1. Atomicus

    How to tackle this ceiling...?

    So I've begun my garage conversion project... well, I've torn down the old ceiling and prepping the space for commencement of some actual building, but I'm just thinking of how best to deal with my ceiling. I've attached a couple of pictures. My current plan is to have 100mm stud (gap from...
  2. greenman scout

    Question Projector in vulnerable position on angled ceiling

    Hi All, I'm a scout leader and I'm looking to want to put up a permanent mounted projector in our hall. However I have 2 issues... Protection - it is likely to be hit by balls and other stuff. Angled ceiling - the ceiling of our hall is basically the inside of the pitched roof (30 degrees...
  3. Shyatic

    Question New home, new speakers... Atmos setup and ceiling speakers?

    Hey all, I'm building a new home and am planning on two things... first is in-ceiling speakers throughout the house to play music. I'll probably couple these with three of the Monoprice Whole Home Audio (6 Zone Home Audio Multizone Controller and Amplifier Kit, NO LOGO - Monoprice.com) systems...
  4. uptown47

    Question Any recommendations for ceiling / in-wall speakers?

    Hi All, I posted a few months ago about speaker placement (Question - Re-decorating room - speaker placement question - picture inside) as I am decorating my living-room and want to install a decent home theatre system. I settled on the following layout (ignore the blue speakers - this will...
  5. Obiit

    Question Mixed Atmos Speakers - Heights and Ceiling?

    Hello folks; Has anybody got any experiance of mixing front ceiling atmos speakers with rear height atmos speakers? At the moment i have front and rear height atmos speakers but something is missing. Some movies sound great, others don't but the ones that don't review as being excellent for...
  6. N

    Question M&K Speakers as in ceiling surrounds

    My current thoughts for the new room are like this and the intention was to move to ATMOS, however i'm not sure if I should ditch this, and concentrate my limited budget on just upgrading my speakers in the initial instance, with cabling pre installed for expansion later. The room is 5.1m from...
  7. jobukitty

    In ceiling and Two living rooms to wire

    I have a new home being built and I have speakers in the following areas master bed, master bath, patio 1, patio 2, kitchen, living room 1 and living room 2 Do you have any recommendations for the non living room areas? Living room 1 I have just ceiling speakers 3 front 2 back and a subwoofer...
  8. mad fishy

    Side mounted ceiling recessed Screen

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a UK/Ireland based seller that does a ceiling recessed 16:9 screen which can be mounted on the side, to ceiling joists? Everywhere I've found so far requires a concrete ceiling above and I'm trying to fit it in a domstic setting. Thanks.
  9. atmos74

    Question Atmos ceiling speakers

    Apologies if this has already been covered! I am looking for some advice on 2 x ceiling Atmos speakers.... Currently looking at options: Yamaha IC800 Monitor Audio C165 Polk Audio ic60 Please advise if you can! Thanks David
  10. M

    Bathroom ceiling active speakers with bluetooth and spotify connect

    Hi, I´m going to do some work in my bathroom and would like to get some ceiling speakers installed with bluetooth and spotify connect. Been looking at Sonos, Bose, Denon, etc and all need an amp. Can´t find any place to install an amp that wouldn´t look too bad. Anybody knows any active powered...
  11. D

    Question Rear speakers on wall or in ceiling?

    Hi all, I am installing a 5.1.2 setup in my living room using 4x Monitor Audio Pro 65 speakers for the two Atmos and two rears. The 2 Atmos are obviously going to be ceiling mounted but wanted to get some feedback about how to place the rears - is it OK for them to be ceiling mounted too, or is...
  12. N

    Question Ceiling mount cable solution

    Ceiling mount cable solution: Hi all, I've had a search of the forum and have some remaining questions. I've moved to a new house and due to the shape of the new room will need to ceiling mount the projector. My partner would prefer if all cabling was hidden. I should be able to run the power...
  13. Funkoid

    Question In Wall Options or existing 5.1 + Ceiling Speakers

    I'll soon be redecorating my living room, not a huge room but ample enough for a reasonable surround setup. I have an existing 5.1 KEF HT2005 set or eggs so could reuse these and add the .4, but i've had the HT2005 set for 6'ish years now so not sure how much longer they'll last! Full size...
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