1. J

    Help an Old Man - Change TV Channel from 30 miles away?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a solution to help my elderly uncle who is in assisted living some 30 miles away from me. Recently, he has been struggling to change his tv channels. I am hoping to find a solution that will allow me to use my smartphone to log into an app and change the channels...
  2. J

    Change one song from an album.

    Just a bit of fun. Rules are simple. Pick an album and change one song only. The song can be an alternative version by the same band. A cover version of the missing track or another song from a different album by the same band. Im choosing The Wall and swapping the studio version of Hey You for...
  3. chaz

    Whether to change or not

    At the moment I have the full Virgin Package TV, Phone Broadband on the Broadband side My Download Speed is Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test But outside in the garden signal is quite low Went into the Vodafone shop the cost of there broadband is lower and I would get better...
  4. I

    Climate Change: Code Red For Humanity!

    Are there still any Climate change deniers, who still don’t believe climate change is happening? Despite today’s report and what’s been happening worldwide in recent weeks!
  5. N

    Is both the UK supermarket price increases, and the shortages due to climate change, brexit, covid or pingdemic?

    Is both the UK supermarket price increases, and the shortages due to climate change, brexit, covid or pingdemic?
  6. Silver Arrow

    Looking to change the cooling fan on an Onkyo receiver?

    Hi All I have an Onkyo 3009 receiver, approx 9 years old, have recently had problems with the unit switching off and on again for no apparent reason. Most notably and annoyingly during the England v. Italy game... The Sherlock in me has deduced it to be a cooling issue on the video side as there...
  7. A

    Distortion on centre channel after prolonged use - time to change receiver?

    Hi Edit - I appreciate I asked a similar thing a few months ago but after lots of research I am going around in circles a bit with this. I am weary about buying used AV amps due to head build up/reliability/complexity so new or ex-demo with warranty are the options. Ultimately I don’t want to...
  8. N

    Have to change from Virgin Media, who offers the next best internet?

    For gaming, video and everything else?
  9. L

    Need to change BIOS boot sequence to removable device

    Hi All, I need to change my BIOS boot sequence in my laptop to include removable devices as I want to wipe it and reinstall windows from USB Boot sequence is currently Windows Boot Manager Windows Boot Manager Onboard NIC (IPV4) Onboard NIC (IPV6) There is an option of Add Boot Option but I...
  10. EntryLevel

    Weird Desktop PC Audio setup - should I change it?

    Due to a change in personal circumstances last year, my entire AV setup is currently limited to my desktop PC setup: Sources: Music: Spotify Premium (mainly rock/metal, some electronic/synth); TV/Films: Streaming services; Other: PC Games & Discord. DAC/Headphone Amp: Audiolab M-DAC Mini...
  11. pc99

    Firmware change log for Epson EH-TW7000

    Hi, Does anyone know whether Epson even provide change logs or release notes for their projector firmware. I just installed the 1.04 firmware on my EH-TW7000 and there is nothing detailing the changes in the zip file or on the page I downloaded it from. And I can't see any obvious differences...
  12. F

    JBL BAR 9.1 - Chinese version can change firmware to global firmware?

    I just bought a JBL Bar 9.1 Chinese version. But it is sh*t that not support Chromecast and Google Home. Is this Bar can change firmware to Global version. Anyone also same with me to buy this sh*t Chinese version?
  13. martin 39

    Fancy a change

    Currently have monitor audio apex a10 frts with a silver centre and mk m4t on the rear with arendal 1961 1S subwoofer. After fitting the mk rears i have seen a set of mp7 speakers and center £550 would this be much of a upgrade alsovlooking at arendal 1961 series monitor and center. What are...
  14. I

    COP26 climate change summit may have to be postponed again-or radically changed due to COVID | Sky News COVID26 climate change summit could be postponed a second time in 2021
  15. lyanporto

    How to consistently change PAL into NTSC?

    Hi, everyone, This is driving me nuts so I hope somebody can help me. I just moved to Belgium and brought my American NTSC Nintendo 64 with me. Here, I bought an LG 49UN710006LB. Naturally, when I plug it in, the image is black and white. I expected that. I didn't expect it to be so hard to...
  16. Hixs

    How to change resolution - 1080p laptop to 4k monitor

    Afternoon, The laptop has a dedicated gfx card (Nvidia 1050gtx) so I would think it's easily capable. No gaming involved, just web browsing and whatever. 1080p on the 28" 4k looks dreadful. Nevermind I worked it out. Had to force the laptop to use the 1050 and not the inbuilt crap.
  17. Syphon

    Will the wall mount height need to change for a bigger TV?

    Hi all, Currently got a 50" plasma mounted with the centre of the TV at eye level. At some point later this year (hopefully!) we will be upgrading to a bigger size, min "65, but hopefully 75". I did a silly GIF for another thread to show what I'm after :) This may be a silly question and...
  18. FrankieDoodles

    Harmony 665 won't change inputs

    Hi, can any fellow Harmony owners help? I've added all my devices to my 665 remote in My Harmony and setup several activities, watch TV, watch Roku and Watch Blu-ray. Each one set to power on the TV, soundbar and relevant device (on the selected input). The problem is, when I select Watch TV...
  19. Omits

    Want to change my TV.

    I have a seven year old Panasonic and separate recorder. We do record stuff for later viewing. What I am considering is a TV which can do WIFI as well so I can stream stuff from YouTube (we like drone vids for armchair holdaying and music) I get very frustrated with a recorder which has a mind...
  20. M

    Question Fornite - change Xbox Live account without losing purchases

    My son currently uses my xbox live account to play fornite. My other son uses his own xbox account, which is linked to my live account to game share. However this means that I can't play another game at the same time as my son is using my account. So I'm thinking of getting another xbox live...
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