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  1. J

    For Sale XTZ Spirit 6 LCR / centre speaker in white, 1pc

    In very good little used condition, as in lounge system and I have for most of the time I've had these I've also had a dedicated room for that kind of thing :) :). I'm going back to stereo in the lounge, but like them too much so am keeping the LR and just selling the speaker I was using for...
  2. chillaxed

    Recommended Sub & Centre speaker to add to existing Tannoy DC6T SE's

    Confused about Yamaha RX-V377 power output specs Wow, I can't believe all that was nearly 7 years ago now! I ended up packing in the day job and going self-employed. 5 years later, I'm working all hours of the day and earning about 60% of what I used to, but there's a lot of satisfaction in...
  3. MacReady

    Centre Speaker Adjustable Speaker Spikes

    I have become more aware over the last few Months of a few times when the sound from my centre speaker seems a little 'boomier' on vocals. Not sure if that's the best way to describe it but it just doesn't have quite the same level of clarity as my front L/R speakers sometimes. (Speakers are...
  4. thedude

    Centre speaker

    Not sure what to get I’m really happy with my fronts AE reference 1s Just got some Dali Oberon wall mounts for rears I’m currently using a kef t301 but I’m thinking of getting a new tv and the speaker is small and maybe I cooks get something way better So shout me ideas
  5. Ganymede

    For Sale Monitor Audio GXC 150 Centre Speaker, Silver RX-FX Surrounds, Speaker Stands

    I have various items for sale that are left over from various installs over the last 6 years. In no particular order: 1) Monitor Audio GXC 150 (gloss white) - In excellent condition with no scratches or dents. To be upfront, there is a milky shade visible on the top part of the speaker (see...
  6. Slater

    Wanted Quad centre speaker in cherry wood finish

    Hi I'm looking for a Quad-Lite or Quad L2 center speaker in the Cherry wood finish to complement my Quad 12L2 tonally. I would also consider (if its the right price) taking a full 5.1 Quad-Lite set up in cherry wood seen as I'm planning on making my system into a 7.2.2 when I upgrade my amp...
  7. whitehart

    For Sale B&W CC6 S2 centre speaker

  8. D

    Stand for avr, centre speaker and turntable?

    Hello does anybody have a recommendation for these. I could have the centre speaker separate. But wondered if there was something for all 3 underneath a screen? Thanks
  9. D

    Using Eclipse TDs for surround sound.... Need advice for centre speaker

    I've been happily running a pair of TD508iis with matching subwoofer in a 2.1 configuration, and recently purchased a Pioneer AV receiver to experiment with a centre channel. Currently, I am using a smaller TD307ii as a centre speaker. It's a little smaller (100hz vs 80hz roll off) but timbre...
  10. DTKF

    should i upgrade my centre speaker?

    hi guys. im currently running a 7.1.2 system. amp is the yamaha rxa3080 and sonus faber principia 7 front speakers. current centre speaker is wharfedale reva c. front speakers and amp was upgraded recently and makes me feel i can get a better centre speaker as i read alot of review saying it...
  11. Gadfium

    TV Cabinet, 65"+ with shelf for centre speaker.

    Like a few on here I have been searching for a simple media unit that can take a 65" (or larger) TV with a shelf suitable for a centre speaker and AVR. I looked at a million sites with TV cabinets, many of which are totally frustrating for a few reasons: How hard can it be to list the...
  12. DavidT

    Centre speaker driver size.

    Does having a larger mid/bass driver make a lot of difference to the quality of a centre speaker?
  13. BlackAMG

    Sony A9G as Centre Speaker

    Hi, I've had my 77" Sony A9G for a while now and have had it setup as the Centre Speaker. My AMP is a Yamahe RX-V6A. But I am not at all happy with the dialogue sound. In fact my better half keeps whinging about how bad it is. I've tried a bunch of different settings but am at the point...
  14. darrenhaken

    Centre speaker positioning advice

    I'm looking to position my centre speaker the best I can given my constraints and I was hoping some of you may be able to offer advice. I have media cabinet with 2 shelves and I'm trying to decide if to have it on the top one with a smaller angel of elevation (using door stops) to the...
  15. G

    Centre speaker for TDL Studio 1?

    I'd like to add a centre speaker to pair with my TDL Studio 1s, but I'm struggling to work out what might be appropriate... PMC would tick the transmission line box, but with a soft dome tweeter... B&W (certainly the older models) would tick the metal dome tweeter box, but would they partner...
  16. N

    Centre + Sub speaker with Ceiling speakers

    Looking for advice please. I have 4 x ceiling speakers cabled ready for new room fit out. Thinking of a Denon AVR-X2700H So looking for centre and sub advice. Looked at Apex A40 and SVS pb1000 But tbh both a bit out of price range. Any other suggestions? Also thought about a passive LRC...
  17. T

    For Sale Monitor Audio Silver C150 Centre speaker. Further reduction to £245!!!

    Hi all, I am looking to sell my centre speaker. I have had it since 30 August 2018. Is still got warranty running. Warranty totals 5 years so would have just over 2 years left. I bought the speaker from richer sounds. Speaker is in good condition. No dents or bumps. I still have all the...
  18. Art84uk

    TV Stand/Legs for fitting 7" centre speaker under a 50" screen

    Hi Everyone! I'm in need of replacement TV legs or tabletop stand that's big enough to have a 7" centre speaker under my 50" LG screen, just wondering if anyone has any good suggestions??. I've seen a few products on amazon that I think will do the job for around £30-40 and at least if it...
  19. Sparkygroover

    Jamo S606 & C60 centre speaker:

    I would like to add the C60 centre to the S606 stereo pair I bought separately. Would they be a good match? Recommendations to improve on the C60? They will all be run from a TEAC AG 15-D A/V Surround amp. ( NO S/W or surround rears at the moment due to budget limitations). Thanks in advance.
  20. J

    No demon amp centre speaker

    I have had my denon acr-2312 set up for quite a while now with my Xbox audio coming to it via optical cable. I have recently been getting a problem where the audio stops coming from the centre speaker. I have just put Netflix on and it plays correctly through the centre speaker for about 10...
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