/off

    Currently I'm using three, stereo power amplifiers for front height, rear height and front wides. I do listen to the front height with stereo music, using multi channel stereo so only these speakers are outputting sound If I was to change the three amps for a single six channel, how would I go...
  9. Hobber

    Question about surround receivers and audio channels

    Hi Apologies if this is a stupid question, but I'm not all that knowledgeable when it comes to AV and I find a lot of the information out there confusing. Also, English is not my first language, so please be patient if I need extra clarification. So, I need to replace my Yamaha RX-v479 receiver...
  10. B

    Netflix & co should offer so called FAST channels

    And so should they all, Prime Video, Paramount & Disney+ etc. There is often the feeling of not being sure what to put on, what to watch and sometimes even being unsatisfied with something being tried, but if Netflix were to also offer so called FAST channels such as Netflix Comedy, Netflix...
  11. D

    Foxsat non-Freesat scan seems to add channels arbitrarily

    I'm having trouble getting my head around how the Foxsat handles the results of a non-Freesat scan. I use KingOfSat from time to time to identify channels that have moved between transponders, and then scan the relevant transponder(s) so that I can then use the Channel Editor to move them to...
  12. D

    I don't have audio on Directv music choice

    After connecting a Sony htg700 sound bar to my Sony KD55X750H I don't get audio on Directv music channels. I get audio on all other channels. I have both optical and hdmi cables attached.
  13. P

    Audio settings on HD channels

    I have a Yamaha RX V479 av. When I look at the sound signal info for BBC1, 2 and ITV1 (all HD) it reads Dolby D 2/0/--- but on channel 5 HD it reads Dolby D 3/2/.01 Does anyone know which one is correct ( Channel 5 I think) and how to get the correct signal on the other channels? Thanks in...
  14. P

    No sound on Sd channels

    Recently I've found that I have no sound when watching Sd channels via my Humax HDR-1100s and Yamaha RX-V479. Has anyone else come across this problem, and if yes what did they do to get the sound back?
  15. Bald Runner

    Gained Freesat with old Sky dish but I am missing some channels.

    Hi All, I recently changed my old Sky Q wideband LNB for a standard quad LNB as advised hereon. I don't have a Freesat PVR but a single satellite input on an LG C2 TV. All appears to be well, with the exception of some missing channels. They appear on the EPG but upon being selected, I get a...
  16. J

    Freesat box no longer records 4 channels

    We had to replace our Freesat box that was still under warranty in November. The old one allowed us to record multiple shows (up to 4) at a time, but this one doesn't. Also for some reason (and this has just started), when we turn the TV on, we get a message that we have to wait a few minutes...
  17. oledlover

    LG OLED65B7V looses favoriter channels

    I have an OLED65B7V that I am reasonably happy with except for ONE very annoying problem - I am receiving my all my channels through Free To Air satellite and have a quite long favourite list (maybe 20 channels). Almost on a daily basis one or more of the channels disappear from the list and...
  18. F

    BBC 1 HD Channels missing on Freesat

    Since the recent change to the BBC1 HD channels on Freesat I am missing 3 channels on my Panasonic DMR-XS380 DVR connected to an old Sky dish. The missing channels are BBC 1 Yorkshire HD on channel 101, my region BBC 1 North West HD on channel 955 BBC 1 NE & C on channel 956 I just get no signal...
  19. W

    Sports UHD Channels

    Hi guys I have subscribed to the VM Ultimate Bolt package with Sky sports & movies UHD package Channel 532 seems fine Channel 533 has very, very limited programmes Channel 534 has no programme info whatsoever, but when i click to watch it, it has has F1 on it? Any one else have the same?
  20. S

    LG G2 Retaining TV Channels

    This probably wouldn't usually happen, but I live in a Development of flats split into groups called 'Cores' and in my core the TV Booster has a strange problem, where it stops boosting the signal, and without the boost there is zero signal, unlike the previous flat where you would just loose...
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