1. T

    Budget Bluetooth ceiling speaker question

    Hi all, I am staying in a hotel and they have a couple of ceiling speakers "eissound" speakers are slimline and about 5-6" wide.it has a small unit to pair too. Sound is pretty decent, playing songs from phone. I don't want /can't afford top end speaker set ups and amps etc but would like a...
  2. G

    Options with Slanted Ceiling - 5.1.2 vs 7.1

    Hi All Recently moved into a new house and the only place to put my home cinema is in a room a slanted ceiling. Current setup is a Panasonic 65" oled and a 5.1 system hooked up to a Sony DH790. Considering the ceiling is slanted, is there a benefit to going to a 5.1.2 setup with some upfiring...
  3. bhs117

    Advice on active ceiling speakers to connect to home automation system

    Hi all, My wife and I are undertaking a self-build later this year and are currently looking at home automation systems to cover a variety of areas including music. We're looking at systems like Crestron, Control4, Elan etc for the home automation element. The sound system is a home cinema set...
  4. maxwood

    Does Atmos require specific ceiling speakers? (5.1.2)

    Hi all, Currently have a 5.1 setup and want to add 2 Atmos ceiling speakers, can any ceiling speakers be used for this? We might have some of these that we can use (need to double check) -OPUS AMR650 ACTIVE IN CEILING SPEAKER - would they be suitable? If not suitable could anyone recommend...
  5. T1berious

    Ceiling Speakers 2.0

    Hello! I'm looking for some advice on some ceiling speakers. I'll give you some background and hopefully someone in a similar boat has installed (or got installed) a similar setup. The conservatory is up for "replacement" its going to be a pretty big project but will turn that space into...
  6. T

    9400 ceiling shelf/box

    Hi all currently building a cinema and I am looking to get an Epson 9400, possibly a 7400 but I’m pushing towards 9400. the plan is to ceiling mount this but do I need to hang this from a mount or can I build a box from the ceiling and sit it inside here so it’s more ‘hidden’ and discreet? I’ve...
  7. I

    How to add 6 ceiling speakers

    Hello everyone I currently have a onkyo rz810 receiver and am running a 7.2 setup. I would like to add 6 ceiling speaker for 7.6.2 and was wondering how do I go about doing that?
  8. G

    Best Atmos Speakers for Cathedral Ceiling with aimable drivers: Triad Silver Rotatable 9 or Origen Acoustics Director Series?

    I have a theater with a cathedral ceiling, so I need to be able to aim the drivers. Has anyone compared the Origen Acoustic Director Series In-Ceiling 3 way (DSPD soft dome tweeter) to the Triad In-Ceiling Rotating Silver 9 or the Dynaudio S4-C80? Unfortunately the Dyns do not have a backer box...
  9. ben123412

    How do I remove KEF Spring CI3-80QT Speakers?

    I have a set of in-ceiling speakers that need to be removed. After searching online I believe we've identified them as the picture attached. However, when we attempt to pull them down they feel very fixed in place. How can these be removed? The model is KEF CI3-80QT
  10. T

    Help with beamer placement

    Hi Guys! So as the title suggest I need your help because I made a Big BooBoo! I just bought this house and wanted a beamer in my bureau, we are renovating the place and while putting a new fake ceiling in I made some preparations for a beamer when I had the money to buy it. Now my first...
  11. Plaverda

    Ceiling speakers to match B&W

    Evening guys as i am starting to run out of lockdown projects (garage door refresh, front door refresh, matching fence repaint, new posts in concrete to close off an area, kitchen renovation, dining room renovation). I am now moving onto my lounge and am adding recessed lighting. Whilst i am...
  12. R

    Long Narrow Kitchen Diner Ceiling Speaker & Placement Suggestions

    Hi all, im renovating my home and have created a kitchen diner open plan space. Ive been putting in down lights and thought why not whack a couple of bluetooth ceiling speakers in? Well after doing a day of research my mind is now spinning. I just want to listen to some music in the background...
  13. P

    How to soundproof ceiling speakers

    Hi, need some advice before i make some holes in the lounge ceiling please! I’ve been toying with the idea of fitting ceiling atmos speakers for a while now but concerned as many people suggest that the noise transmission to the room above will be very significant (I.e. it’ll sound like the...
  14. J

    SMSL SA-50 amp for Atmos ceiling speakers

    Hi all. Does anyone have any experience of using these amps to power Atmos ceiling speakers. Given the signal going to these speakers I'm wondering if these are suitable. They will be powering a pair of Kef ci130qr as rears on a 5.1.4 setup. Thanks all. Jang
  15. P

    Ceiling speaker install planning

    Hi, currently planning on installing 4x atmos ceiling speakers in my lounge, trying to get my head around how best to do this / the potential issues involved. Potentially going for 4x Kef CI200RR speakers but unsure if back boxes are necessary or even feasible to install. It’s a recent new...
  16. C

    Ceiling Speaker Numbers and Placement Question

    Hi guys, I have a fairly large house renovation project starting this summer and could do with a bit of advice regarding ceiling speakers. The project consists of opening up a 2 rooms on a ground floor to make a large kitchen area that will then flow out to an extension. The Kitchen area will...
  17. kenshingintoki

    Projector masking solution & methods to 'temporarily treat the room' specifically ceiling?

    Hey guys. So I've treated my room conservatively so far (grey paint) for aesthetic reasons. I've decided to steal @mb3195 excellent idea of MVEL22 curtains for the side wall treatment. For below the screen, I'll use MEVEL22 over my cabinet which will house all the gear. I am left with two...
  18. MacReady

    Advice on ceiling speaker placement and designation

    After a bit of back and forth, and some great advice from forum members, I have decided to ditch one pair of Dali Alteco C1’s that are currently in ‘up firing’ mode sat on my surround speakers. I am also replacing my current surrounds (MA BX1’s) with a pair of Dali Oberon On Wall’s. Originally...
  19. J

    LG CineBeam HU810PW Front Ceiling projection issue - Help please :)

    Hello All I just got my LG CineBeam HU810PW and I am really struggling with the setup. I am using it in Front Ceiling Projection mode but the image was mostly projecting onto the ceiling. Using Lens Shift and tilting the projector I have made it so you can kinda look at but I know I missing a...
  20. M

    4 ohm Ceiling speaker

    Dear all. I am new in this forum and hope someone will help me to get this sorted. I have 4 x 4ohms ceiling speakers rated at 100watt nominal/330watts maximum. 87db.I connected them in pairs in series so as to have them at 8ohm and connected them to the back sorround of my av receiver which is...
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