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  1. T

    Question Looking for my 'last' CD player.

    Moving around some older separates at the moment....thinking of buying CD player...wondering where the smart money is going these days??! Thinking 2nd hand....what higher end (but older) player might be a candidate for what might be the last CD player I'll ever buy (Given moves towards...
  2. LuvCVs

    For Sale Arcam Alpha 8 CD Player

    In a good condition but no remote and a few lil scuffs but nothing serious. Can be picked up by a courier if needed. Looking for about £150
  3. R

    Marantz CD player, poor transport?

    I read a while ago Marantz CD players digital out isn't that great (coaxial/optical) there are better options out there. I'm using a off board DAC. A second CDP for another system could come in handy, rather than using DVD/BD player via HDMI.
  4. Costello

    For Sale Pioneer PD-S703 CD Player - Perfect - In Original Box

    Pioneer PD-S703 CD player for sale. Excellent player in its own right but Pioneer’s stable platter mechanism make these desirable transports. Mint condition with original box, packaging and remote. Has both optical and coaxial outputs. Asking for £100 plus a bit towards postage. Socially...
  5. J

    Question Buzz/hum from CD player

    Hello. I have a new CD player (Roksan Blak CD) which is producing a buzz/hum from inside the unit — possibly from the transformer, I’m not sure. It isn’t constant — it gradually builds in loudness, stays constant for 5/10 seconds, then gradually fades to silent, stays silent for 5/10 seconds...
  6. Cerec1

    4K DVD players better than CD player?

    So I’ve posted here because the guys with more acute hearing may have valuable views on this subject. I’ve been using a Marantz CD 62 Mk II K1 for a few years through an Arcam SA10. well I’ve now bought a Pioneer UHD LX500 and can’t decide yet if, 1 the Pioneer is matching the Marantz 2 If ...
  7. david0513

    Help with our setup

    Dear members, –– ADVERTISEMENT –– I hope you are all well throughout this lockdown. I am looking to complete my home theatre/audio setup. I've currently got a Yamaha r-s202d receiver connected to 2 mx3 mission floorstanders. I'm still waiting to buy a TV (LG c9 hopefully) but I wanted to add...
  8. Goodguy

    Question Adding CD player to Sonos system

    Recently I bought into the Sonos universe (Beam for kitchen TV and now two Ones for living room) and will most likely add more to the house later. All fine and dandy for listening to Spotify, Internet radio, itunes library etc. However, I am now considering it would be nice to add a CD player...
  9. R

    Question CD Player + Amp, max £1,000 - help for a newbie

    Hello everyone, I am new to the Hi-Fi world and I am a bit struggling to find the right product for me. Do you have any suggestion for a CD Player and an Amp, maximum budget £1,000? In reality I only need the CD Player at the moment... but I want this to be a long term investment as hopefully...
  10. F

    For Sale Leema acoustics stream 3 cd player/ dac RRP 1500£

    Up for sale Leema acoustics stream 3 cd player/ dac in very good cond ,few very light marks on top,made in UK in 2018 The Stream CD player / DAC has extra inputs (USB, coax, 2x optical and MP3), so can also be used as (separate) DAC for other external sources, this is also phenomenal in terms of...
  11. B

    Question Audiolab DAC / CD player (8200CD) dropping optical input momentarily

    Hi folks, Picked up an Audiolab DAC / CD player (8200CD) recently to go with my 8200A. Also to replace a little DAC I have that has problems. CD playback is fine and sounds very nice. But of course, like most 2nd stuff I seem to buy these days, it has problems: Hooked up to the optical output...
  12. A

    Arcam AVR550 firmware update - no sound from CD player?

    Just updated my avr550 firmware to latest version 7.14. All se3med ok until I tried to play a cd on arcam CDS27. Everything appears to be fine. CD player is showing the track is playing and amp has correct input selected. But no sound. Switched the CDS27 to streaming Tidal. Again everything...
  13. J

    CD Player problems

    Hello to anyone and everyone Just a quick question, the CD player in my Sony hi fi isn’t working. All the functions are fine, DAB, FM, audio and such. However, when I put a CD in the tray and press play nothing happens. It recognizes the disc and informs you how many tracks there are but the...
  14. danez

    Question What would you go for, cassette or CD player.

    Hi guys I am using a Yamaha v377 Av receiver, been of late watching and listening to lots of HQ YouTube audiophile music, now I want to listen without the compression that youtube uses. I also have sennheiser RS 180 headphones. I don’t know if I should go for a cassette player or a CD player...
  15. W

    Question Advice please. Pairing new CD player with Aegis Evo 3 and SR4300

    Hi, I have got some old kit from storage and now setting up again. I'm completely overwhelmed by where to go with a CD separate. I have Aegis Evo 3 floor standers and a powered Sub and a Marantz SR4300 - apart from the remote (replacement on its way), these are all working great. The Denon...
  16. P

    Question Best CD player for our system

    So isolating at home we’ve been doing some reorganisation and realised we have loads of cd’s we can’t play because we no longer have a good player. We currently have the following: Denon AVR 1910 amp with Q Acoustics speakers Rega Planar 1 turntable and PS3. We are thinking of buying the...
  17. P

    Which CD Player?

    Having recently gone back to having separates, I’m looking at what CD player to get. My OCD tells me to look at the silver Marantz CD6006 to match my silver PM7000N but then I wonder if the CD5005 will do, particularly as I do not need the USB inout on the CD6006. Alternatively, I could look...
  18. D

    What are those star screws holding my Philips CD player together?

    6 cornered star screws hold CD player casing on etc, would they be Torx screws? I have some Spax head stuff for building DIY but it's too big for theses screws. I've been struggling by with an allen key up to now. Thank you Dain
  19. J

    Question Marantz TA100 reciever and Marantz CD player CD40

    Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place. I was given these a while back from a friend and was wondering if there are worth anything? They're my current set up now, love how it sounds but must part ways with them, unfortunately. Thanks for any info.
  20. G

    Help with Teac PD-H300 CD player - Am I being told porkies?

    Hello, this is my first question on this forum and I hope I'm posting it in the right place! To cut a VERY long story short, I took a Teac PD-H300 CD player for repair back in December as it was having trouble reading dics and being very selective about which discs it played. I see from other...
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