A ceiling /ˈsiːlɪŋ/ is an overhead interior surface that covers the upper limits of a room. It is not generally considered a structural element, but a finished surface concealing the underside of the roof structure or the floor of a storey above. Ceilings can be decorated to taste, and there are many fine examples of frescoes and artwork on ceilings especially in religious buildings.
The most common type of ceiling is the dropped ceiling which is suspended from structural elements above. Pipework or ducts can be run in the gap above the ceiling, and insulation and fireproofing material can be placed here. Other types of ceiling include the cathedral ceiling, the concave or barrel-shaped ceiling, the stretched ceiling and the coffered ceiling. Coving often links the ceiling to the surrounding walls. Ceilings can play a part in reducing fire hazard, and a system is available for rating the fire resistance of dropped ceilings.

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  1. Peyasp

    Denon x1700h and wharfedale Dx2

    I currently have a denon x1700h amp and 5.1 wharfedale dx2 speakers attached. Im looking to add some further wharfedale ceiling speakers to the set up. Any advice on what speakers to use?
  2. DrussTheLegend

    Another Atmos positioning query :)

    Hi All, Looking for some advice please. I know this subject is covered often but as is usual, there are many varying opinions out there, often contradicty and everyones setup is a little different. I will be doing some work in the living room which would give me a one off opportunity to install...
  3. P

    Sound deadening between ground floor living room (AV) and first floor bedrooms.

    Hey guys! As above really... I currently live in an end of terraced and have a lounge with a planned 7.1.2 installation, luckily for me this room is on the end of the terrace and their is a dining room between me and the neighbour. The lounge room is currently totally unfinished as i've just...
  4. D

    Kitchen/Diner ceiling speakers active/passive? Connectivity considerations...

    Hi all, Looking to figure out my options for a discrete TV/hi-fi install in a kitchen/diner ‘knock through’ that I’m about to commence. I’m not an ‘audiophile’ but I do appreciate a ‘good’ sound where price and quality intersect each other. I’ve settled on the idea of in-ceiling speakers...
  5. A

    Question Shock proofing a ceiling mounted projector

    Hi all, I am using a ceiling mounted Epson LCD projector in our garden office/man cave. The mount has 4 fixings into the ceiling and various roll, yaw, tilt, etc settings controlled by allen screws/bolts. The projector, itself, has 3 mounting holes in the base ( which connect to the mount via...
  6. reevesy

    need some help with ceiling mounting smart led strip in an alcove

    hi all, heres a pic of an alcove i've got which i'm thinking of sprucing up with a led strip this is the view where i sit when listening to some music...and sometimes drinking alcohol ..and where i do i often get my best..and worst ideas! anyway i've some smart colour bulbs in the...
  7. explicitlyrics

    Wanted 3 zone amplifier

    I am trying to help a friend out who has a bunch of ceiling speakers installed but has never had them connected to anything, so Im looking for an amplifier that can push audio to 3 different zones. I know I could get 3x Sonos Amps or Wiim Amps, but they are ludicrously expensive and his budget...
  8. M

    Home Ceiling Sound Setup

    Hi All, Very new to this sort of stuff. So I bough a house which had speakers fitted into the celling and wishing to find the best / cost effective solutions to get them going. The diagram bellow shows 4 sets of speakers in different rooms. In the Bedroom the wire are accessible in the same...
  9. M

    Question Ceiling mounted UST projector screen

    Hey all - finally building a dedicated cinema room. I have managed to wall / ceiling mount a UST projector Px2-Pro, all good, now I need a screen, and this is my question. The room is dedicated so completely dark, I think this removes the need for an ALR screen and allows me to go for a...
  10. O

    Doubts reflections on the walls

    Hello, I have put black sliding curtains on the left and right walls, they measure about 3m wide. each one, they go from the ceiling to the floor and reach where the sofa is placed, I am going to paint the ceiling in "extra matte black" and the wall where the screen is placed, which is painted...
  11. kishgup

    Installers in and around windors area

    Hi all, I need some help to install 4 in-celing speakers and a couple of in-wall speakers, do you know anyone in the 15 mile radius of Windsor? what would be the average fee per speaker installation? chase cable and install speaker, repair any plasterwork
  12. M

    Benq 1050 (1070) shuts down when mounted upside down

    Hi! I have a strange problem. I bought a cheap projector with some artifacts on the image. Opened up the device and cleaned the DMD chip and picture looks good. Everything looks perfect then the projector is put on top of a table, but when I turn it upside down to mount it to the ceiling with a...
  13. thefunkygibbon

    Question My 9 year old Viewsonic PJD5255 has died. What should I replace it with?

    Hi, thanks for reading, so its completely died, it may be the bulb has gone or something, but given that its 9 years old, I might as well replace it with something a bit better. So I'm looking for something which is <£500 in cost. needs to be able to be mounted on the ceiling (which...
  14. Andy3105

    Question In Ceiling Speakers - Help & Advice Required

    Hello everyone, we are having to replace Our conservatory roof and as such we're having a standard roof fitted with a traditional flat ceiling with spotlights. Obviously this isn't cheap and currently I have ceiling bracket mounted Minx Min 12's for my rears and Atmos front heights, this won't...
  15. J

    Ceiling speakers

    So I am looking at an audio system for my garage conversion (Bar). I've bought a BenQ TK700Sti projector and looking for a sound system to run that and an Xbox for the kids. Looking at the Denon AVR x1800h and need some advice on speakers. It'll be mainly for music and for watching football...
  16. P

    Do I need an amplier for denon 4800?

    Hi I have recently purchased the Denon AVC-X4800H and currently running a 7.1 set up. I want to add 4 speakers to the ceiling to get the best of dolby atmos (7.1.4 set up). I know I can add two in the ceiling without an amp as the receiver has 9ch power output. Can I add all 4 height speakers...
  17. A

    Hooking up Denon 4600 - 4 ceiling speakers - 9.1

    Hi everyone My speaker setup is as the picture below: The green boxes are speakers and sub woofer, the red circles are ceiling speakers. I'm trying to work out what is the best way to wire this into the receiver on the instructions this seems to be the closest: Which corresponds to this on...
  18. F

    Question Hopefully a neat and tidy projector and atmos install - advice needed

    I'm just embarking on installing a 5.1.4 setup with projector and screen. I have a few ideas for how I'm going to install everything but need some advice on how to keep it all tidy. 1. Atmos speakers will be "on ceiling" CA min22s using swivel brackets. What are the best grommets or brush...
  19. JtR1888

    Question Ceiling acoustic panels?

    Wondering if anyone can guide me, I've tried YT, Google and emailed a couple of acoustic companies without replies I'm wondering where I should be looking to place ceiling acoustic panels Do I do the mirror trick from seating position and place the panels on the ceiling where I can see speaker...
  20. K

    Which led strip for ceiling

    I'm currently renovating a house, and the main room will be a living room / cinema room . I've dropped the ceiling leaving a gap all the way round the edge to mount a discreet led strip. I think in total I'll need about 15m of led's. From a quick bit of research the best one seems to be the...
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