1. aandpwoodley

    Ceiling Downlight Help/Advice

    Advice needed please. We are looking to install some ceiling down lights into our front room. I'm looking for a good quality brand, I will be using Hive GU10 bulbs. Looking for recommendations. Thanks
  2. X

    Ceiling speaker Atmos setup

    I have attached an image from Dolby website with how my room looks. My question that I keep having an issue with is I noticed the ceiling speakers are in line with the from speakers but how far away from the front speakers should they go into the ceiling as well as the rear if I place 4...
  3. Z

    In ceiling wiring - volume controller

    I have two pairs of soundstage 6.5” in ceiling speakers that I intend to control from a single impedance matching volume controller and wondering what is the best way to wire them. They are powered by a Yamaha rxa780. My electrician thinks that I need two volume controllers, is that right?
  4. Funkoid

    Best method for wall to ceiling cable?

    I'm planning on doing a 5.1.2 setup but am struggling with figuring out the least destructive way of getting cable up the vertical studded wall, through the top cross stud, then across the ceiling? Note there is coving in the picture too. The obvious solution would be to take the floorboards up...
  5. chavo

    Question Focal domes 5.1 vs in ceiling speakers

    Hi all. I have a denomination x2200w amp and focal dome 5.1 speakers set up currently in a room that’s 5x3m. Primary use for the system is movies. I really like the focal domes but I find them rather awkward cosmetically. The centre speaker is round like the others and just looks a bit out of...
  6. rags

    Advice on how to wire 6 ceiling speakers to one amplfier

    I currently have 4 ceiling speakers installed in my living room which are wired back to a Sonos Connect amp. The speakers are Revel 783s which are 8 ohm impedance. The living room is fairly large and has high ceilings (measures about 11m x 7m x 3m) and whilst the current amp and speakers do a...
  7. D

    Question Ceiling speaker placement advice along with AV receiver / amplifier options

    I'm currently planning a home remodel and will be removing walls between my lounge and dining room to create a single living space, we will therefore be replacing the ceiling boards and so a good opportunity to revise the current in ceiling speaker setup. The house already came with 9 ceiling...
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