1. S

    Freeview recorder recommendation please.

    Hi all - Can anyone give me some advice re a freeview recorderbox please? I just bought a new Smart TV with Freeview Play integrated , but I'd like to be able to record the Freeview channels. Can I buy a decent regular Freeview recorder, and then use the Play function on the TV to watch...
  2. Clem_Dye

    Question LG 49SM8500PLA TV — CBS Catch-up & Horror Bites apps. not working. Any ideas please?

    The CBS Catch-up and Horror Bites apps on my LG 49SM8500PLA TV don’t want to play. Although I can launch both of them from the Freeview Play screen, neither works. The CBS app. does display its splash screen, then the message ‘Loading...’, which appears a couple of times, then I get dumped back...
  3. R

    Question Would a French bought gx950 have freesat?

    Just wondering if I bought a gz950 over here in France would it still have the freesat and uk catch-up on the menu if I switched it to English?
  4. gwc2828

    Sony 43XE8005 Freeview Catch-up Programs

    Sony 43XE8005. Don't use Youview for the reason you can't mark a program to watch later time. We use Freeview but on this Sony ITV & All4 Catch-Up are not available only BBC iPlayer & Chanel 5. Iv'e given up with Sony Support as after a few emails to Sony state Freeview does not provide any...
  5. A

    Question Catch-up not working from TV Guide

    Hi, I've just set up my new OLED B7V and the Freeview Catch-up doesn't seem to work at all. On the TV guide, I can go forward in time but not back through the planner to select any catch programs as the back button is greyed out. When I select the Freeview catch icon from the planner, I am...
  6. T

    Recording Catch-Up on Panasonic DMR-HWT150

    Having just purchased a Panasonic DMR-HWT150 box, to replace my Sky system, is it possible to record programs from iPlayer etc, for watching at a later date?
  7. D

    Question Access to (free) catch-up TV service

    Unsure if this is the best forum for this question so feel free to move it as necessary. I'm prevented from watching channel 4's catch-up TV service on my desktop PC. When I try to access TV progs, I receive the All 4 "ad blocker" message. I've disabled my ad blocking software so why am I still...
  8. D

    Question Why can't I view some catch-up programs on a Smart TV?

    Recently purchased a SMART TV. It features all the four main broadcaster's catch-up TV services (BBC, ITV, All4 & Demand5). I can access all these services yet I'm unable to view certain catch-up TV programs that I can view/stream on my PC and on a separate NOW TV box which is connected to the...
  9. L

    Question Catch-up TV services - how to access?

    hi all, It's been a while since, I've been here, but we have recently changed TV suppliers, and everything seems so complicated! I appear to have turned into one of those old people who can't turn the TV on and have to get the kids to sort it out for me! (I'm only 41 so this is ridiculous, I...
  10. brymbo76

    Anyone recommend a Freeview HD box with Catch-Up TV?

    Hi, I'm not looking to spend too much, but was thinking of replacing my Freeview+ SD box with a Freeview+ HD box with Freeview Play or with the main Catch-Up TV services (BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4 and My5). Possibly a good quality hardly used or refurbished one. I've looked at hundreds of them...
  11. C

    Samsung 2016 TVs - UK Catch-up TV Apps unavailable

    For anyone considering buying a new Samsung TV from their 2016 range just be aware that at the time of writing this thread, none of the UK catch-up TV apps are available. Samsung say: "Samsung is working hard with the application providers to make sure they perform at their very best for our...
  12. sraper

    Question Which of the new UHD players is better for streaming and TV catch-up apps?

    Just wondering now that we have a choice of UHD players to buy which is better at: streaming files from a NAS or Plex or similar, has the best range of TV catch-up services (BBC iPlayer, ITV hub, All4 and My5) I had been wondering about buying an Amazon Fire TV, NVidia Shield or Roku 4 (when...
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