1. G

    Muddy/Boomy center?

    Amp: Yamaha RX-v681 Speakers 5.0 Monitor Audio Bronze 2 X 4 Monitor Audio Bronze Center Since getting the center last year, have not been happy with dialogue. Today, I swapped a rear and the center around and speech is soo much easier to understand. Could it be a duff speaker? Are the...
  2. shaf1667

    For Sale Bowers and Wilkins B&W HTM71 S2 Center Speaker Black Gloss

    B&W HTM71 S2 Center Speaker Gloss Black Comes in original box polystyrene a bit cracked but will be packed well in excellent condition.see pictures Comes with the grill
  3. C

    Paradigm Studio 100 v3 Matching Center

    Hey there, I've got an old pair of Paradigm Studio 100 V3's I dug out and started using in a 2.1 setup with my new LG OLED. I'd like to build out a 5.1 or 5.1.4 using these guys but am having a hard time finding a matching center channel for them. With some research I've seen Paradigm Signature...
  4. aliencinema

    For Sale Jbl 880 array center speaker

    Jbl 880 array center speaker, part of the synthesis range, massive sounding center speaker, I've never heard clarity and detail this speaker gives, Very good condition The rrp was £4000 for these in 2018,
  5. K

    Center Channel from Wharfedale

    Hi! I recently acquired a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 12.2 speakers - Everything is fine while im listening records, fm radio or Spotify. When i try watching movies actor vocal/dialogs are quiet - i need to turn the volume up and when i do this effect volume is just too loud..... and it is not...
  6. F

    Center Channel Speaker Ruins Spatial Imaging

    I have been working on tuning my 3.1 system to optimize vocal and music for watching movies and musicals. I have a pair of “vintage” Infinity Reference 3s that seem to work very well. I also have an unbranded subwoofer and a Bose VC-10 center channel. Whenever I connect the center channel...
  7. G

    Regarding center speakers.

    Howdy folks. I was thinking. In stead of using a dedicated center speaker or a third tower why not get a pair of bookshelf speakers that match your L and R and connect that pair to the center channel as one speaker? In my youth when we wanted more sound we would just double up on speakers so...
  8. skipppy89

    Centers and fronts for clear dialogues

    Dear folks! I would like to ask for your experience and help. I'm looking to improve on my home theater system. I've been using a Denon X2300 with the speakers from my old and trusty Creative Gigaworks S750 with great satisfaction, but now that I moved to a bigger house, I found that I'd need...
  9. John3:16

    SVS Prime Bookshelf and Centre Speakers

    Hi. I am very interested in the SVS Prime Bookshelf & Centre speakers. Does anyone have any experience of these, especially in conjunction with Denon amplification? Also, does anyone know of any SVS dealers that offer a home demo/try at home service? Thanks. 🙏
  10. M

    good choice used center channel

    Folks - looking for some help finding a new center channel - tiny bit of background - i've been using a home theater in a box system (Sony, i know) for 10yrs+ now, and been pleased with it. 2 days ago, I had a chance to pick up a mint condition Polk CS2 Series ii for $10, so figured why not...
  11. W

    Stereo outputting through Center and Right channels

    I just hooked up a phono to my home theatre and the left channel is coming out of the centre speaker instead. Receiver is Pioneer VSX-S520. Listening mode is STEREO Turntable is Pro-ject Audio Elemental Everything is else is outputting through the correct speakers. I did check to make sure I...
  12. shmerls

    Which Center speaker in the KEF R7, R11, B&W 702 S2 league?

    I need to upgrade my HT in phases. Phase one will be a Denon X4700, X6700, Arcam AVR10 or AVR20. The speakers will be Phase 2, but in the KEF R7, R11 or B&W 702 S2 league I want to include the Center in Phase 1. Given the direction I’m headed in my AVR and front speakers, is it possible to...
  13. Shock

    Mixing front pair and center with different brands?

    Hi all, Bit of advice please. I have a 5.1 system with BK XLS200 sub. I have just upgraded the front two speakers to Monitor Audio Silver RX6. The center speaker I have been using is the Tannoy FC Centre. (The RX6s replaced older matching Tannoy floorstanding speakers). I would change the...
  14. John24ssj

    Monoprice THX365C vs Arendal 1723 Center S THX dillema :(

    SO, This is a continuing saga and a pain of my existence. Currently my center channel (QA 3090C) is the weak point in my setup in comparison to everything else. Thus I want to upgrade but the upgrade will start with center channel outwards as I love my QA 3050 towers, they sound awesome to me...
  15. John24ssj

    A good center channel no taller than 16.5cm???

    Hi all, I am rather unhappy with my QA 3090C center channel. Recently went through some bass upgrades and the weakest point in my setup is the QA 3090C, the sound is really lifeless :( I love my QA3050's their doing a brilliant job and I have no intention or replacing them any time soon...
  16. John24ssj

    Center channel placement

    For some reason came across the speaker placement guide and it made it sound that center channel not being flush with the edge of the TV cabinet was a sin that is going to destroy the quality on the sound. This is my current placement, the center speaker is slightly angle upward to aim tweeter...
  17. C

    Alternative to a center channel ???

    Having a old but ideal set up of the KEF 3005se range and 8inch ceilings, I started a fire tv wall for my Media Lounge. Now I can create a shelf to sit the centre package but it had me thinking: if I have an 8 inch deep x 1.7m x 40cm space, could I put in a speaker like the atmos? Most centres...
  18. K

    center speaker help

    hi all, i am looking to upgrade my center speaker (kef 3005), i have only a 200mm high gap to put it in, i don’t want to be spending loads really and i was looking at the polk t30 as it had good reviews. or should i spend more and get a klipsch rc 52? but i have heard these need to be driven...
  19. Boremc

    The best center for me!

    I'm looking for the best center for my center channel setup and the rest of the ceiling speakers ... I am going to put the models that I have seen and can you tell me your opinions? Thank you Monitor audio silver rx centre Frecuency: 45hz to 35 khz sensity: 90db impedance: 6ohm SPL: 114db...
  20. shmerls

    Where can Center Speaker go with fireplace & Articulated TV mount?

    We have a fireplace. Currently the TV is above it on a standard wall mount. The center speaker sits on the mantle below the TV. I want to have the TV at a better height, more eye level. I see there are articulated wall mounts available, but there none have a Center Speaker rest so that both...
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