1. D

    What tangible, noticeable difference in sound would CCA give over OFC?

    I'm chasing my speaker cables into the walls / under floors as part of a refurb of my flat. My very friendly electrician has gifted me some CCA 2.5mm cable that was left over from his own home audio upgrade recently. I know there's a lot of what sounds like theoretical stuff about CCA vs...
  2. W

    Cambridge AXR100 + CCA to Marantz PM7000n: sideways step?

    Hello everyone. Am currently running a Chromecast audio via spidif into a Cambridge AXR100 receiver. Whilst the results strike me as generally excellent I nonetheless find myself entertaining ‘what if’ type thoughts on the subject of upgrading. To that end I’ve been looking at the Marantz...
  3. X

    16 gauge CCA Amazon Basics wires in ceiling - bad?

    Hi, so I had a contractor build a soundproofing structure on my party wall and since they were at it I asked them to run 4 speaker wires into the flat roof ceiling for atmos. Lo and behold turns out they picked up the wrong wire (my bad for not having explained it well enough) and they ran...
  4. T

    RJ45 Pass-through connectors & crimping tool for CCA CAT6e UTP Cable

    Hello there, I'm looking to buy some pass-through connectors together with a crimping tool for some CAT6e cable that I bought a few years ago. I`ve looked on Amazon and the reviews are confusing me. I don't want to spend more than necessary, but at the same time, I don't want to buy something...
  5. StefanBFC


    Evening, quick question I have a CCA connected to an Arcam IR Dac via optical, DAC into an Arcam AVR analogue, this is to stream Spotify from android to the CCA. Once Spotify update to Hi-res will the CCA audio OK for this even though its only 24/96? Will I benifit changing the CCA to...
  6. PsbakerEight2

    Is this cable CCA or copper?

    Hello, I am looking at buying this cable from my electrician, but I am unsure if it is CCA or copper. I have attached the data sheet to see if someone can let me know. From what I can gather the sheet does not specify either. Thanks in advance!
  7. bag head

    Input quandary

    I have a Yamaha RN602 and (a newly acquired) Yamaha CD S300. I have a TV playing via Optical 1 and a CCA in Optical 2 (as part of a CCA household set up). There isn't a 3rd optical in for the CD. The system is used mainly for TV and streaming via the MusicCast app so CCA and CD are both...
  8. bag head

    Network Amp

    I'll shortly be getting a Yamaha RN602 that's £379 at RS to go with the Naim Arivas. It ticks all the boxes for me - better bitrate for Spotify than the CCA, better DAC, decent warmish sounding amp by all accounts, looks groovy and is silver. If anyone can come up with a better option under...
  9. bag head

    Windows to CCA

    I'm back digitising some CDs and still casting to a CCA for the time being (almost certainly investing in a Yamaha Musicast amp in the new year unless there's a better option). Is there a better (free) option for casting audio files than VLC or am I doing VLC wrong?
  10. P

    Question Help me- what amp? CCA with Tannoy DC6Tse

    Hi all, Can anyone help me decide on what sort if thing to use for this. I've got a set of Tannoy DC6Tse that I did have as the fronts in my movie 5.1 system- however, a big house reshuffle means I now have a big open plan entertaining area that is screen free. I now want to use these as just...
  11. J

    Streamer vs CCA etc.

    Apologies, i guess this is very obvious old ground; I'm new (on budget) and seeing if there's a simple(ish) answer... I stream Tidal/ trying out *Amazon too. Currently have Chromecast Audio optical into audiolab 6000a, and it sounds pretty good. What's the benefit / improvement if I get a...
  12. Real Ramona

    Question Should I replace my Chromecast Audio? Problems with Spotify Premium

    Hi all, I have just taken up the offer to have Spotify Premium free for 3 months. First thing I did was to set streaming quality to Extreme. Now it does sound considerably better than the standard free setting. But it keeps stopping. App still running on my phone but it has disconnected from CCA...
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