channel 5

  1. Garrett

    Channel 5 B&W Dot

    Why Ch 5 got that B&W dot up in the right hand top corner, if it something to do with the equipment why is it only there when programs on but goes when the adverts appear. :confused: its been there since they had that fire. Would not think its good for the TV screens causing screen burn.
  2. M

    Potential screen burn hazard on Channel 5 UK?

    Just noticed yesterday that when watching Channel 5 there is a small square in the top right corner of the screen comprising of a white and a black triangle joined together when watching a tv program which is present at all times except during the adverts. Is the presence of the white triangle...
  3. John7

    New “Logo” (DOG) on channel 5?

    I’ve just noticed a new on screen graphic on channel 5 programming on freeview and Virgin. In addition to the 5 logo at the top L/H side of the screen, there’s now a square black an white box in the R/H corner - and it’s bloody annoying!. It’s on SD and HD and dissapears with the 5 logo when...
  4. steve iow

    Channel 5

    Anybody noticed the logo for Channel 5 hd seems to have ditched the hd, also no mention of any of the programs in actual hd
  5. Clem_Dye

    C5 Gadget Show 19/02/2021

    During last night's Gadget Show on C5 there was a segment comparing two Sonos soundbars, to see which faired best. As a follow-up to the segment, Jon Bentley (I think) mentioned that after making the report he did some more testing and stated that he'd encountered some serious lip sync issues...
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