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  1. W

    Horizon hdtm 2.1 (without channel list question)

    Unable to find where I can post a hello so posting question immediately. Hi all I see for sale one for £50 and wonder whether to take the risk as it has had it's channels wiped. Advice would be most welcome The ad says: due accidentally deleted channel list and don't have file to recover...
  2. P

    Can you add Satellite channel list?

    Is it possible to add channel list so the FTA channel can be In some decent order? I know on E2 Sat boxes you can download a few lists which are all in xml format. Was hoping could use something similar for the Satellite tuner on Philips TV.
  3. T

    Question Channel list initial order.

    Hello. Does anyone know why our tvs are initially populated with a channel list beginning with No.1___BBC1 etc.?., leading to hours of fun going 'round the houses' re ordering the list logically , i.e., to No.1___BBC1 HD etc. Or is it just me?.
  4. Chrisgixer

    Samsung Q9fn. Where does the Sky Q channel list come from?

    Hi Where does the tv get the info for the channel list? So select tv, and press the channel button. A menu list appears on the right hand edge of the screen and you move the channel button up and down to scroll up and down the list. Where does that info come from? reason I ask, is I get this...
  5. E

    Editing channel list?

    I have just bought a Panasonic DMR-HWT150EB HDD recorder. Complex piece of kit but its working well. All I want to do is to reduce the channel list on the GUIDE to the channels I use regularly. There are over 80 channels and I just want to reduce them. The instructions are vague and just refer...
  6. tillytomps

    Question Virgin vrs sky channel list

    Thought I had my next 18months sorted with virgin, got a good deal and having the new V6 boxes delivered But................ The missus now wants sky as when she was around a friends house she saw loads she would have watched on sky, but when home she can't find anything to watch:( So looking...
  7. N

    Freesat channel list - Panasonic / LG / Samsung

    Hi Guys, I have a LG EG960V, it's a great TV and has loads, however it's missing Freesat and picks up far too many channels when searched for and in the wrong order. Would anyone with an Panasonic / Samsung / LG TV with Freesat be able to export their channel list so I can import it onto my TV...
  8. AshleyG

    Question Solovox F6S help wanted please

    Hi guys, I hope I'm not breaking any site rules with this post - I did read them but you never can be sure. I bought an Openbox V8S, which worked to a point - I was informed there may be a mis-match error. I then bought a Solovox F6S, but I'm having trouble understanding how to install...
  9. billbrooks

    Panasonic TX-48CX400B tuning

    Am I completely dim? When new channels appear on Freeview the only thing I appear to be able to do is a complete re-tune which wipes out my favourites and channels already stored. This is fantastically frustrating as when one channel e.g. the rubbish Tru Christmas is added I have to then go...
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