1. Jakirrr21

    For Sale £64 CEX Voucher

    Code to be sent via PM. Expires in 1000 years. Looking for £56.
  2. S

    For Sale CeX voucher £52 for £45

    For sale is my CeX voucher, value of £52 for £45 ppg preferred.
  3. K

    For Sale CEX voucher £151 for £135

    Just trading some stuff in and got credit but nothing I need. Instant delivery upon payment. PPG or BT Will provide code via message on here. Can provide image of trade in receipt as well if needed. Thanks
  4. cammey78

    For Sale Cex Voucher £47 for £40

    Just bought a larger voucher on here and bought what i needed, selling the remaining balance . PPG or BT.
  5. S

    For Sale £63 cex voucher

    For sale cex voucher £63 sell for £55.50 Payment by bt
  6. MrR0b0T

    For Sale CEX Voucher £102

    Bought vouchers here on Monday to make an online CEX purchase, the item arrived today in p'ss poor condition, so I've just returned it to my local store for a refund. I paid £41.50 for £48 and £47 for £54. Voucher value is £102 and I'm looking to get back what I paid which is £88.50
  7. Marky Bear

    For Sale NOW SOLD!!! CEX voucher worth £122 (asking £106).

    Hi all, I have a CEX e-Voucher with a face value of £122. Can sell to you dear AVF user and message across the PDF for £106. BT or PPG is fine either way. I've sold a couple of CEX e-Vouchers here prior without a hitch. Thanks
  8. instupituous

    For Sale £92 CEX Vouchers for £80

    I have two £46 evouchers to make a total of £92. I want £80 for them.
  9. sidnaz

    Wanted Buying Cex Vouchers ASAP!

    Hi Looking to buy lots of Cex vouchers, please let me know what you've got. Looking to pay around 86% but could be a bit flexible. Can pay via BT/PayPal. Thanks George
  10. D

    Wanted Cex vouchers - any amount up to £35 ish

    Hi As per the title I'm £35 shy for a purchase. Any amount considered and can pay BT or PPG Thanks :thumbsup:
  11. neil26581

    For Sale CeX voucher £11.90

    Small cex voucher for sale of £11.90 looking for £10 for it.
  12. Se7en

    For Sale Cex voucher £125 for £109

    Hi all, Cex voucher for sale Usual terms and buyers please. Thank you
  13. kay1992

    For Sale CeX Voucher - £53

    Hi, CeX vouchers for sale. 1x £19 1x £18 1x £16 Total = £53 Vouchers will be forward to buyer's email address after payment. Thanks
  14. MrR0b0T

    For Sale CEX voucher £121

    I bought several vouchers on here over the last few days but unfortunately one of the items I was hoping to purchase went out of stock at CEX. So I have a £121 voucher left unused that I paid £104 for, looking to get the same back.
  15. dezza

    For Sale Cex vouchers - £387.80 and £135

    Selling two Cex vouchers, details of which will be emailed or PMd after payment. £387.80 for £330 £135 for £115 Thanks
  16. LeftyXXIII

    For Sale CEX Vouchers - £115 & £61

    Two CEX vouchers for sale (one from a trade in, one from a refund). Looking for 88% of the value. £115 for £101.20 £61 for £53.70 Will PM code and image of voucher once payment received.
  17. killie77

    For Sale Cex £54 for £47

    Have the above voucher for sale
  18. S

    For Sale £129.40 CEX Voucher split over 2 vouchers

    Hi, I have 2 CEX vouchers totaling £129.40. One is £66.40 One is £63.00 Looking to sell together for £114.00 Pictures will be sent to buyer. Payment by BT
  19. E

    For Sale £73 CEX voucher for £64

    I am selling a CEX voucher of £73 for £64. I will private message the receipt once a deal is agreed. Payment by bank transfer please.
  20. P

    For Sale £26 CeX voucher

    £26 CeX voucher for sale looking for £22
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