1. R

    Whole Home Ceiling Speakers

    I am building a new home and putting speakers in every room and in the outside living area (covered). I will be using Sonos Amps with all of the speakers. I was wondering if anyone had experience with two different speakers that are in the running. First is Origin D83 director series 8”...
  2. KobeoneHD2

    Lathe & plaster ceiling - how to cut advice needed to install Atmos speakers

    Good morning all, I’m currently updating my speaker set up in my lounge and will be adding a pair of Qi65c ceiling speakers soon. However being a Victorian house the ceilings are made up of lathe & plaster - does anyone have any advice on how best to cut this stuff please to get the best...
  3. Shaun1985

    JVC DLA-HD350 ceiling mount?

    Please help! What ceiling mounts are available for this PJ?
  4. kenshingintoki

    Fixing for acoustic mafia panels to ceiling ?

    Hey guys I’ve had some mafia panels laying around i should install. I have 3 of them I wanna wrap in velvet and install in my ceiling The ceiling is artex so fixing anything is horrible. I can’t find the fixings which are meant to come with the panels and Mafia haven’t got back to my email...
  5. Jaffaman

    In Ceiling Speakers and Vapour Barrier

    Hi everyone. New extension currently being constructed (getting there, very slowly, issues with the first set of builders). Anyhow, it's a single storey, flat roof (cold roof) extension in Leeds, Yorkshire (googling the issue finds quite a bit of US specific info). I'm looking at adding a...
  6. Secondhand

    Show me your ideas/design for housing projector in ceiling soffit/bulkhead.

    Hi. I’m not far from creating the ceiling soffit/bulkhead which will house speakers, down spot lights and projector. I’d like some ideas how people have incorporated their projector either inside the soffit or are people hanging it below? I’m looking to add a LED strip lighting - creating a so...
  7. Shaun1985

    Ceiling speakers as rear surrounds?

    Just wondering if anyone has any advice here? I'm wondering if rather than using bookshelf speakers as my rear surrounds I could use ceiling speakers instead? These would still be avke to be mounted behind the sofa but would you get the surround effect?
  8. P

    Sound mat with ceiling back box suggestions

    Hi guys, Anyone have a suggestion for a sound proofing material to inlay the inside of my own made timber back boxes for ceiling speakers - phew!! Thanks in advance. P
  9. B

    New Lounge, no ceiling yet, want atmos - 2 or 4 speakers?

    Hi there, Longtime lurker. Ok, so I'm finally able to get my extension finished and as I haven't got a ceiling yet, now would be the time to pick your brains as to ceiling speakers. The dimensions are 6.6m x 3.7m, (long rectangle) with a 2.4m height. Because of the shape of the room I plan on...
  10. P

    What amp to go with 4 number KEF Ci160QR ceiling speakers?

    Hi, The speakers will be wired and sat in the kitchen / dinner. Any advice would be appreciated. thanks P
  11. P

    Ceiling speakers - Are fire / acoustic hoods required with back boxes

    Hi everyone, Im looking to build back boxes for KEF Ci160QR ceiling speakers inlayed with sound absorbing pads. My question is do I make them as small / snug as possible to fit the speakers or allow X amount of space all the way round to allow sound to move around a little in them (if that is a...
  12. kenshingintoki

    MVEL22 star ceiling - possible?

    Hey guys, has anyone done a MVEL22 star ceiling? That is, just some ambient lights/stars ont he ceiling on an MVEL22 background? is it even possible? I'm exploring the options of a star ceiling. Is it just simpler to get a professional in to do it? Do they over MVEL ones?
  13. JL12W7

    Atmos ceiling speakers placement can spacing differ

    Hello I have ceiling speakers for atmos in ceiling placement advice. Can I place the front atmos speakers at 45 degrees from listening position then place the rear ceiling speakers at 35 degrees, as I do not ahve enough room at the back because of joists and piping work so have to come out a...
  14. S

    help with Bluetooth ceiling speakers for kids playroom

    first post so please be nice, i have looked through numerous posts and cant see an answer to me question. Im looking to install some ceiling speakers for a playroom (4 x 2.5m) to be controlled via Bluetooth from a tablet. Not looking for anything too flash or expensive, just something to play...
  15. kenshingintoki

    Time to really treat the ceiling - Help/Advice please

    Hey guys, time to treat the ceiling. I painted it Gallant Grey - quite dark... but obviously not dark enough now that I've gotten more into this hobby. Room treatment wise I have MVEL22 curtains but they won't be mounted for a while until I can get the lads down to install some beams so mount...
  16. M

    Monitor Audio C265 or C265-IDC ceiling + hoods ?

    Hi, Just getting to point of purchasing the ceiling speakers for a 5.1.2 setup so the two ceiling speakers will be for atmos, going for monitor audio silver 200 7g as the floor standers and likely denon AVC-X3700H as the amp, was not sure if better to go for the monitor audio C265 or C265-IDC...
  17. M

    In ceiling vs ceiling / wall seam for second Atmos pair

    I'm adding a second set of Atmos / height speakers to our 7.2.4 setup, which already has one set of in-ceiling speakers. This will replace a set of upward firing speakers. I'm debating between another pair of in-ceiling speakers versus a pair of speakers firing diagonally from the front wall -...
  18. Mat-Moo

    Bipolar speakers as Atmos ceiling

    I have an old pair of Wharfedale Diamond DFS-18 laying around (used to be my rears), and I'm contemplating mounting them in the middle of the room (wall/ceiling) to act as possible atmos speakers. Crazy?
  19. Aziz Ismail

    Niles Ceiling Speaker Removal

    Hi Guys. I need some advice on how to remove my ceiling speaker. I have watched a few YouTube tutorials to no luck. I have managed to remove the speaker case but can’t see any screws that i can remove in order for the speaker to detach. It moves like an inch to the left but then nothing. I...
  20. R

    AV In wall, Ceiling speakers advice required to compliment m Arendal’s

    Hi All Please could you kindly give me some advice on the best in ceiling and in wall speakers for my surround sound set up that I’m shortly to install. For my front left, right, centre and sub I have Arendal 1961’s. These are powered by a Arcam AVR550 amp. I want to install two in...
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