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  1. W

    Ceiling speakers control panel (control, split the rooms, turn off)

    Hi I'm looking for device I can control audio. I would like to find out what kind of device I need to control Ceiling speakers. Best would be wall mounted panel. Thank you for help...
  2. R

    Dolby Atmos system advice

    Hi all, hoping somebody can advise me please. I’m in the process of renovating my open plan kitchen lounge and want to install an Atmos sound system but I’m not sure what best arrangement would be to fit the room. About our ads You may also like I am having a new false ceiling built so...
  3. R

    Question Living room speaker locations 5.1 / 4.1 / soundbar + 2 rears

    Hi all :) As many others I've been told what I can and can't do with my surround sound (mostly can't) which leaves me wondering weather to rebuy everything or just settle for TV sound :( I've attached 2 photos one for you guys to potentially edit and one with what I think I may be able to do...
  4. Blaste37

    Ceiling speakers

    Hi so completely new to speakers. I am making my garage into a cinema room. Getting on well. Have brought a projector which has I think RCA ports on. Now I thought of this to late an the walls are completed so I can’t run cables hidden. I have power in the loft though. Needing a good ceiling...
  5. L

    What ceiling speakers

    Hi all, as title says what ceilings speakers would go best for a 5.1.2 atmos setup. My setup consists of: Denon x4500h av Kef t301 series. Any info would great thanks
  6. L

    Ceiling Speakers

    hi all upgrading to 5.1.2 system just want to know if these speakers are fine for atmos set up thanks Bowers & Wilkins CCM362 In-Ceiling Speakers
  7. OrangeMinion

    Speaker Switch Box query

    I wonder if someone could assist me with a query regarding speaker switch boxes? We're in the middle of an extension and I've just taken my old AVR (Sony DA-2400ES) and Q-Acoustics 1000i (2x1050i Front, 2x 1010i Rear, 1000Si Sub and 1000Ci Centre) speaker system apart before the chaos starts -...
  8. Avathar77

    Ceiling Speakers for Atmos

    Hi I have a Sony STR-DN1080 with an LG E9 65. Recently had a play around with testing Atmos using some spare speakers I had lying around from the old setup. I used the satellite speakers as FD and the results were noticeable. Planing to do some renovation work in the living room and thought...
  9. A

    AVR + Ceiling Speakers (Multi Zone) Help Required

    Hi all, Starting home setup in 5 weeks and need some advice for home AV: Living Room = 5.1 surround sound = One zone connected to amp. 5 channels and 1 sub. First HDMI output from Amp to Living room. Kitchen = Left and right, two channels, but 4 speakers, two speakers connected to left...
  10. Hillskill

    Wanted In ceiling speakers

    Any left over from a project etc? I'm after a couple of stereo pairs and also a pair suitable for the bathroom. Would be fine with a mono for the bathroom.
  11. Hillskill

    Question In ceiling speakers?

    We are in the midst of a loft conversion. I'm in the process of planning out the wiring for my installers and I think I'd like to go with in ceiling speakers. The room is going to be a bedroom suite so casual listening is really the use case. I will have a headphone amp up there for critical...
  12. NullMind

    Need ceiling speakers for Back channels and mid (Atmos)

    Hi guys I am doing a new cinema room, it's about 5.23 x 3.65 meters for the front speakers I am using Q Accoustics 3050's, but for the back, I need IN ceiling speakers, also planning to use the same to put in the middle between the front and the back I cant put speakers mounted on the back as...
  13. A

    For Sale Speakercraft AIM5 Series 2 ceiling speakers

    Speakercraft fully directional ceiling speaker perfect for cinema systems and multi room audio. In excellent full working condition with original packaging. I have four of these speakers in total, price shown is for each speaker. I am willing to sell in pairs.
  14. ash105

    Ceiling Speakers for music - Monitor Audio C265idc or C280idc?

    Looking to buy 4 speakers for the ceiling Monitor Audio C265idc were recommended but I have also seen the C280idc.....any recommendations to work with the new Sonos Amp. Thanks
  15. L

    Basic ceiling speakers question

    Hi all, I'm completely new to ceiling speakers so apologies for the basic question. We'd like a ceiling speaker in the bathroom and one in our kitchen extension. We don't have a huge budget, but at the same time don't want something completely rubbish. Can anyone recommend a speaker type we...
  16. Funkoid

    Question Removing Kef ceiling speakers

    Installed a couple of cr130 series speakers today, long story short something is not right with the fire hoods purchased so I've got to remove the speakers to get them out. I assume it's just the reverse of the install procedure, worried the plasterboard will need re-enforcing after they've...
  17. A

    Kef Ci50R or Kef Ci130ER ? Which one would be a good match with Kef T101's as surrounds

    Hey all I have decided to use Kef T101 as my surrounds in a 5.1.2 Atmos set up due to limitation of space and speaker positioning. I am now looking for in ceiling speakers for the Atmos and I thought I would keep to Kef as my surrounds will be Kef. I have narrowed it down to the 2 models...
  18. M

    5.1.2 ceiling speakers placement

    hi, I'm in the process of installing my ceiling speakers but not entirely sure on the best place for them to go Attached is pic from the centreline of the TV, the sofa goes from where the RH side of the door frame is, to the right corner and will be against that wall Thanks in advance
  19. W

    Ceiling speakers with atmos

    I got some great advise on a sub on another thread. Can I please get some recommendations for rear speakers and atmos speakers. My current setup requires ceiling speakers. My first concern is should I have rear surround ceiling speakers and ceiling atmos next to each other? If not can I get...
  20. B

    5.1.2 Atmos Setup or 5.1.4 Atmos setup - Klipsch (no ceiling speakers) but with bipoles...

    Hi all, im about to pay for a big investment.. i would like to get some opinions please to make the final decision. Im getting a brand new klipsch system with SVS sub. My issue is being a renter i CANT use ceiling speakers and i really should try to avoid wall mounting as well, so i must rely...
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