1. S

    Question Advice on ceiling projector

    Hi all Looking on advice for a couple of points for a ceiling projector in out lounge. 1. Recommendations for one than can project onto a 120" screen from around 90" away ( light fitting on celings prevent anything further) 2. I've already sussed that I can run power from the bedroom above...
  2. P

    In ceiling speakers.

    looking to buy Definitive technology Di 8Rs for music on formal living. Would you recommend using speaker enclosures for them. i looked at Dynamat Dynabox but not sure if any good or if any better options available. speakers would be hookedup,to Sonos amp. And Kef sub. thanks
  3. N

    Best Atmos Ceiling Speakers

    I have been out of the loop for a while, but fancy getting some new Atmos rear speakers. I am currently using Tannoy Di6 speakers in white and they aren't fitting in aesthetically with the rest of my dedicated room. I am happy to try either in ceiling or ceiling mounted speakers, but wanted to...
  4. W

    Ceiling surround sound

    Hi looking for advise please. I have living room which has vaulted ceiling. I was wanting to install ceiling speakers around the tv viewing area to create a surround sound effect. Where do i start in terms of speaker location and type of speakers at that location? I dont want any floor level...
  5. J

    Are ceiling speakers generally gutless?

    The previous owner of our house put in some unidentifiable ceiling speaker in the kitchen and hall. They have tweeters and and a 5-6" cone. We are thinking about a house rennovation soon and I'm wondering if it's worth keeping them. I've got an old sony amp connected to couple of floorstanding...
  6. S

    Wanted Monitor audio ceiling speakers.

    As per title. Thank you.
  7. Damian83

    Fire hoods for ceiling speakers

    Hi, googling around i found these hoods: https://www.smarthomesounds.co.uk/blog/faqs/do-in-ceiling-speakers-require-fire-hoods I don't even know before such things exist. Now, while i don't care about the safety thing (there is no such law here), i'm interested about the sound insulation. I...
  8. Sessen Ryu

    Acoustic panels for ceiling

    Quick question, just in case anyone has experience. I live in a flat, if I cover my ceililng with acoustic panels, will it help sound proof noise from an upstairs neighbour?
  9. T

    For Sale Barco 808s x2/CM100 ceiling mount. Pick up Dover only please

    Barco 808s graphics 7000 hours , iris 3, original tubes,sony lenses,black cine 8 case (professional respray but few marks) £50 Barco 808s Data ??8000 hours,toasty tubes,runs,hd8 lenses,original remote. £40 Barco CM100 ceiling mount with pulley....£100 Printed manuals for installation and...
  10. D

    For Sale Ceiling Speakers 2 pairs JBL SP8CII, Polk RC60i

    Selling the above 2 pairs of ceiling speakers The JBL have been used for some time and there is yellowing that commonly occurs to plastic but these can painted any colour to match your decor. The Polk were never used by me but I bought them second hand but they look to be in good condition No...
  11. G

    Question Tripod Stand for Epson Projector instead of Ceiling mounting?

    Hi all I am going to be purchasing my first ever Projector very soon for my Garden outbuilding. I was fixed on ceiling mounting the Projector but now I’m thinking is there a Projector Stand that I can buy to house the Projector? Building a dedicated shelf is unfortunately out of the question...
  12. K

    Question Ceiling Speaker System

    Looking for a system to connect up to TV/Ps4/SkyQ with bluetooth ceiling mount speakers (apart from power, theres no way of running cables). I currently have a soundbar (connected via optical) with a bluetooth subwoofer, a few years old but looking to replace with something a little more...
  13. Sampson

    Question How much worse to have ATMOS on walls and not ceiling?

    Hi, I’m doing a new setup in finacee’s property and have 3.5kg monitor audio bronze 1s as the four ATMOS speakers. I’ve been debating for a while now about putting them in the ceiling and have been trying to find studs etc, but I can’t shake my fear they will drop on one of 5 children. How much...
  14. Mapras10

    Question Wharfedale 5.1.2 - Atmos Ceiling

    Hi guys... I decided to buy my first home cinema... AV RECEIVER: Denon AVR-X2700H SPEAKERS: Wharfedale Front Towers: 11.3 Central: 11CS Souround: 11.1 Bookshelf Stands Sub: SVS PB 1000 And I'm looking for 2 ceiling speakers for Atmos Experience. The problem I dont have plasterboard and I'm...
  15. J

    Question High ceiling recessed projector (Roll-UP) screen recommendation

    Hello AV Experts, Hope you are doing well and safe in those Covid days. Question for you, do you have any recommendation for a recessed electrical projector screen for a 16' ceiling ? I want to get the screen at normal viewing high, more or less 4-5' from the ground. Although attaching the...
  16. W

    Ceiling speakers control panel (control, split the rooms, turn off)

    Hi I'm looking for device I can control audio. I would like to find out what kind of device I need to control Ceiling speakers. Best would be wall mounted panel. Thank you for help...
  17. W

    Question Absolute audio noob - ceiling speaker advice

    OK, I'm a noob to the point of not being sure if I'm posting this in the right place. Apologies if not - please move / delete accordingly. Anyway, we've just bought a new house and we'd like to put in some speakers whilst we've got the carpets up. If I'm honest, the speakers will get casual use...
  18. Blaste37

    Ceiling speakers

    Hi so completely new to speakers. I am making my garage into a cinema room. Getting on well. Have brought a projector which has I think RCA ports on. Now I thought of this to late an the walls are completed so I can’t run cables hidden. I have power in the loft though. Needing a good ceiling...
  19. L

    What ceiling speakers

    Hi all, as title says what ceilings speakers would go best for a 5.1.2 atmos setup. My setup consists of: Denon x4500h av Kef t301 series. Any info would great thanks
  20. L

    Ceiling Speakers

    hi all upgrading to 5.1.2 system just want to know if these speakers are fine for atmos set up thanks Bowers & Wilkins CCM362 In-Ceiling Speakers
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