1. T

    Why can't I see CC on LG TV in streamed movies or DVD that I know have CC

    I've got a general question about how closed captioning is included and transmitted and displayed on a TV. I have an LG TV model 42LD520 TV. Vintage 2015, non-smart TV. I use that 99% of the time. I also have a small Insignia TV, even less sophisticated, which I keep in the bonus room and...
  2. disneyboy

    Looking for Lightroom CC version 9 or higher please

    Hi all, I am looking to upgrade mac os to Catalina and have found that my Lightroom 7 won't be compatible. Can anyone suggest a Lightroom upgrade option that won't cost the earth please?
  3. P

    Question Captioning (Line 21 analog) on dvd players with HDMI - not formatted

    Hello! The problem for many years with captioning and DVD players was that DVDs that used line 21 analog captions viewable through non-HDMI connections would have this type of captioning not pass through if HDMI was used to view the DVD. This style of caption is popularly seen as white text on...
  4. gnomus

    Odd Subtitle or CC question

    I have run into a very odd issue using Kodi and a .mkv of 'Aliens' (Theatrical Cut) that I ripped from my Alien Box Set. I was pretty certain that I had ripped only the Movie and the English audio. When I play the film through Kodi there are no subtitles as such, until I get to the scene at...
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