1. MrRoarke

    Disabling Digital Output CD Player?

    I own a Marantz CD6006 CD player. In the settings, there is an option to shut off the digital output. Does anyone know what purpose that serves, as opposed to just leaving it on and not using it? The only thing I can imagine is that it has something to do with sound quality, However, I tried it...
  2. AlexPaterson

    Marantz CD6006 VS Cyrus CDI

    I was wondering. Has any of you compared these two CD payers side by side, on the same system, to test if they provide distinctively different sound quality ? Does Cyrus CDI offer a better soundstage and musicality, compared to Marantz CD6006 ? Thank you !
  3. srhush67

    Question Marantz CD6006 and Monitor Audio Bronze 5

    Hi All, I have just purchased a new Marantz CD6006 and a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 5 floorstanding speakers. I am currently using a Denon AVR2300X AV Amplifier along with these 2 items. My question is would using a dedicated stereo amplifier such as the Marantz PM6006 make a noticable...
  4. potatos

    Answered Marantz cd6006. So far a disappointment

    I've decided to build a stereo system. Mainly for listening to cds. I have bought mission 751 speakers and have acquired yamaha av receiver rx-v359. I wanted to buy stereo amplifier, but because I have got the receiver for free I thought to give it a try. I thought that, if the sound from the...
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