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A CD player is an electronic device that plays audio compact discs, which are a digital optical disc data storage format. CD players were first sold to consumers in 1982. CDs typically contain recordings of audio material such as music. CD players are often a part of home stereo systems, car audio systems, and personal computers. With the exception of CD boomboxes, most CD players do not produce sound by themselves. Most CD players only produce an output signal via a headphone jack and/or RCA jacks. To listen to music using a CD player with a headphone output jack, the user plugs headphones or earphones into the headphone jack. To use a CD player in a home stereo system, the user connects an RCA cable to the RCA jacks or other outputs and connects it to a hi-fi (or other amplifier) and loudspeakers for listening to music. They are also manufactured as portable devices, which are battery powered and typically used with headphones.
Modern units can play other formats in addition to PCM audio coding used in CDs, such as MP3, AAC and WMA. DJs playing dance music at clubs often use specialized players with an adjustable playback speed to alter the pitch and tempo of the music. Audio engineers using CD players to play music for an event through a sound reinforcement system use professional audio-grade CD players. CD playback functionality is also valuable on CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive equipped computers as well as on DVD players and CD-ROM/DVD-ROM based game consoles.

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  1. Ed Selley

    Discussion thread: Marantz 50 Series Amplifier and CD Player Review

    Read the Marantz 50 Series Amplifier and CD Player Review. What could be more charmingly retro in 2024 than reviewing an amp and CD player together? When the products in question come from Marantz though, things aren’t quite as trad as they seem as the 50 Series will now demonstrate… Write...
  2. Westovski

    Question Standalone CD Player & Speakers

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a reasonable CD player for and speakers that doesn't required external amp etc. I'd prefer something relatively small, but of reasonable quality. I'm not a massive audiophile (wrong forum, I know! :)) so don't have an external amp anymore etc. I may well invest in...
  3. M

    For Sale Rotel CD-11 tribute (black)

    For Sale, my Rotel CD-11 tribute (black)in like new condition and around 20hrs use. Purchased from Richer Sounds (invoice available) in December 2022 and sounds superb. Only an upgrade forces sale and I have the original box remote etc. As I said it’s really like new unmarked and just run in...
  4. Clock'd 0ne

    For Sale Marantz SA8005 Super Audio CD Player (SACD/CD)

    Black colourway and fully boxed in its original packaging with the remote and all accessories, purchased from another forum member previously. I would describe the condition as near mint, it has not been used a great deal at all; I'm selling it as I switched to an Arcam CD player/amp combo...
  5. T

    CD Player tray opening problem

    Hi, I have a 10 year old CD player which has a strange tray opening problem. When I put a CD in, it will seemingly try to read it for a second and then spit the tray back out. If I put in a different CD, the same thing happens, rinse and repeat. If I were to turn it off and return half an hour...
  6. S

    Deal Agreed Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista M3 Amp & 3D CD Player - Upgraded

    Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista M3 amplifier and PSU Excellent condition for age, no damages and very minimal wear. Face/front plate no marks. Slight wear on parts of sides/heatsink, barely visible when set up. PSU no marks or damages. £2000. MF Nu-Vista 3D CD player Condition as above, no damages...
  7. B

    No Sound

    Hi! I haven't used my stereo in about 2 months. I turned on the system---it's always set for listening to CDs, and there's no sound. I haven't touched anything, everything is as it was when I last listened. I have a Teac ag-790 with a Sony 5 disc CD player, and I forget what the speakers...
  8. K


    Hi guys and girls, I have been given the above cd player, it's awesome but sadly I have no remote control for it, I bought a one for all that does not have the codes, I contacted tech support see below, can anyone please help ? Thanks Steve Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, the model...
  9. S

    £4k for an all new hifi - help me spend my money

    New hifi time for a 4x5m living room. Required specification: Minimum number of components - wife friendly! Bookshelf speakers preferred although small standmounters are ok. CD player Good phono stage Streamer with excellent connectivity options Headphone socket I have a Quad 909 power amp...
  10. C

    Soundbar connected to a CD player

    I have an old av amp connected to a marantz CD player with external speakers I'm thinking of replacing the old av amp and speakers for a decent quality soundbar What are my options connecting the soundbar to the CD player as I have Sky q 4k and TV also?
  11. M

    New separates system

    Hi folks, looking for som thoughts on the following. My current sytem is over 20 years old and consists of a Meridien CD player, Arcam 9 amp and 9p power amp wired into a pair of Castle Harlech floorstanders. I am planning on replacing all of the above and have an option to stream also...
  12. G

    Question BluRay as a CD player

    Due to a refit of our main TV/Music area we are doing away with lots of separate systems. We had separates of;- Arcam 290P Arcam A19 amp Arcam Alpha 8SE CD player Mission 765 floorstanding speakers. The LG TV was into a SONOS beam with two SONOS ones as satellites. Bit too messy ?? (also...
  13. Question CD Player to work with Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers.

    Hi I hope I can please get some advice here ? I am looking for a small CD player that I think needs a built in pre-amp and Speaker switch box. I currently have a Audio-Technica AT-LP60 turntable and a set of Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers. I want to get a CD player that I can plug...
  14. C

    Question Mdp1070 repair or service

    Hello all, Was given a mdp1070 which has issue comming up to speed to load dvd movies or music cd, any repair shops in California Central Valley that can repair? Thanks in advance, Cesare
  15. J

    Question Used CD Player Reco:- Marantz vs Technics vs NAD

    Hi, I'm looking to add a CD Player to my PM6007. Will be used occasionally, hence considering second hand options only. I have the below options - and would love some advice on which one would pair well, as well as whether its worth going for these (have come across a fair few posts on how CD...
  16. A

    Arcam CD5

    Hello for anyone who has the new Arcam CD5 what do you think of it. Sounds great but I’ve got couple of grumbles. 1st one is the display will turn itself off after strangely enough exactly an hour if no button is touched, does anyone else’s do this. Iv tested 2 so I’m guessing it’s the same for...
  17. A

    Question Musical Fidelity m2scd CD player

    Hello, has anyone got the Musical Fidelity m2scd. It’s excellent but I have a question. When I power it on the cd slot loader makes all the noises it does when trying to pull a cd in when there isn’t 1 there in the first place and then reads no disc. Stops all the noises after about 5 seconds...
  18. Bellfield

    Marantz CD player comparison

    Can anyone offer an opinion on which is the better CD player - Marantz 6000 OSE or cd5400?
  19. gooner8

    Help with weird Denon CD Player Issue

    I will try my best to explain (link to video included but not sure if it's allowed). I have a Denon DCD-655 cd player. The CD tray will only open when there's a CD inserted. Without a CD, the tray doesn't open, it just gets stuck. If I apply a little pressure to the plate (I believe it's called...
  20. Bob George

    Question Pioneer NC-50 DAB/Audiolab Omnia/Technics SA-C600

    Hi all I’m looking to alter my set up and move away from separates and have an ‘all in one’ unit alongside my turntable (Technics SL-1700 Mk1) and my speakers (Q Acoustics 3030i) All 3 tick the boxes I’d like, amplifier, cd player and streamer. So it’s quite niche what I’m looking for. Does...
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