1. B

    'Fluff under the needle' noises - but from a Creek CD Player (CD60)

    I have an early 90's Creek CD-60 CD player. After about half an hour, it sounds like there is a little bit of 'fluff under the needle' one channel - but from a Creek CD Player (CD60) playing a CD. Then over time it sounds like it picks up more fluff, so that after about 1 hour it gets so bad it...
  2. R

    Cyrus CD no output?

    Cyrus CD player dad3, working fine, turned off, turned back on the day after. Now no output, everything else works fine, it's reading the disc, track selection is fine. Any ideas ?
  3. MrRoarke

    Disabling Digital Output CD Player?

    I own a Marantz CD6006 CD player. In the settings, there is an option to shut off the digital output. Does anyone know what purpose that serves, as opposed to just leaving it on and not using it? The only thing I can imagine is that it has something to do with sound quality, However, I tried it...
  4. A

    Arcam Alpha 5 CD Player - transport replacement

    Hi all, I have this player from about 1994 and used to use it a lot before the drawer refused to open. I now have to tip the player forward to let the drawer slide open. I've searched online and found a few fixes which involve replacing a few bits but I'm new to all this. Would it be fairly...
  5. S

    Best CD player for under £750?

    My Musical Fidelity X-ray 3 has died. The Musical Fidelity X-80 Amp is still functioning - and hopefully won't need replaced for another year or two, and the pair of Dynaudio Audience 40 speakers are fine. Budgetwise I've got no more than £750 to spend. I like listening to all kinds of...
  6. Crock56

    Quad Artera CD Player

    I've just had my second Quad CD player go duff on me in less than 6 months. I was told that Quad was generally very reliable and having owned a Quad 34/303 pre/power amp since 1983 would normally agree. Am just up-grading to a ATC CD2. Has anyone else had quality problems ?
  7. I

    Repairs Needed to Kenwood A97 amp & DP-M87 cd player

    Hi Folks, anyone you can recommended to help me with repair to these items please? Cheers Kenwood amp A97 .... 1. only the faintest of output can be heard along with a high pitch tone as volume increases.... Symptoms are exactly the same from the headphone jack. 2...the input selector on front...
  8. broona

    Replacement for Bose Wave 2 CD?

    My parents are looking to replace their ageing Bose Wave 2(?) CD system, so I'm looking for some recommendations please. They want DAB+ and CD playback, don't think they're bothered about too much else, but I'm struggling to find an all in one system with a CD player. I've found a cheap Bush...
  9. D

    Sony STR-DH190 with Yamaha NT670 or Yamaha R-N303 with CD player and external preamp ?

    Hi all, well the day has arrived where my 7yr old Denon AVR went pop and left A funny smell, so I am looking to get a Yamaha Musiccast as my new Hifi, and for my budget I can afford either a R-N303 with a reasonable CD player as the R-N303 has DAB / Airable Internet Radio / streaming services...
  10. saisuman

    Understanding CD Player Quality and Price

    Good day, everyone. I was hoping to understand how CD player price correlates with quality. I've seen a number of Marantz and Denon CD players that go for anywhere between 200 and 800 dollars. I can imagine that in a system that has analog outputs, the quality of the DAC components and...
  11. H

    CD Player for Marantz SR6015

    I recently purchased a Marantz SR6015. This is huge upgrade compared to the rest of my budget system. I currently have a Sony DVP S530D (CD/DVD) and Sony BDPS1700 (Blu Ray). I just bought a toslink cable which I now understand turns my cd player into a transport and uses the DAC in the SR6015. I...
  12. B

    CD player output options

    I have a question regarding audio connection options between a CD player and an AV receiver. I had always assumed that if a given CD player was equipped with digital audio “outs” (coax or optical), it would be considered the optimal connection method and that this setup channels the digital...
  13. seoras

    Play midi instrument through Marantz CD player & Amp

    HI, my system is Marantz CD 6006 CD player, Marantz PM 6006 amplifier and Wharfedale Diamond 230 speakers. I have an electronic musical instrument called a Blair Digital Chanter which has a midi output port and I’d like to play the chanter through the music system. There‘s a USB port on the...
  14. G

    Upgrading Arcam Alpha 7 CD Player

    What's the best option here given I can't afford the Arcam CDS50. Locate a 2nd hand Arcam CD37 or are there any other good alternatives ? My amp is an Arcam AVR550. Any suggestions welcome.....including where I could buy an Arcam CD37 as there are none available in all of the regular places
  15. G

    Onkyo 9010 and Dali Oberon 5 ... which CD player ?

    I have an onkyo 9010 and Dali Oberon 5’s. I currently have a marantz cd 52 mk2 special edition . It’s old but works ok, no idea how it compares to new players like the cd6006 or cd6007 . Any thoughts?
  16. Kevin Turvey 58

    Roksan Kandy CD 1

    Is it possible to get the front display replaced as mine has gone very dim?
  17. F

    Small CD Transporter for Office desk connected to Kef LS50 Wireless II

    Hi All, I have now come to a nearly final solution for my HIFI office setup. The speakers will have to be Kef LS50 Wireless II however I am keen to match this up with a decent CD-Transporter. I am thinking of Marantz Melody MCR412 since size wise it would sit perfect on my desk, and space is...
  18. H

    Question Setting up my dad's Arcam Alpha 9 with an Acam Alpha 8 CD player and KEF IQ5 speakers

    Hi I've had a look to see if others are talking about this, but I cannot see that they are. I'll try and be as plain as possible. I'm a bit lost. I inherited my dad's Arcam Alpha 8 CD player, an Arcam Alpha 9 amplifier, his Nakamishi BX-100E tape deck alongside a pair of B&W DM603 speakers...
  19. R

    Software cd or download required please.

    Hi everyone, Some years ago (about 9 years maybe) I bought my daughter a video camera so she could record my grandaughter growing up. She now uses her phone for that so I have the camera now as I have a use for it. Problem is she no longer has the VideoCam Suite cd and it looks like I need...
  20. D

    Cannot play CD on Samsung Blu-Ray player without switching on TV

    Hi all, Bit of a strange one here, I have hooked up my Samsung H6500 Blu-ray player to my Denon AVR X2000 via HDMI and optical, the AVR is connected to my Samsung 4K Q70 TV via HDMI (ARC). Now while CD’s sound absolutely amazing on this player, i only get sound if the TV is on. I am hoping...
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