1. T

    Wanted CD player - black colour - up to £150

    looking for a black cd player up to £150 delivered.
  2. Garioch

    Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 (with optional Sega CD attachment) - Coming 27/10/22 (Japan)

    Couldn't find it being discussed so thought I'd post here. Looks like Sega has announced a follow up to the Sega Mega Drive Mini, called the Mega Drive Mini 2. It will be loaded with 50 megadrive and Sega CD games in the single unit. They have announced an optional Sega CD add on which is...
  3. L

    Yamah RX-V6a Zone2 output to CD recorder possible?

    Hello All, I have the Yamaha RX-v6a AV receiver and want to try to record to CD from it. The only output I see that might be useful is the zone2 out. I have my phono input into the receiver and want to output that same signal to a Tascam CD-RW900MKII Professional Rackmount CD Recorder/Player...
  4. I

    Bose Acoustiwave CD player

    I have a Bose Acoustiwave/mass CD player in the garage and sound wise its OK (loads of hard surfaces and reflections) but its lacking in connectivity. What I'm looking for is an all in one with built in speakers but it has to have a display so I can stream from my server. We don't use wireless...
  5. K

    For Sale Separates inc.Cambridge Audio amp & CD player, Bush mini turntable, Aiwa cassette deck & tuner and 2 x Acoustic Solutions floor standing speakers

    Item 1: Cambridge Audio A1Mk3 special edition amplifier. Used and in full working condition. Some scratches to the top (see photo) but this wouldn’t usually be visible underneath other audio equipment. Item 2: Cambridge Audio CD34 CD Player. Used and in full working condition. Item 3: Bush...
  6. zeitchef

    Using Rotel Ra-1572 remote with RCD-1572 CD player?

    Just picked up the RCD-1572 and would prefer using only one remote. I can control playback but cannot put the unit to standby unless I use its dedicated remote. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks!
  7. Steve Burling

    Blue sound node 2021 CD rip option

    Hi, Looking to invest in a streamer. I have just started reading into streaming music. I was loading my CD collection to I Tunes and then onto my IPhone, however it’s like running through treacle with the speed as well as so frustrating using this application, so in my annoyance deleted off my...
  8. LouiseTopp

    CD with photos on won't run?

    Hi I run windows 10 and have burnt some photo's onto a Verbatim disk via Ashampoo, but when I insert the disc it won't run. Something is there as I can see a line on the disc. Can you advise me what to do please? Thanks.
  9. Jocky B

    TEAC 500 CD deck hum

    OK, here's a weird one..... at least it is to me. My TEAC CD deck ( PD-H500i ) hums. Not a mains hum through the speakers, but the unit itself, whether on standby or switched on. Switch off at the mains....gone. Switch on, humming like a Corsican cheese. Great wee unit, as any fule kno, but a...
  10. E

    DAC doesn't seem to like my old CD player - any clues?

    I bought a Topping E30 DAC for my Squeezebox Touch streamer, Hama DIT2105SBTX tuner, and Cambridge Azure 340C. Running into my sturdy and much loved Rotel RA-02 amp. The sound is improved in all cases - a real noticeable improvement confirmed by several people, compared with the on-board DACs...
  11. RazerShack

    Denon x8500HA - front display will not stay on in just CD channel

    I've probably hit a button or something...but while on CD channel...the front display will not stay on...change volume it come on momentarily, then goes off. Button on front under flap not working. Works normally on all other channels...any ideas?
  12. mrlawrencelam

    Can my 20-year old Marantz CD player plays SACD and black CD?

    I believe my 20-year old Marantz CD-5000 can't play SACD because the format was invented years after the player was built. Right? How about the black CD? Please refer to image below. It is named "black vinyl CD" in Chinese. I wonder what the difference is.
  13. morenish

    CD v Vinyl

    Hi, Sorry if this is in the wrong section. I have recently been drawn back into the world of Hi Fi and am willing to invest/upgrade my turntable or CD player, possibly both. I have a large vinyl collection, but an even larger CD one and have listened to both. I found the reproduction of...
  14. I

    Denon DCD-800 issue - CD spins up 3 seconds and then stops, repeatedly

    Hey all, Hoping someone knowledgeable about this product can help, i'm at my wit's end! I have replaced the belt to allow the CD tray to open and close, which now seems to be working fine. However, when a CD is fed in, it repeatedly spins up for 2-3 seconds, and then stops (spinning back...
  15. Melbolivar

    Rotel A14 or Primare i15 or Cambridge cxa81

    Hello, i would some guidance. I want to update my amplifier (currently own a rotel RA1520). Speakers Kef R300. My budget is 1000 up to 1300€. I want your opinion about two amplifiers that i have in mind, Rotel A14 and Primare i15 and Cambridge cxa81 Music preference rock, metal, electronic...
  16. L

    CD DVD Printers with Direct Disc Printing

    Recommend a CD DVD Printers with Direct Disc Printing Could anybody recommend a cd printer avalible now preferably epson inkjet Many Thanks
  17. Slove39

    cd player not spinning

    Technics sl-pj28a cd player not working, when put cd on doesn't spin or read how many tracks on cd, I've opened it up and cleaned lense but still doing the same. Any advice please or does anyone know which unit inside and I can try replace.
  18. lazerwhyte

    have upgraded to windows 11 and is not recognizing my cd drive

    have upgraded to windows 11 and is not recognizing my cd drive it does not show up in the device manger or anywhere on my pc
  19. mrlawrencelam

    Intermittently soundless on LEFT speaker when power on CD player and amplifier.

    SIMPLE SETUP: Marantz CD-5000 CD player + Marantz PM-47 amplifier + One pair JPW P1 speakers. PROBLEM: 20% of the time when I power up the CD player and amplifier and start playing a CD, the LEFT speaker is soundless. I have to power off the player/amplifier and re-play the CD 1~3 times before...
  20. A

    Noisy Arcam Alpha 5 Plus CD player

    I am hoping someone might be able to help me fix my elderly Arcam Alpha 5 cd player. The player has recently started making a continuous whirring noise when a disc is spinning, as if something is moving around or rubbing that wasn't doing so before. I opened it up just now and it sounds like...
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