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  1. p147

    Wanted Lithe Audio Pro Series Ceiling Speakers.

    Long shot. Does anyone have these speakers that they would like to move on? Thanks
  2. R

    Covering In ceiling Speakers

    Hi, Moving house and want to take along my Kef in ceiling speakers but will be left with a few holes to now cover up in the ceilings . I have 3 x Kef CI200QR (hole size about 11.3 inch) and 9 x Kef CI160QR (hole size about 9.3 inch) so decent hole sizes in the ceiling both downstairs and...
  3. Blagmeister

    Advice for attaching ceiling speakers - brackets missing

    Hi there. My home cinema project is taking shape as I write (exciting) but I have run into a bit of an issue. I have picked up almost everything second-hand for budget and have four Kef Ci200QR in-ceiling speakers that I picked up off eBay. Unfortunately, the clamping brackets have not been...
  4. GadgetComa

    Dolby Atmos with only ceiling speakers?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and new to Dolby Atmos. My original setup was an old 7.1 receiver with surround speakers (center and rear) mounted in the ceiling. I recently bought an Atmos-capable receiver and I'm wondering what the best hook-up for the speakers would be. I initially set it...
  5. S

    Existing ceiling speakers - adding Atmos?

    The house we live in has got existing 8" speakers ceiling mounted - FR, FL, C and SL, SR at the back. They work well, and with the addition of a decent sub, we now have a nice 5.1 system which sounds pretty good, especially with DTS-HD Master Audio or Dolby TrueHD soundtracks. Now looking to...
  6. E

    Ceiling speakers that don't require cutting into ceiling?

    Hi all, I'm considering upgrading from 5.1 to 5.1.2, and to me it seems ceiling speakers are the best sounding option. However, all the ceiling speakers I've seen are the "in-ceiling" type that requires cutting into the ceiling. Since I'm renting, that's not really an option. But I really want...
  7. J

    Help with kef ceiling speakers

    Hi just wanted a bit of advise. I am so planning on putting some kef ci200qr ceiling speakers on a new sonos amp. I was wondering/thinking I may add an extra set of speakers to fill the area. My question is really, would a pair of ci200qr and ci160qr work ok. Only real difference is one has a...
  8. O

    Ceiling Speakers for Atmos Recommendations

    Hi All, I am planning to install 4 X In-Ceiling Speakers to replace front presence speakers. The current 5.2.2 set-up is as follows: AV receiver - Yamaha RX-V2077 (9.2) Left and Right Channel - Yamaha NSF160B x 2 Centre Speaker - Yamaha NSP160B x 1 Front Presence - Yamaha NS E55 x 2...
  9. D

    Ceiling surround speakers, which ones to buy?

    Is it sensible to install 2 back surround speakers and 2 or 4 Atmos speakers in the ceiling to make up a 5.2.2 or 2.2.4 speaker system? What speakers would you recommend? Are there any good wireless speakers available that you would recommend?
  10. S

    Ceiling speakers in a new flat roof extension

    Hi, we are having some building work done and part of that is a new living room which will be where the home cinema system will live. It's a flat roof roof extension and I have made the assumption that I will have 4 ceiling speakers but once I gave it a moment thought realised that I will...
  11. R

    Atmos 5.1.2 with 4 ceiling speakers?

    Hello AV Experts, I'd like to start with a disclaimer: I know nothing. I have just acquired my first AV receiver (Yamaha RX-V6A) and am looking to set up an atmos system. A knowledgeable friend suggested I use 4 ceiling speakers for my 5.1.2 setup, feeding the 2 pairs from the same output in...
  12. T1berious

    Ceiling speakers and amps advice

    Hi There, I hope someone can offer some advice. We're getting ready to replace our conservatory with an Orangery and as part of that project we'll be removing the existing stereo and just going for ceiling speakers and some amps to run them from. I've tried to do some research and I'm just...
  13. N

    Ceiling speaker options for Sonos amp

    Hi all We’re redoing a 6x3m room with a pitched ceiling, opening out onto the garden, and thought some ceiling speakers to link into our Sonos system would be a good addition, with the bonus that we might be able to hear them outside (a bit), particularly when working with a Sonos Move. My...
  14. N

    Centre + Sub speaker with Ceiling speakers

    Looking for advice please. I have 4 x ceiling speakers cabled ready for new room fit out. Thinking of a Denon AVR-X2700H So looking for centre and sub advice. Looked at Apex A40 and SVS pb1000 But tbh both a bit out of price range. Any other suggestions? Also thought about a passive LRC...
  15. C

    Ceiling speakers

    Hi I hope you can help, I have a monitor audio mass 5.1 system with a pioneer vsx-933 receiver, I was looking to add a set of ceiling speakers to upgrade the current 5.1 setup, I want to use monitor audio again and had chosen the C280 speakers but then found the C265fx model, I have spoken to...
  16. T

    Crossover Freq for Ceiling Speakers?

    Hi All, Current Setup: Denon 4700, Kef R2C, Kef 950s, Kef 150s(I think) bookshelf for surround, 1 sub Just added two kef ci-160QR ceiling. Audyessy has the ceilings crossover at 150hz. Is this correct or all should be 80hz? Also, during the calibration, I noticed the Height2 speaker seemed...
  17. M

    Best overhead & in ceiling speakers for use with Arendal 1723 system

    Just wondering if anyone is running 1723 speakers in an Atmos configuration and if so what in-ceiling speakers your using? Thanks
  18. GAmbrose

    Ceiling speakers in a vaulted/angled ceiling?

    Just after some advice really. Buying a house and have an opportunity to get some Atmos ceiling speakers, but the ceiling is vaulted Image from Rightmove: As they are supposed to be downward firing, what's my best option here?
  19. J

    Connecting ceiling speakers to Amp and TV

    Hi all, new here. I have been given a Sony Amplifier by my brother (STR-DB790) as he no longer uses it. It is quite an old AMP (no HDMI for example) but I want to use it to play TV sound through my ceiling speakers. I had them installed (but never connected to anything) when I had some...
  20. C

    Which Ceiling Speakers?

    Hi guys, I am currently renovating my house and need to fit some ceiling speakers in a kitchen and open plan living / dining area. I already have 2 spare Monitor Audio C260s in the attic but will require 5 more speakers to finish the job. I am just wondering if anyone had any recommendations...
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