1. AndyX

    How to add 2 extra channels for back atmos channels?

    I have a Marantz SR7012 which outputs to 7.2.2 speakers but has preouts for 2 more channels giving 11.1 channels in total. How easy is do? any external amp recommendations which do not cost the earth?
  2. craigt1971

    Com7 channels patchy, not worth changing aerial?

    I’m going back to just watching Freeview only. When watching channels on the Com7 multiplex the signal is flaky. Am I right it’s not worth changing my aerial as that’s being switched off soon anyway?
  3. Leowski

    65X90J 7day old - ‘google’ turns on but not channels

    Ok, help - 7day old 65x90j - Randomly upon turning on - the Google smarts kick in, all their screens + Netflix and such work — but when I go to a turner channel or HDMI there is no picture. Sound is there. But it’s black. The only fix is to fully power off at the wall. The tv is 7 days old...
  4. xargon666

    Surround R/L playing both channels at once

    For reasons which are beyond me, when I run speaker config on my Windows 10 PC, connected to my Yamaha RX-V379 AV unit via HDMI, the SR/SL channels are duplicated; both the SR and SL speakers output simultaneously, robbing me of the surround sound experience. I know this is not a wiring issue...
  5. F

    Printing list channels

    Hello everyone I recently purchased a Philips 43pus8556 / 12 TV whose S.O. It is AndroidTV 10. Is there the possibility of printing the list of digital terrestrial channels and satellite channels? If yes, can you explain to me how to do it? Thanks for your help.
  6. ussjtrunks

    Sky needs to look into more actual 4k channels

    For example we have btsports and bbc with a lot of 4k content that’s relegated to online only. Surely it makes sense to bring this content to sky?
  7. S

    Denon AVC-4700 not outputting height and rear surround at same time

    I have a Denon AVC-4700 in pre-amp mode, and went through the initial setup where I got sound out of all speakers: 6 bed layer (FR, FL, SR, SL, SBR, SBL), 4 ceiling speakers intended for atmos height. So far, however, my attempts to play atmos surround content have only resulted in either 4(FR...
  8. B

    Samsung tv hd channels

    Hi, can anyone help me with a query regarding my tv... I have it plugged in via an internal terrestrial aerial, but I cant access any hd channel I.e bbc,itv ch4 is a smart tv.But with the same aerial plugged into another tv(lg) I can receive hd!! Do I need a separate Freeview box? Thanks
  9. N

    Panasonic DMR-HWT250 channels not updating

    My Panasonic DMR-HWT250 is now prompting me to re-scan channels whenever it turns on, and although there are no problem messages and it all appears to run through the scan as expected, it doesn't seem to actually update. Similarly, if I make changes to a favourites configuration, and save it...
  10. W

    Stereo outputting through Center and Right channels

    I just hooked up a phono to my home theatre and the left channel is coming out of the centre speaker instead. Receiver is Pioneer VSX-S520. Listening mode is STEREO Turntable is Pro-ject Audio Elemental Everything is else is outputting through the correct speakers. I did check to make sure I...
  11. nct16

    Marantz SR5015 or NR1711 for 2 channels

    Which one would you prefer? I will pair it with Wharfedale Evo4.2 and I think I will not go for any other channels in the future due to some constraints. Do they have any significant differences in terms of performance and features on both models? thank you in advance.
  12. D

    LG TV skipping channels on Astra 19.2E

    I am having problems receiving some satellite channels from Astra 19.2E on my LG TV UN71006LB. I reset the TV and used auto scan but the TV skips (at least) three channels: BBC World News Europe HD NHK WORLD-JPN Al Jazeera English HD If I connect the same satellite cable to my 8yr old sat box...
  13. Stevie G

    What is TVPlus on Samsung TVs? Is it like Freeview (ie OTA channels) or something different?

    Hi shiny happy super-informed people....! We're looking at a Samsung TV from John Lewis and none of them seem to be listed as having freeview. They all seem to have Freesat, along with TVPlus. What is TVPlus?! Is that a similar method of them getting FTA terrestrial channels, or a different...
  14. Andykent

    LG tv lost freeview channels

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone out there can help me with my problem. My LG smart tv either loses channels freeview or can't receive any. The LG is in the living room and I have a Samsung TV in the dining room. My setup is as follows, the coax lead goes from the wall goes into a signal booster the...
  15. kenshingintoki

    Cheap AVR for 2-4 channels?

    Hey. I need an AVR that isn't too massive or heavy. Its in my living room, weight is kind of important in that its not gigantic because I'm putting it on a shelf with the projector. I'm going to likely be using 2 channels (just stereo). I MIGHT expand one day to a 4.2 so atmos capabilities...
  16. P

    Loss of tuned-in TV channels

    This problem or similar has no doubt been aired previously & I'd like to know what the cause of it is as I know how to correct it. I have a Panasonic DVD/VHS recorder, model # DMR-EZ49VEB, admittedly getting on in years but basically working OK. For the past couple of years, about every six...
  17. V

    Looking for a Wifi Router / Access Point that can use channels 100+ (Band B/C) on 5GHz

    I am looking for an access point or router (that will run in access point mode) that can use other channels than just the band A (channels 36-64). Looking to use it exclusively for an Oculus Quest 2, and in my home band A is completely overloaded, while the bands B and C are completely free...
  18. L

    No HD Channels!?

    Hi all. I re tuned my TV now I have no HD Channels 101-105?? It’s a communal Ariel
  19. F

    3.1 setup using all 7.1 amp

    Hi all, Total newbie to this forum and starting out on a new set up. Appreciate any help / advice. I've got a Sony str-dh790, left, right and centre Gallo A'Diva speakers, with a Gallo subwoofer. I don't want to install rear speakers as the room isnt ideal for it. Question is can I use the...
  20. FinTGM09

    LOGIK 21.6 HD 1080p “Services Setup” Menu?

    This TV is a 10 year old LOGIK 21.6 HD Ready 1080p Digital LCD TV with Integrated DVD Player. The model number of this TV is L22DVDW10U. Shortly after Auto-Tuning the television, I was greeted with a message stating that I had to select the SERVICES SETUP menu to add new services. So I...
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