1. jaipal2004

    Ring Doorbell power from Cat5

    Sorry for double posting but hoping to get an answer soon so I can get things wrapped up with my latest DIY efforts of cladding the front of the house..... I have a Ring doorbell (v2) that currently is wired using one of the plug in AC adapters and I'm re-locating the doorbell and as a result...
  2. RajP

    Can a single CAT6 cable be used as 2 CAT5 cables???

    I have a quandry where when we ran CAT6 cable to our kitchen to provide network connectivity to the TV and Sky Q mini box, we only ran 1 CAT6 cable. The issue I have is that I have ceiling speakers in the kitchen which are connected to my Sonos Amp sitting in the Garage which is where the rack...
  3. SuspiciousBagel

    ARC over HDMI Extender Issues

    Hey All, My family recently purchased a new home, and the previous owners left a number of high quality AV components that were installed by a professional - but all unplugged and stacked as they removed the furniture. A full list of what they left is listed below, in case there's a component...
  4. R

    Hum on cat5 cabling when linked to AVR pre-out?

    Hello! I need to connect some of the channels on my Denon x3600 AVR with a separate amplifier in a different room connected via 50metres of CAT5 cabling. For this purpose I’ve bought a simple Lindy cat5/RCA converter. When I use this cabling setup to send sound from the headphone jack of an...
  5. C

    Cat 5 cabling, Sonos, ceiling speakers

    Hi there, So this is a complicated one an any input is much appreciated as no where online can i find it. Images attached to give an idea. I have cat 5 cabling in the building with my sky box, wifi router, hdmi extender (with IR) pushing the sky through cat 5 to the living room from a...
  6. L

    HDMI over cat5

    Hi I purchased what I thought was a Hdmi over single cat5 antiference 4K balun set as my current one works on cat5 but only 1080p i asked the guy what I could use to enable me to view my sky q UHD in 2160 but I did make it clear I had a single cat5 cable so must be compatible with my exsisting...
  7. slash32487

    Audio over Cat5 busted. new solution?

    i had audio over cat5 it was working for a while but I've since run into issues. I tried may different work arounds but no go. (ground loop, new converters...) there is currently a poe for the hdmi connected to the cable box (located in my basement) and a local apple tv by the tv itself. i...
  8. M

    HDMI to Cat5

    Hi, I’m hoping someone can help, I have recently purchased an AV Receiver (Denon) and speakers. I have the AV receiver in the utility and TV in the sitting room. They are connected via HDMI converters (Technomate TM-50 HD POE) to the hdmi arc connections on the tv and the receiver. But I’m...
  9. Jimjamjim27

    Cat 6 powered hdmi cable extender grainy picture

    Hi everyone so the set up I am running is as follows: Source Hdmi Matrix 4x4 Cat6 ext tx Patch panel Cat 6 (20m max) Cat 6 rx Hdmi Output device I’m getting this grainy effect on screen weather I go direct to via cable extender or through the patch panel (I cut a wire out of the patch panel so...
  10. S

    Question Sky Q Drops Signal Over Cat5 Extenders

    Hi Community! I have recently moved all my home entertainment equipment to a cupboard under the stairs as a central location. This feeds signal to two TV's - one in my kitchen and one in my lounge. I am currently experiencing signal drop in the lounge on SkyQ and I cannot seem to diagnose/ fix...
  11. goatywoaty

    Answered CCTV - Can anyone suggest a roll of the best outdoor CAT5 to use for IP cameras?

    Hi chaps Anyone bought a big roll of decent Cat5 cable for outdoor use recently? I keep reading things about it needs to be shielded, solid copper a certain AWG etc, and i'm getting bamboozled by it all. Is there a known decent brand/model that I can look for? TIA!
  12. C

    Question HDMI down CAT5 CAT6

    Hi All , I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this . I am aware of HDMI down CAT5/6 via a beldin . I have a situation where there are 3 CAT5 or CAT6's to a TV . One is been used for the ethernet link to the TV and one is been used with a HDMI to CAT6 beldin to send the Virgin signal...
  13. W

    HDMI Over Cat5 Picture Quality

    Hi I have just received my Tivo V6 box and want to send a signal to my tv upstairs. I have an ethernet cable between the two rooms which is about 6 mtrs away. I wondered how good the picture quality is when using a HDMI extender?
  14. waring192

    Question Spreading Cat5 or 6 around the house...

    Hello, So I have a Apple AirPort Extreme which I will be plugged straight into our BT Openreach Huawei VDSL / FTTC Fibre Modem. I also have 3 Apple Airport Express's which I would like to scatter around the house (its a old building and quite large with very thick walls). Have been using power...
  15. Joe Pineapples

    Running cat5 cable behind outside mains gas pipe

    Can anyone in the know say if this would be a problem with the powers that be?. This route would be my preference for a neater job.
  16. scrowe

    RF Distribution over CAT5

    Hi all, My Apartment is CAT6 wired, and has an AV Distribution board. Recently when setting up my XBox One I got really poor signal when setting up the USB freeview tuner. I also then checked the bedroom TV and saw similar degradation, poor reception, limited SD channels, and no HD channels...
  17. topping1981

    Question Sky Q with Cat5 matrix

    Hi I currently have my home wire with cat5 cabling and have a central location with Sky hd box which is connected to my matrix to allow me to view my sky hd around the house. Is it possible to also use this with sky Q? My plan is have my main sky q box in the living room with a hub in my...
  18. DinoKustas

    HDAnywhere vs alternatives ? 4x4+ Cat5 HDMI

    Hi guys, I'm in need of HDMI distribution to more than 4 TVs now and struggling to find any decent HDAnywhere alternatives to support this. I currently have their older 4x4 model, but could do with 6. Any suggestions? Thanks
  19. S

    Crimp flat cat5 or cat6 cable

    I need to make up a few cables soon and in one place a flat cable would be good. Does flat ethernet cable need special rj45 plugs? And if so where can I get a couple and does a normal rj45 crimp tool work ok with them?
  20. G

    Question HDMI over Cat5 - IR help

    Hi, I’ll summarise here but detailsped description below. I am trying to send an IR signal down an existing cat5 HDMI connection...the same way. So I want the HDMI video and the IR signal to go down the same route. These are typically setup to send video one way and IR the other. Any ideas...
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