1. A

    Does a ceiling mounted motorised projector screen exist? Or even a pulldown one?

    So I have a bit of a predicament. My TV is wallmounted with an amazon basics wallmount. I want to install a projector screen which will go infront of the TV. The issue is 1. clearance, as space is tight I need it to be maybe a couple of cm away from the TV when coming down (The screen) 2...
  2. K

    Ceiling Mounting without motorised lens

    I've owned my Epson TW5300 for four years now and am very happy with my fist projector. However, I'm getting fed up with it resting in the middle of the lounge on a bedside table. So, I decided I really want it mounted on the ceiling and also use it as an excuse to buy a new model. I was about...
  3. A

    Epson EH-TW7400 Ceiling mounting

    Hi Quick question, just replacing my old JVC HD-350 projector which has stopped working for my new Epson EH-TW7400 projector, although the old ceiling mount fits over the holes on the Epson, the old screws do not fit the Epson, any idea what size screws I need to buy please? I think the old...
  4. I

    Nuvo Series 4 or Sonus Wired Ceiling speakers

    Thank you for taking the time to read my question. I will purchase a 125W Sonus Amp to power 2 ceiling speakers I have not purchased.. It's sole use is for a bar area with a large screen TV. My question is should I go with the Nuvo Series 6 speakers or the Sonus with the True Play. I'm not...
  5. Clickme

    Wanted In ceiling speakers for Atmos Setup

    Hi looking for a pair of in ceiling speakers to go into a first time Atmos set-up. Thanks!
  6. P

    Ceiling speakers for whole house

    Hi, I am currently self building a large house of brick and concrete construction and am looking at WiFi and speaker options. A mesh internet setup seems to offer the best option to make sure of decent WiFi throughout the house - concrete blocks and floor slabs plus copious amounts of pir board...
  7. P

    Whole house ceiling speaker system

    Hi, I am currently self building a large house of brick and concrete construction and am looking at WiFi and speaker options. A mesh internet setup seems to offer the best option to make sure of decent WiFi throughout the house - concrete blocks and floor slabs plus copious amounts of pir board...
  8. Higibuilder

    Question Problem with placing Dolby atmos speakers on ceiling

    Morning all Just trying to position atmos speakers in my 7.1 system sorted before plasterer comes at the min I can only have the first pair of atmos 1ft above and behind seating position as there is a beam in the way . Question is will this be ok and how far in front should I put the second...
  9. T

    Question Mounting Q Acoustics 7000LR on ceiling

    Has anyone mounted the 7000 (or 7000i) on the ceiling? Any recommendations for screw head sizes etc? Any advice at all would be helpful! Thanks.
  10. Higibuilder

    Wanted 4 ceiling speakers for atmos wanted please

    As above please guys What do you have
  11. Calvados

    Which Sonos (or equivalent brand) and which ceiling speakers? Advice appreciated

    Posting here as, sadly, didn’t generate any interest in the ‘home speakers’ forum… Hi All, Would really appreciate advice on Sonos and speakers :clap: We have 2 new rooms in our house and I would like to know which speakers are recommended (hoping there is something for about £90-100 per...
  12. L

    Question Audio advice needed for new extension

    Hi all, work is set to begin this week on building a wrap-around extension to our home. I want to ensure that the space is good for both watching TV/Movies as well as working as an entertaining space with music and I want to make sure that I get the locations right for the speakers as my wife...
  13. A

    About 1000$ 1080p to bedroom ceiling projection (used device)

    Hi, For my first projector I plan using the flat (90°) ceiling above my bed as screen. I'm only watching without lights around to mess up. And the distance from my headboard to the ceiling is 1,5m so I don't expect very large image. I''m going to 3d print brackets to keep the projector upright...
  14. Rocketrazor

    Question Should a projector be ceiling mounted or can it sit on a table in front of you?

    Hi All, Going through a few scenarios for a lounge redecoration and I can finally think about a projector. Was looking at the Benq W2700 but the short throw might cause me an issue. The lounge is approx. 4 mtrs long and 3.3 mtrs wide so its a rather big screen when I also need to fit speakers...
  15. T

    Which ceiling speakers for music, and positioning?

    I'm building a kitchen extension, which will be 9.6m x 7.5m (ceiling height 2.75m), split into 4 zones. See image below. I'd like to have ceiling speakers split into zones. One zone will be over the kitchen area (top right in image), one will be over the seating area (blue sofas as a rough...
  16. D

    For Sale Artcoustic SL 1230 centre / left / right soundbar £500

    KEF speakers sold Artcostic Multi Soundbar SL 1230 123cm X 12cm left/right/centre Speaker. There are a few imperfections around the magnets where the grill would fit see pictures and a very small mark on top of the speaker. See pics. Comes with speaker grill Can be used as just a centre or c...
  17. M

    Wanted Ceiling speakers for Atmos set up

    Looking for some decent ceiling speakers for Atmos, ideally B&W but anything considered , no more than about £200.
  18. S

    Sonos soundbar, amp and ceiling speakers

    Hi I am looking to install sonos into our newly built open plan living area. I wanted the Sonos soundbar, sonos amp and ceiling speakers. The ceiling speakers would generally be for music as opposed to home cinema surround speakers (wont be positioned in surround sound positions). My...
  19. Noahdavid1984

    Question New build home - in ceiling Atmos speakers

    Moving into my new home in around a month. meant to get 2 ceiling speakers installed in the living room. is this an easy job to do and do people advise I get a builder or electrician to do this?
  20. P

    Question about Atmos ceiling speakers

    Hi all, I have a 7.1.2 Atmos setup with the .2 being a pair of in ceiling speakers. I can configure these in my amp as front, middle or rear. What practical difference does this setting make ? Does it alter what is sent to the speakers, or does the atmos element of the soundtrack get sent to...
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