1. chippyteaforme

    Quick Q about CCTV - is quote reasonable or should I do it myself?

    Just had a locally recommended CCTV installer round, the neighbours have had opportunists trying vehicle doors e.t.c. at 3am which they picked up on their CCTV and I fancy getting some cameras for a mix of evidence (if needed), and also curiosity. The installer has quoted the following : 2 x...
  2. S

    POE CCTV Camera Setup

    Afternoon all, After the success from my post yesterday, and now having all the cat 6 cable etc i need, i'm now looking at POE CCTV Cameras so i can know the power usage before buying a POE switch The cameras i am looking at currently are the Reolink, and i will need to do a bit of mixing of...
  3. 152bobby

    CCTV - Motion or Continuous recording ?

    I have a Swann NVR system and I have some of my cameras on Motion only and some on continuous. Not because I am trying to save space on my hard drive, because I have eight cameras and I get about 14 days of recording, so hard drive space is not a concern. I just wanted people's views on...
  4. P

    CCTV camera wireless connection to DVR

    Hi. Is there a way to connect a CCTV camera wirelessly to the DVR, as I would like to put an additional camera on my detached garage and connect it to my HIKVISION DVR? All other cameras are hard wired. (WiFi signal from router is good at that distance).
  5. S

    Which Hikvision camera would you choose?

    The school director asked me to look for a poe camera that perform good at night and price is no more than 120$. We already have an expensive Hikvision camera, but it does not fit into the budget. I'm really satisfied with the brand. I found 3 option: -Hikvision DS-2CD1023G0E-I (2.8mm)...
  6. B

    PoE CCTV setup

    Hi all, i'm looking to get some advice on what cctv setup to purchase and install. two PoE style ones have caught my eye This Reolink one with 4 cameras and an NVR for £250 or This SANNCE with 4 cameras and NVR for £180 anyone got experience of any of them?
  7. U

    IVMS 4500 adding thumbnail picture to phones gallery

    Good Evening, I'm new to the forum so hopefully I've added this to the correct area, if not I apologize in advance. We are having a bit of an issue and it's stumped us so hoping that someone here might have come across this before or know a fix. We use IVMS 4500 to view both the office and...
  8. D


    Hi. New to this. I have a home cctv system which I can view on android via MIPC app. This doesn't work on my chromebook. Any alp with a cctv app that's compatible with chromebook please?
  9. arniet1000

    Swann CCTV notifications

    Hi i'm hoping somebody can help please? is it possible to turn off the annoying status notifications on the IOS app but keep the motions ones? i have to turn all notifications off at the moment so my phone doesnt wake me up every half hour. Thank you
  10. cirian75

    Garage CCTV

    Hello all Old man has had a new concrete garage built to replace his old wooden one from the 1990s. And also a friend of his has had his almost new Triumph motorbike stolen. So he wants 4 camera CCTV for the garage inside, with one camera at each end, and one outside at both ends covering...
  11. M

    CCTV Shadowing

    I have 4 cameras on a hikvision DVR, I’m having major diffs with 2 cameras that are experiencing shadowing (see video attached) can anyone offer any advice.
  12. G

    CCTV phone app 365secuhd

    I have a four camera cctv originally from Aldi and it has worked fine from day one until recently , I had been using the NPview app on my iphone to access the cameras and all was fine , then the app stopped accessing my cameras, I contacted Philex who supplied Aldi and this was there reply...
  13. A

    CCTV Videcon Aspect 8M poe-8 black screen

    After increasing the CCTV (8MP) camera recording resolution and rebooting the NVR, I am presented with black screen saying 'out of range'. I guessed that the monitor was not capable of displaying the increased resolution(?). Tried a video output to monitor via RCA connector, no change...
  14. D

    Luxriot CCTV motion Sensing.

    Hi, I'm trying out Luxriot EVO 1.81 for my home installation. Not amazingly straightforward, but now running with 4 IP cameras - performance is better (smoother recording) on a Core i5 than Blue Iris on a Core i7 - so far. But - I could do with a little help configuring motion sensing, I...
  15. B

    4MP IP Cameras Vs. 8MP CCTV Cameras?

    I'm new here. I googled this question and I understand that IP cameras have higher fps so it has a smoother video, ....etc. But when it comes to zooming in, I read that IP cameras are better. Why is that? They have lower resolution (lower MegaPixels). In my country, the max available IP camera...
  16. P

    Integrate CCTV camera with mains outdoor lights

    I have two outdoor EZVIZ cameras, one on the front and one on the back. I also have mains outdoor lights that go around the perimeter of my garden. I would like to know if I can link the alerts on my EZVIZ camera to trigger the perimeter lights in my garden, at night, when the camera senses...
  17. J

    How To Connect CCTV camera To TV?

    I'd like to know the simplest possible way to connect a wireless camera at my door to my Panasonic TV TX-32GS352B. I've tried searching the internet but get frustrated at suggestions that it should be connected to the internet which I do not want or need or via an NVR, again which I'd rather not...
  18. T

    Advice needed on trying to replace this CCTV camera - what with? based on the cabling?

    My house came with a CCTV system, a series of cameras internally (fake alarm sensors) and some external ones which have a GANZ logo on them, one of which is this one - based on this cabling, what would I be able to easily replace this faulty one which is very bright and looks like its lense has...
  19. Smurfin

    Smart home - lighting, CCTV, heating etc?

    Hi all I've been away from the home automation world for a few years since I got divorced and went into rented. Almost 4 years on I'm finally buying a house again, and I'm due to complete in the next couple of weeks. One of the things I'm doing immediately is changing the lighting in the...
  20. J

    Aspect cctv viewer on iPhone.

    Have just received a 4 camera aspect system with nvr-8mpoe-8-2. Made up cat 5 cables and powered up and really pleased with the issue is trying to connect via the aspect viewer on my mobile. Entered details as requested on quick start guide but when I try live view it does not show...
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