1. D

    Pioneer DV668AV for use as CD Player only

    Hi all, For the past week I have been using a Samsung BD6500 as a CD transport connected to my Yamaha Musiccast RN303D via optical but unfortunately the sound isn’t that good. I was looking in some secondhand shops today and noticed that one was selling a Pioneer DV668 at a reasonable price of...
  2. JGR

    For Sale Musical Fidelity A3 CD and Tuner

    Hello, I have owned both the MF A3 CD and Tuner from new in 2001, purchased from Sevenoaks in Witham. Both in perfect condition and working order and both come with the original remote controls (working). Both come in their original boxes. Only selling as I have decided to simplify / reduce...
  3. D

    CD Player for Denon 3700

    Hi I have a Denon 3700 with a Rega 1 + turntable which I love the warm sound from. I have loads of old CDs that I haven’t used in a long time and also noting some new albums are not available on LP, so considering a CD player. I get AVs aren’t great for music, but using audessy with flat...
  4. C

    Cheap cd player or cd transport + Dac or Denon 1600NE or similar

    I would appreciate some advice over the choice of a replacement cd player, I am thinking of a Cambridge Audio CXC or a Nad C538 ( as a cd transport) plus an Audiolab M Dac or something along the lines of the Denon dcd 1600 NE or Musical Fidelity M2sCd. I have a Naim SN2 amp but because of...
  5. K

    For Sale Marantz CD6003 CD Player (Black)

    Hello, For sale, a lightly used Marantz CD6003 CD player. For a good while now, I've mainly streamed my music over internet or from my NAS, so this unit has been surplus to requirements for some time. It is supplied with original packaging, remote control, power and RCA cables. It was tested...
  6. thelwebb100

    Looking for a nice setup for the living room that plays my 4k movies and CD collection

    Hey guys so about two months ago I regrettably bought a Sonos Arc with the two surrounds for my smaller living room setup. I've started to amass a decent 4k blu ray collection and I already have over 100 hip hop cd's. I feel like I'm missing out by staying in the Sonos ecosystem, and want to...
  7. SlimyRiddler

    Does room correction 'generally' work with the CD IN on AV Receivers?

    Hi, Considering an older AV Receiver for it's room correction and bass managment. I have a Topping E30 DAC and would want to go through that, would this work? Or does the room correction only work with HDMI Inputs? Sorry if that's a stupid question.. Cheers.
  8. T

    For Sale Rega Saturn R cd player/DAC 2015 superb condition

    Rega Saturn R late 2015 cd/dac player in excellent condition, looked after very carefully. Stunning review from Jason Kennedy Rega Saturn-R | The Ear Boxed with remote. Been used a lot recently as a dac. Selling as moving into streaming/server technology. These are £1700 new. Looking for...
  9. M

    Denon RCD-M41DAB Faulty CD player

    Denon RCD-M41DAB is 3 years old; now faulty. Selecting Disc as source the display shows a row of 16 triangles. The drawer opens and closes correctly but the CD does not rotate. Does this ring any bells with anyone?
  10. Ja55

    Wanted CD player

    Hi All I'm after a quality cd player for up to £300. Let me know what you have? May be able to collect within hours drive of Birmingham.
  11. F

    Kenwood Car CD player advice

    We have an old Kenwood Kdc-4080r Cd Player/radio (the type with the detachable front panel). Sometimes it works for hours with no problem. On other occasions the CD player behaves very unreliably, spitting CDs out, making sort of 'thud' sounds etc. We thought it might be damp weather that causes...
  12. S

    Naim Uniti Atom & CD Player/Transport

    Hi I have a Naim Uniti Atom played through KEF LS50 speakers. I mainly stream from Qobuz and listen to Internet Radio. I have recently been looking at my smallish CD collection in light of my partner saying she liked and missed playing CD's and so have just started looking at CD...
  13. V

    Receomend budget All in One Amp + CD player with USB FLAC support

    Hi All, Thank you all in advance for your time and suggestions. My Marantz AMp + Cd player died on me, and Flac support is 50/50 working at times on that unit. Can anyone recommend an integrated Amplifier with CD player abd good unit that support FLAC audio via usb? Cheers. All
  14. killiefan

    Wanted Arcam CD player

    FMJ CD36 faulty at the moment, need at least a stop-gap. Must be black. Must have that plain rectangular front - I think that means DIVA or FMJ range. If marked, front facia must be mint.
  15. Castofthousands

    Old CD player compatible with new amp

    Hi All, Im just in the process of upgrading my old Marantz amp and Eltax speakers. The question I have is two fold: Firstly- I still have a Marantz CD67SE player and wanted to ask about it’s compatibility with the Marantz PM7000N. Will I need a separate DAC or can I just plug it straight...
  16. S

    Got the new CD player - now to find a new amp

    Thanks to the generous help of the members on this forum, I have purchased a Denon 1600 CD player. (It just arrived and has to sit for a couple of hours before i can plug it in). The Current Amp is a Musical Fidelity X-80 - which does a good job, but at nearly 20 years old, is going to need...
  17. M

    Replacing front and buttons on CD player

    Hi, I have given up on my silver Denon DCD-1520 player ever working properly. Looking on Ebay there are a lot more black DCD-1600s them silver, and I was just wondering if anyone knows if it would be possible to swap the silver front of a DCD-1520 to a DCD-1600? Probably a long-shot. Thanks
  18. marcd5123

    Denon DVD A1 Does this player Give Reference grade CD Play Back?

    Hi Everyone... So it's 2021 from what I can see the Denon A1 is still regarded ad a high end reference Player. I own a Marantz SA-15S1 which sadly seems to have a issue with its laser and may need replacing along with a possible new transport. So I can either spend money on the unit but will...
  19. S

    Faulty Cambridge Audio Azur 640C Cd player - help/advice needed

    I was recently given a Cambridge Azur 640C cd player that has been sitting in storage for several years. The player powers on, reads the cd's and appears to play them, but i get no sound from either the analogue or digital outputs. I opened it up and noticed some damage to the board that has the...
  20. marcd5123

    Marantz SA-15S1 Vs Arcam CD FMJ36&37

    Hi Folks Iv owned my trusty beloved Marantz scene 2007 brand new and it still sounds as good as the day I purchased it. Never going to sell it only for an exceptional reason. Anyone out their had any experience with these units. Is their real any difference or sonic gains with either the FMJ...
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