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  1. W

    For Sale Kef T105 surround sound with upgraded T301c centre speaker

    Hi, I'm selling my KEF T105 surround sound system with a upgraded T301c centre speaker. I currently have these speakers running through a Denon x2600 amp and they sound absolutely brilliant. I currently still have the speakers wired up so they can be heard working on collection. Package...
  2. Evokazz

    For Sale Q Acoustics 3090C Graphite Centre Speaker

    In excellent condition, comes with bungs and grill. Prefer collection due to weight but can consider post at cost to buyer. Little marks on front left is just dust, cosmetically perfect.
  3. DGN

    Need to change Monitor Audio C150

    Hi All, I purchased a Monitor Audio Silver Centre (5G) to accompany my RS6 Front L/R via eBay about 9/10 months ago. Fantastic sound but one of the drivers appears to now have blown despite me personally never running it excessively loud. Looking around there is no clear direction about...
  4. T

    Wanted Dali centre

    Not really bothered which model. I have zensor1 at the front, and lektor 1 for rears so something along those lines. just don’t want to pay a lot at the min.
  5. C

    For Sale Acoustic Energy Aegis Neo Centre speaker (Light Oak)

    In good condition, but well used and well loved - please see the pictures. 2 of the pegs for the front grille are broken I've owned this speaker for around 9 years. It has been well used and well loved and a great servant. Condition is as per the pictures. Please note that 2 of the pegs that...
  6. JL12W7

    For Sale Bowers Wilkins B&W Cmc2 S2 Centre Speaker Mint Condition

    I have for sale my Bowers Wilkins B&W Cmc2 S2 Centre Speaker which is in mint condition, please see pictures this item is 100% working condition. If interested we can chat for sure.
  7. abbo

    Wanted PMC Twenty.C Centre speaker in Oak or Black

    As above please. Thanks.
  8. bluemarvin

    Wanted ProAc Studio Centre Speaker

    Looking for centre speaker to go with my Studio 140/IIs - finish not important
  9. C

    I Need A Slim / Flat Centre Speaker

    I'm looking at a 5.1 system with satellite speakers. Unfortunately, my TV unit doesn't have a suitable place for the centre speaker. The only place it can go is on the unit, in front of the TV (where the soundbar is at the moment). As a result, I'm looking for a slim / flat centre speaker. The...
  10. IanW

    REL Subwoofer for centre speaker hi-level only

    I have my G1 that is being used for hi-level fronts and LFE. I want to use my REL B2 sub for centre speaker bass extension only (using hi-level, no LFE). I know how to wire this and have done so. For normal REL hi-level you switch the system to stereo only and tune the sub using music, the LFE...
  11. L

    Sony ht-zf9 soundbar centre speaker

    Hi. Just a quick one for any zf9 owners. When streaming qubuz to the soundbar I’ve noticed that I’m not getting any sound from the centre, also can’t change the sound settings while on this. And also on YouTube music videos no centre. When a 5.1 signal from sky q the centre comes on but is very...
  12. D

    Question Centre speaker feet/placement on a cabinet

    Hi all, I have currently placed my centre speaker directly on the top of my besta cabinet. I'm just wondering how I can raise the speakers slightly? Do any of you use anything between centre speakers and the cabinet?
  13. A

    Q Acoustics centre speaker shelf

    I have bought the q Acuaoutics centre speaker shelf and I am looking to mount the bronze c150 centre speaker on it. which weights 5kg. I didn't get any wall fixings with the kit as it says to buy them separately, the pic in the instruction manual shows long screws however it is asking for a...
  14. brodders1979

    Wall mounting centre speaker QA 3090C

    Am going to wall mount my QA centre speaker, any tips or advice with regards to height placement in relation to the fronts? I have a laser spirit level to help so am thinking best method would be to remove fronts from brackets and mount the centre bracket at the exact same height as the...
  15. Colin_S

    Centre Speaker vs Soundbar

    I have the new Monitor Audio Bronze 5.1 speaker setup for my home cinema, but we are struggling to accommodate the centre speaker and wondering if switching it for a passive sounds bar works? We would be going for a Monitor Audio SB-3 if we did make this switch.
  16. N

    Wharfedale Diamond 155 Centre match

    I am looking for a centre speaker to match with my Wharfedale diamond 155 floor standing speakers. I cannot find the 101c or 102c from the 100 series. Nor can i find any 220c or 240c from the 200 series which came after the 100 series. Does anyone have a recommendation for another centre speaker...
  17. D

    Question What centre speaker to match Neat SX1 - I can't afford a new Neat SXC

    ***found a sxc so all sorted Hi all, I have bought a pair of Neat Motive SX1's that arrive on Friday without researching enough, and I'm now struggling to get hold of the matching Centre Speaker (neat Motive SXC). I can't afford to buy new, so wondering if there would be any alternatives I...
  18. Digital Noise

    Question Centre speaker upgrade with Dirac amp - Would it make a difference?

    I have a Monitor Audio Silver C150 center running on a NAD T778 with Dirac applied. Wondered if upgrading the center would make any significant difference if its already Dirac calibrated and whether the manufacturer was relevant, eg could I go to a SVS Ultra Center and Dirac to calibrate it...
  19. tebbo65

    Question Noob Centre Speaker Build - Any Advice Much Appreciated

    Hi, I fancy building a MTM centre speaker using components from my existing one; XTZ 99.25 LCR center speaker - XTZ Sound in Balance I have sourced the required 2nd woofer driver and planned to use the existing speaker cabinet as a template but obviously bigger to accommodate the 2nd driver in...
  20. R

    B&W CC6 S2 centre speaker

    Hi My knowledge on sound systems is very basic and I would appreciate some help with the following: A friend is selling his B&W CC6 centre speaker (£50) and I was thinking of adding it to my simple 2.1 system which comprises of 2 X B&W CDM2 special edition book shelf speakers, a BK mk 2 XLS200...
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