1. T

    Crossover Freq for Ceiling Speakers?

    Hi All, Current Setup: Denon 4700, Kef R2C, Kef 950s, Kef 150s(I think) bookshelf for surround, 1 sub Just added two kef ci-160QR ceiling. Audyessy has the ceilings crossover at 150hz. Is this correct or all should be 80hz? Also, during the calibration, I noticed the Height2 speaker seemed...
  2. C

    Is my ceiling negatively affecting my up-firing Atmos speakers?

    Hi folks, I've just moved and am in the process of re-setting up my 5.1.2 system. I have used YPAO on my Yamaha amp to configure everything and everything sounds great... apart from my Atmos speakers. I've tested a few movies and run some Atmos/DTS-X demos to test and the sound just doesn't...
  3. M

    Best overhead & in ceiling speakers for use with Arendal 1723 system

    Just wondering if anyone is running 1723 speakers in an Atmos configuration and if so what in-ceiling speakers your using? Thanks
  4. OscarZ

    Has anyone made flat panel speakers with ceiling tiles and an exciter?

    Quite a few YT vids on making wall-mount flat panel speakers from wall tiles or similar material and an 'exciter'. They certainly don't look like they'd be any good for pumping out loud rock music, but apparently they are supposed to sound very nice with more gentle music. Has anyone had a go...
  5. Pavey

    Ceiling material

    My first cinema build (and first real dip into av equipment) has been finished for a while now and the sweat and tears has been well and truly justified. However i'm not 100% satisfied with the ceiling. I've used felt over RWA 45 and it looks ok but the joins aren't perfect and niggle me a...
  6. GAmbrose

    Ceiling speakers in a vaulted/angled ceiling?

    Just after some advice really. Buying a house and have an opportunity to get some Atmos ceiling speakers, but the ceiling is vaulted Image from Rightmove: As they are supposed to be downward firing, what's my best option here?
  7. T

    Distance for ceiling mouted projector

    I've just received my first projector and 120" screen. I planned to fix the screen to the wall in the lounge and mount the projector to the ceiling to give a 120" image. I've quickly come in to a number of issues. From the research I've done I believe I need to calculate a number of parameters...
  8. J

    Connecting ceiling speakers to Amp and TV

    Hi all, new here. I have been given a Sony Amplifier by my brother (STR-DB790) as he no longer uses it. It is quite an old AMP (no HDMI for example) but I want to use it to play TV sound through my ceiling speakers. I had them installed (but never connected to anything) when I had some...
  9. shmerls

    Where to place Atmos on wall with 18' ceiling? And which speakers are best?

    I've read a # of threads about high ceilings but not seeing exactly how to best compensate for my 18-20' ceilings & will wall mounted Atmos work since ceiling mounts are out of the question for every reason. If I can't achieve decent Atmos effects with wall mounted angle firing speakers, then...
  10. imightbewrong

    Ceiling- or top-of-wall mounted height speakers

    It's probably a tale as old as time but I'm speccing up a dedicated cinema room in the garden - planning on a 7.2.4 setup. What are the thoughts on mounting angled height speakers on the walls vs in-ceiling speakers? I am focussing on sound-proofing so not wild in cutting four large holes in...
  11. Mr Wolf

    Ways of mounting velvet panels to the ceiling

    Hey guys, I'm looking for any suggestions or reports of tried and tested ways of mounting velvet to the ceiling in front of the screen. The ceiling is 5.34m wide and has 50mm wide ceiling joists running from front to back spaced at roughly 42cm centres. I have a row of downlights about 1.4m...
  12. J

    Fixing 106" Screen to ceiling

    Hi, I picked a 106" Sapphire pull down screen to replace my 80" pull up I want to attach it either permanently of removably to my ceiling. It'll drop over my OLED TV and fireplace. Whats the preferred method for a strong fixing? Thought about a batten to the ceiling then fix screen to the...
  13. B

    Anyone removed woodchip from ceiling, if so how?

    Anyone removed woodchip from ceiling, if so how? Heard its a nightmare and can mess ceiling plaster up. Anyone had this and managed to sort it so its a flat ceiling thanks.
  14. C

    Which Ceiling Speakers?

    Hi guys, I am currently renovating my house and need to fit some ceiling speakers in a kitchen and open plan living / dining area. I already have 2 spare Monitor Audio C260s in the attic but will require 5 more speakers to finish the job. I am just wondering if anyone had any recommendations...
  15. M

    In ceiling speakers help

    Planning a cinema build my ceiling will have 100mm insulation and plasterboard I’m assuming that’s 25mm. I obviously don’t want to go straight through the insulation as this will then lose its thermal qualities, so it seems I can get a slimline ceiling speaker who’s depth won’t go thorough so...
  16. kenshingintoki

    Which black paints are good for walls and ceiling for home cinema?

    Hey guys, I’m using mvel22 curtains but I’ve decided I want to go black on the walls. whst shade is best for light reflections but still looks stylish? many ceiling reccomendarion?
  17. G

    Ceiling Speakers to Replace Heights for Atmos?

    What I really need is a holiday, but that's no easy thing at the moment, so my attention is still on playing around with my HT setup. Having upgraded the 5 main speakers I'm a step closer to where I want to be. One question still hanging over me is with regard to Atmos. Currently I have Bronze...
  18. H

    Cellar Cinema Room - Low Ceiling - and Atmos speaker advice

    Hi, recent upgrade to Atmos compatible Arcam AVR 550, so now thinking whether it makes sense to install Atmos and go from 7.1 to either 7.1.2 or even 7.1.4 The thing is the ceiling is low - 1.8m - so not sure Atmos is viable to create that extra lower, and if it is would it be better to bounce...
  19. ngd2710

    Living Room setup advice (Ceiling Speakers? AV receiver? Sub wiring options)

    Hi All, I'm in the process of a home renovation and before I get past the point of no return with my AV setup I wanted to get the wisdom of the members here! I have just put together a false chimney breast with space for a soundbar (Sony HTG-700) BUT I have got some ability to run cabling to...
  20. A

    Denon receiver for ceiling speakers

    I have 10 ceiling speakers Monitor Audio C265 installed in the kitchen/dining area left from previous tenants. As I understand these are descent quality speakers can play a quality music from Spotify and radio. I was thinking to buy one of Denon receivers. Could you please recommend an...
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