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  1. barryc808

    Channel logos go blank when highlighted

    When I scroll down through the channels on my Freesat EPG, some of the channel logos go blank (pale grey) when the channel is highlighted. This happens on Channel 4, BBC News, Quest Red, Smithsonian and a few others. The channel logo is visible when those channels aren't highlighted. I've only...
  2. D

    LG C9/E9 EPG logos mixed up

    Been having this frustration on my E9 for a while, over different firmwares as I recall. On any given occasion there is a 50% chance that the EPG channel logo's will be totally random. So for example BBC One might have a Logo for ITV2 or something obscure. Next time you turn it on there's every...
  3. barryc808

    Channel logos not appearing on EPG

    A few days ago I setup a factory reset Humax HDR-1000s on a single cable feed. It has no hard drive and no internet connection. So far no logos have appeared for the channels on the EPG, it only shows the text channel names. Is there anything in my setup preventing the channel logos from...
  4. AdtAdt57

    Smart TVs Based On Android - Losing Terrestrial TV Logos

    Grey boxes instead of TV Channel Logos ? I’ve been told by Philips that all Android based TVs have lost terrestrial TV logos recently... ... are folk aware of this cosmetic but annoying change? Although I think this loss was invoked by a s/w update some months back I assume I caused this by...
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