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  1. F

    ANSWERED- LG and Denon CEC volume control question

    Hi all (cross post from Reddit) After 15 years my panny plasma died and I bit the bullet on a new 55 G3 , fired up the first 4k broadcast last night (planet earth 3 on the BBC, quite apt as that was the first HD viewing we did in the panny) and it totally got wife acceptance A factory reset...
  2. D

    Pana PVR turns LG G3 TV on randomly

    This is an odd and complex problem and I wonder whether anyone else has experienced it and can offer a fix or workaround I haven't thought of. I apologise for the lengthy post. I have a Sony AV receiver with various inputs, all output over a single HDMI to a new LG G3 TV. The problem is, when I...
  3. H

    Question Issues with HDMI CEC and Apple TV 4K and Sonos Beam

    Hi all, I had a look around and couldn’t find this listed anywhere - there were a few threads on Reddit but I couldn’t get any of the suggestions to work - so I’m here asking for help. I have recently switched from a firestick to an Apple TV and am struggling to get the Apple Remote to control...
  4. terencejames

    Sky puck CEC control

    I’ve got a sky puck connected to my Samsung TV. If the puck is not on, I get a message (see below) asking if I want to turn it on. It never works but wondered if it was possible?
  5. sagi fr

    Question TCL 65C639 arc/cec

    Hey everyone, I have TCL 65C639 And recover Harman kardon 151s ,with main issue of cec cut off (sound stop and it’s show “reciver” instead of h/k when I push volume up or down )from time to time specially when on Amazon prime and I have this strong feeling it’s related to the tv and not the...
  6. H

    CEC Easylink

    Does 43PUS6703/12 support CEC or Easylink for use of chromecast?
  7. vikkktr

    Bose 900 sound and CEC issues

    After much reading and couple purchase-return orders, I bought Bose 900 and really like it. But there are issues. My setup: Local cable tv operator set-top box connected to Philips Oled706 via HDMI Arc Bose Soundbar 900 connected to TV via HDMI eArc port. First, I am not sure if current remote...
  8. maxkolonko123

    Help with bloody simplink/cec

    Hey guys, I'm going nuts with my new g3 and cec simplink bollocks, basically everytime I go on hdmi2 ( pc through anthem avr) it's automatically switch on my Anthem AVR which I don't want it to do. Even when I disable cec on TV switch avr off go back to home menu and go back to hdmi2 ( anthem)...
  9. G

    Onkyo TX-NR696 cannot enable TV audio while CEC enabled

    Hi, I have an Onkyo TX-NR696 receiver, a Sony TV conected to main HDMI output, and an EPSON projector connected to sub HDMI output. I have many devices connected (Android TV, PS5, etc) I want to use ONLY the TV audio when I'm using TV, and I want to use ONLY my 4 speakers when I'm using my...
  10. D

    recommend an HDMI spliiter with CEC compatibility

    I have a Freesat box which I split the HDMI signal to several TV's Each TV has an IR eye / receiver which transmits remote control presses back to the Freesat box To achieve this, I have 2x hdmi splitters - each with 1x input and 2x output. Each spliiter is CEC compatible so passes the ir...
  11. Clem_Dye

    Virgin V6/Tivo box — HDMI CEC?

    Apologies if this topic has been covered before. I’ve just sold my Panasonic 4K TV to one of my wife’s friends and have set-up her friend’s Virgin Media/Tivo box to output 4K and so forth and the TV and box seem happy. I couldn’t find any whiff of an HDMI CEC setting in the V6 box’s menus. Is...
  12. filthycasual

    LG CX - standby/not turning off and CEC issue

    Hi All, My LG CX has developed a weird fault. At first it stopped controller my AVR, somive swapped cables and checked settings etc. But what I've noticed is when I press power off on the magic remote, the TV isn't properly turning off. I get the standby red light and the screen goes blank but...
  13. F

    HDMI Audio extractor while keeping ARC and CEC to a soundbar

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask about HDMI audio extractors as I think that might be the answer but I'll lay out the problem and maybe you can tell me if my idea may or may not work or suggest a different solution. I asked a version of this question a year ago when my dad was thinking about...
  14. SunChaser280

    Majority Soundbar HDMI CEC Problem

    Hi, I have the Sierra 2.0.2 Dolby Atmos Soundbar. Dolby Atmos Soundbar | Sierra | Featuring Dolby and Dolby Atmos Sound When I use the soundbar with my Fire TV 4K plugged directly into the TV ,HDMI CEC works fine, all my 4 remotes work universally and can control the soundbar volume/channel...
  15. M


    I have a 75" Sony X950G TV with a Pionee Elite SC-LX801 receiver. If I enable HDMI CEC on the receiver it totally wig out my TV after bit of watching it to the point that I can't even get to my OSD on the TV to turn CEC off. Why does it do this? I thought using CEC was to use the smart TV's...
  16. Z

    CEC function on TCL C735

    Hi, I have 43C735 and I'm trying to command device connected on HDMI port via CEC and I noticed that implementation of that CEC function is total strange to me. When I switch to HDMI input where device is connected, commands from remote are not transmitted to device. To do so, I need to go to...
  17. Evanesco

    Marantz Cinema 50 HDMI CEC remote control

    I just upgraded from YAMAHA RX-A4A to a brand new Marantz CINEMA 50. I have my LG C1 OLED TV and Nivida Shield TV connected. HDMI control i turned on in the receiver. With my Yamaha, I could navigate the menus on the Shield tv with the remote of the Yamaha AVR. Now with Cinema 50, I can't use...
  18. M

    RX-A6A issues with HDMI control / CEC with Intel NUC used as HTPC

    Hi Guys, I am new in this forum but this is already my 3rd Yamaha receiver and first time have issues I cant resolve. I just got RX-A6A just 3 months ago to replace the old RX-A2010, and soon after I also "upgraded" my MacMini to Intel NUC due to the latter support of Dolby Atmos. Since then...
  19. jhuylebroeck

    Philips PML9506 + Onkyo TX-NR6100 + HDMI CEC: plenty of problems!

    I recently acquired a Philips 65PML9506/12 and an Onkyo TX-NR6100 to connect all my HDMI 2.1 (Xbox Series X), HDMI 2.0 (Playstation 4 Pro and Nvidia Shield) and HDMI 1.4 Devices (Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Set-top Box). I upgraded all devices to the lastest firmware, and started setting things...
  20. S

    Is it possible to partially disable remote control over CEC, however, leave CEC (Bravia Sync) to switch devices on/off?

    Hi! I was wondering whether it is possible to disable CEC (Bravia Sync) partially on newer Sony TV’s - in a way that connected device on HDMI is not fully controlled by TV’s remote, however, still switches ON/OFF together with the TV. It is possible on my older Philips TV, but I wanted to know...
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