1. AFM1

    Soffit design for ceiling perimeter

    Soffit design for ceiling perimeter Hello, Am having a soffit built around the ceiling in a dedicated home cinema room soon to house downlights and uplifting LEDs to light the recess and ceiling. I've seen various options and designs but am thinking of doing the below, but likely in...
  2. avtech03

    For Sale Bowers and Wilkins CCM.7.3 ceiling speakers x 5

    I have 5 x used Bowers and Wilkins CCM 7.3 ceiling speakers in good condition and full working order. Would prefer to sell as a set but will consider selling individually at the right price. Looking for £600.00 per unit Ono or will be prepared to negotiate on full set. RRP £1495.00 each to...
  3. W

    KEF Ci Ceiling Speakers build

    Hi All, Looking for thoughts on which way to go with KEF Ci ceiling speakers in a large space (approx 55sq/m). I'm looking at getting the Ci200QR and Ci200TRB units. I have space for a cluster of 6 speakers (so 3x L 3x R) but trying to work out if I should go 4x Mid Range/Uni Q and 2x LF/Sub...
  4. atmos74

    Home cinema ceiling colour

    I am thinking of changing the colour of the ceiling in my garden home cinema room. I mainly use the room for watching movies, playstation etc. However I do sometimes work in the room and also have piano and drums in there. There is a double glass UPVC door and small letterbox window. Currently...
  5. myss

    Any experience with removing polystyrene ceiling tiles?

    My parents' home has these tiles for many years and despite mentioning in the past that they're a fire hazard, a recent surveyor's visit confirmed the same and now my siblings are in agreement that they need to get going. Looking on some clips online, it doesn't seem to be that hard a job in...
  6. P

    For Sale 1 Pair of Q Acoustics Qi65CB ceiling/Atmos speakers

    1 pair of Q Acoustics Qi65CB ceiling/Atmos speakers Owned from new by me since September 2019 In excellent condition and in the original Q Acoustics packaging. There is some dust/plaster residue where they have been removed from the ceiling but this doesn't affect performance and could probably...
  7. Secondhand

    Is it recommended to use your ceiling speaker grills or not?

    Very amateur question but should I use the speaker grills provided (Monitor Audio C280-IDCs) for my ceiling speakers or can I leave them without the grills on? I know this is ok for floor standers. I prefer speakers without grills. Any downside to not using the grills if it’s ok to not use...
  8. Stallion

    For Sale Epson EH-TW6700W Projector + Celexon MultiCel 3040 Pro white ceiling mount and Sapphire Manual Slow Retract Wall Screen (16:9) 2.0m 92"

    For sale: Epson EH-TW6700W, along with Celexon MultiCel 3040 Pro white ceiling mount and Sapphire Manual Slow Retract Wall Screen (16:9) 2.0m 92" and two pairs of active shutter 3D glasses, used less that 3 time each! Everything is in excellent condition. Projector was purchased in Feb 2017...
  9. M

    Mini Amp for Ceiling Speaker

    Hi - I have moved into a house with a single ceiling speaker in the bathroom (looks like a Bowers and Wilkins CCM663SR - apparently a not bad speaker, and probably too good to ditch). I think it was originally connected to a Sonos amp - which is no longer there. I'm looking for a small and...
  10. kenshingintoki

    In ceiling speakers for gym OR sleek bookshelves?

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of going in-ceiling speakers for my gym. Won't actually be in ceiling, they'll be placed inbetween the wooden beams. Are there any cheap ceiling drivers which would do the job? Alternatively, I could just get 4 decent passive speakers and put them in 4 corners of the...
  11. B

    1/2 airspace for soundproofing a ceiling

    I’m finishing my basement off for use as a family room with a home theater with an adjoining home office. My goal is to allow for TV / movie watching at a moderate level without bothering someone in a bedroom above – I’m not worried about impact noise from the floor above being heard in the...
  12. A

    Best Atmos ceiling speakers for modest setup.

    I have been looking to add ceiling speakers to my system for a while and have been completely confused by the choice. I don't really want to spend a huge amount and have seen the Q Acoustics Qi65CB for a good price per pair (£75) I know these are relatively low power speakers but my system is...
  13. D

    Atmos Ceiling speakers positioning- Advice needed

    Hi All, trying to finalise the placement of my speakers in my Garden office/Cinema room for cabling etc The room is 6.5m by 4.5M with 2.4M height ceilings At one end of the room will be a 120-130" projector screen. Sofa is placed 1.6m from the back wall The front and rear speakers on the...
  14. WezzaP

    For Sale Epson EH-TW6600W projector - full 1080p HD with wireless HDMI, 3D & ceiling mount

    Epson EH-TW6600W projector which has served us well for movies and games since new, which we recently replaced with a 4K setup. Only halfway through estimated lamp life (lamp hours in menu shows as 2,402) and includes wireless HDMI functionality via an extra box that just needs to be positioned...
  15. RobTi

    anyone got a dark ceiling in their main living room for projector use

    Hi just wondering about the above and any photos of it in daylight, as its time for a makeover in my living room ? Thanks
  16. I

    Project Screen - false ceiling (box)

    I like to install Project Screen with a false ceiling (box), if you have done this kind of work - please show me your photos or DIY (thread) how you have done it. I need some idea how to do it, especially what kinds of materials I need.
  17. J

    Ceiling speakers cutting out

    Hi, Our electrician has wired 4 ceiling speakers to 1 channel on my Yamaha RXA660 amplifier. He has also wired 2 outdoor speakers to a single zone B channel. I think the electrician has wired them in via daisy chain/parallel method. Problem i'm having is the amplifier seems to struggle...
  18. K

    Multi Room Ceiling Speakers AMPs Recommendations ?

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help or even if this is the correct forum, I have recently moved house, in the kitchen I have 3 x speakers in the ceiling, in bedroom 2 x speakers in ceiling and in lounge 2 x speakers in the ceiling, all the wires lead to a nook in a 1st floor room, that bits been...
  19. P

    Atmos ceiling speakers

    Hiya guys. Looking for some advice on some ceiling atmos. I'm building a dedicated cinema room, I'm a big fan of this forum and utilising the classifieds, and have done for many years. My previous setup which I'm utilising for now and adding too was a 5.1 q acoustic setup, and the new setup...
  20. Sammyez

    Streched Black Fabric Wall & Ceiling panels room treatment - AV / Cinema room?

    Having upgraded my PJ and had a custom made (2:35:1 ratio) screen made. I am now looking to add some blackout treatment to the room via wall & ceiling panels (Nb: fabric track system is not an option) Some Questions? Stretched Fabric panels - Walls & Ceiling: I would now like to add some...
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