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  1. Shaun1985

    JVC DLA-HD350 ceiling mount?

    Please help! What ceiling mounts are available for this PJ?
  2. J

    Need Help Determining Setup

    So, I'm upgrading from a 21-year old Cambridge Soundworks 5.1 system (back when they built good stuff!). I've almost decided on an Aperion 7.2.4 system for my family room. The problem is the back of the room is open and looks right into the kitchen. So, I have two ideas about the back surround...
  3. BFee317

    Flat Downlighting Help!

    I just bought my new house. All the ceiling lighting looks like the pictures attached. I am looking to... 1. Install smart lighting that works without a hub but with my Alexa echo dots. 2. Colors are not super important but would be nice to have. Dimming thorugh Alexa is required. What bulbs...
  4. C

    Are there acoustically transparent retractable ceiling mount screens designed for UST projectors?

    As per the title. I am putting together my current home cinema setup and I have prepared it in such a way that I could potentially have a UST projector added later where the screen rolls down to cover the TV and speakers. I am not planning to do this just yet but I am curious what's available...
  5. tommyj

    ceiling mounted projector on high ceiling - is it possible?

    Hello all, I bought a second hand Epson EB-W31 projector, here is the manual: EPSON EB-U32 USER MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib and here some basic information about the projector: https://www.epson.co.uk/products/projectors/mobile/eb-w31 I'd like to put it in my living room, which has a high...
  6. T

    Help with beamer placement

    Hi Guys! So as the title suggest I need your help because I made a Big BooBoo! I just bought this house and wanted a beamer in my bureau, we are renovating the place and while putting a new fake ceiling in I made some preparations for a beamer when I had the money to buy it. Now my first...
  7. J

    LG CineBeam HU810PW Front Ceiling projection issue - Help please :)

    Hello All I just got my LG CineBeam HU810PW and I am really struggling with the setup. I am using it in Front Ceiling Projection mode but the image was mostly projecting onto the ceiling. Using Lens Shift and tilting the projector I have made it so you can kinda look at but I know I missing a...
  8. S

    TV Ceiling Mount

    I'm moving house and there's no suitable place for a wall mount so looking at motorised ceiling mounts for a 32" TV. Looking for something as unobtrusive as possible and would like some recommendations please😀
  9. T

    Optoma HD70 Mount

    Hi everyone New to the forum, hoping someone can help me with this. I own an Optoma HD70 and wish to mount it to the ceiling. I purchased an inexpensive universal mount from Amazon on a bit of a whim without doing any research as I naively presumed it would 'just work'. Turns out it doesn't...
  10. (GTV)Chris

    Does anyone know the make of this ceiling mount?

    Hi All, I am looking at a future upgrade in projector, but really like the mount I have. From what I can remember, you just buy a new shoe attachment that fits a new proj and then fit it to the existing mount. Saves a lot of money. I used this to go between the AE100, to the AE500 and then to...
  11. P

    Telescoping, ceiling mount for 50" screen

    Hi folks: I have an outdoor kitchen with a 50" screen on a ceiling mount. It's great, BUT … would be greater if I could bring it down a little bit at times when people are sitting at the bar so they don't have to crane their necks to see it up near the rafters. I am envisioning a ceiling...
  12. B

    Adjustable Ceiling Mount for Projector

    Hi People, 👋 I am currently fixing out my living room and am going to have a hidden screen on one wall for my projector. I need some sort of adjustable / telescopic ceiling mount that I can pull down to use the projector and then push back up, as it will sit in front of the external sliding...
  13. gabstar01

    Bargain Selling Epson EH-TW6100w

    Selling Epson EH-Tw6100w in great condition . Only had it a few years. Amazing hd/3D puts cinema 3D to shame. Great for gaming as well. Don't want to sell my pride and joy but need to pay for something else. Get just under 100inch screen from.around 8ft throw. Wireless translator so don't...
  14. mattkhan

    Ceiling mount for anamorphic lens?

    I will hopefully be taking delivery of an a lens soon (with a sled) which means I need to work out how to install it. Current PJ is mounted on a pole that goes through the ceiling to the joists above. One option is therefore to repeat that exercise for the lens however this seems somewhat...
  15. Mister_Tad

    Question Ceiling mount Atmos "bounce" speakers? Or not bother.

    I'm figuring out how to add height channels to my room, and whilst I do have the option of in-ceiling speakers for the rears, the places I can install the fronts are a bit far from the main listening position to go with downward firing. I'm thinking PSB Imagine XA mounted to the front wall at...
  16. T

    Question Ceiling mount for projector

    Hi all, We’ve just finished creating an undercover space in our garden with a painted white wall - one of the purposes will be to project films onto it. The projector is on order (Optoma 143x - got it for a great price on ao.com) and I now need to source a ceiling mount which will affix to one...
  17. N

    Question Ceiling mount cable solution

    Ceiling mount cable solution: Hi all, I've had a search of the forum and have some remaining questions. I've moved to a new house and due to the shape of the new room will need to ceiling mount the projector. My partner would prefer if all cabling was hidden. I should be able to run the power...
  18. Gadfium

    Projector ceiling mount. Repurpose a Ceiling fan mount??

    Hello all, I'm pondering ways to hang my new PJ from a stud ceiling. predictably there's no joists just where I need one and I have no access from above. I think that i have two options- either screw a piece of wood (or aluminium) to the underside of the ceiling to pick up two joists and then...
  19. S

    Question Best ceiling mount for a JVC HD100

    Hi all, I'd really appreciate some advice on purchasing a universal mount for my JVC HD100. It's been in a makeshift cabinet for the last couple of years but I am overhauling my AV room (putting in ceiling speakers for atmos and painting etc) so thought it would be a good opportunity to mount...
  20. L

    50 inch flip down ceiling mount. Possible?

    Hey, apologies if this is in the wrong place I wondered if anyone can recommend a flip down ceiling mount to take a 50 inch tv I only see motorised ones but they cost a bomb Tv needs to be able to be flipped up out of way. Cheers
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