1. D

    HDMI over CAT 6 solution advice

    Hi Guys, I've just refurbished my ground floor and have routed all of my cabling (CAT6 and speaker cable) to a cupboard under the stairs where all of my AV equipment is going to go. There will be an Onkyo TXNR 636 to drive the 5.1 speakers in the living room and perform HDMI switching. There...
  2. Scott28

    For Sale Octava 4 x 2 HDMI Matrix Switch over CAT 6 -PoC

    RRP: $650 Postage - Recorded, Next Day Delivery Octava 4 x 2 HDMI Matrix Switch over CAT 6 -PoC The Octava HD42CATMX allows you to share 4 High Definition sources to 2 remote Zones over dual CAT6 cables! The HD42CATMX is a non-blocking matrix view any Source on Any Display in 16 combinations...
  3. Scott28

    For Sale Octava HD100STP - HD Extender over Cat - Open To Offers

    RRP: £340 Delivery - Signed For, Next Day The Octava HD100STP HDMI extender simplifies HD video connectivity using a single CAT5 or CAT6 cable. The HD100STP supports UHD (2160p), Full HD (1080p) and 3D video plus bitstream multi-channel audio. System consists of: 1 x HD100STP-TX...
  4. B

    Cat 6 to garden room and have wifi

    I have a TV/firestick in the garden out of wifi range. I have ac power but powerline adapters dont seem to cut it. I have ran a cat 6 cable from the broadband router to the room and this works 100% for the tv. I want to get wifi in that room as well for my wifi phone / mates wifi phone etc...
  5. S

    **Need Help** Cat 5e to HDMI converter/adapter

    Hello, i have a home camera security system with NVR. My installer bailed on me after completing 95% of the job. All cameras are are poe and run Cat 5e to the NVR. My issue is he ran 3 Cat 5e cables from the NVR to two of my TV's and one to a monitor so that i can view them in those rooms...
  6. N

    Cat Cable and HDBT Extender recommendation

    Can anyone recommend a cat cable to use with an HDBT extender for future proofing FOA A 20M run going from inside to outside then back in again in some form of truncking. I have read somewhere that the HDBT is in current version 3.0, I am not after just a named device but a working solution...
  7. Helix Hifi

    What music does your cat, dog, bird like. All other animals are also welcome.

    Is it EDM, Jazz, Rock... Does your cat, dog jam to Bob Marley, or likes folk music from Dylan?
  8. D

    Cat poo

    Going to be a bit of a biased thread here but i hate cats, im a dog man. But i dont want any animal doing their business in my garden, ive got three kids and no time for animals. Same two neighbours cats coming in night after night, i see everything on cctv. Funny thing ive just read cats...
  9. D

    For Sale Rode Videomic Go plus Rode 'dead cat' wind shield.

    As above in excellent condition - only used once. Inc 'dead cat' windshield - essential for filming outdoors. Comes from a non-smoking household. Product Key Features Polar Pattern Supercardioid Form Factor Clip-On, Handheld/Stand-Held Mount Type Hot/Cold Shoe Custom Bundle No Connectivity...
  10. RobTi

    Can I used cat 6 to extend rgb strip

    Hi as above I need to extend my 12v RGBW strip 1m from the 8.5a power supply, would cat 6 be okay to use ? Thanks
  11. newbuild2020

    4K tv via cat 6 and Ethernet managed POE switch

    Hi Folks I have two x cat 6 cables going to each room in the house from a central comms room. I have a 48 Poe+ Ethernet switch in comms room and a sky Q box. I want to send sky Q around to each tv and was going to use a cat 6 to hdmi (4k) transmitter from the sky box and receivers at each tv...
  12. M

    New build Cat 5(or 6) patchbay conundrum

    Hi there. Just moved into a new home there are Ethernet/ LAN port sockets on the walls throughout but I can’t find where they all terminate I.e a patchbay of sorts. Having not found one I’m wondering if that is normal and there should not be one? Or has our builder/ networks installer missed an...
  13. DJT75

    Cat smashed our all-in-one PC - What to do?

    Our cats like to sleep on top of the cardboards that surround our fridge freezer. The youngest one went to jump down onto our worktop/breakfast bar area on Friday, but where he would normally land was a loads of stuff (ipads, pens, etc etc) so he instead went to hurdle our 24" HP Pavilion...
  14. A

    Cat killing scumbag found guilty

    I'm surprised with all the cat lovers on here (me included) this hasn't come up (unless I've missed it). I recall reading about this few times when they didn't know who was responsible and thinking what the hell. I'm glad he was finally caught and hope he gets a serious sentence. BBC News -...
  15. A

    HMDI over Cat 5E module

    Hello all. New to this forum as I am having an issue and hope somebody could provide with some guidance. I am installing hidden HDMI behind a TV and below a unit with wall plates to plug into for the services. I have two of these HDMI modules and due to the thickness of the wall have run the...
  16. Xenomorph

    Would you buy a Cat S car?

    I see some cars on Auto Trader which are Cat S, which is a repaired car previously declared an insurance write off. These cars are obviously reduced price due to their status. Would you buy such a car?
  17. RedDevil85

    The Cat o' Nine Tails: Limited Edition 4K UHD

    Links: - Arrow - - HMV - Zavvi Arte Originale Edition (Arrow Store Exclusive) - Arrow Standard Edition: - HMV Release date: 23/08/2021 (Standard Edition: 13/12/2021) Arte Originale: Limited Edition (Arrow Store Exclusive) Standard Edition:
  18. 1

    This cat is a nutjob

    I've had this black cat in the garden for over a month. It sits on the backdoor matt all day and night. If you open the door, he does a runner. If you leave the backdoor open for fresh air, he comes in and you'll find him sitting on the sofa if there's no one in the living room, then he'll see...
  19. Drax1

    Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (TBC) Antoine Fuqua Directs

    Antoine Fuqua is set to produce and direct an adaptation of Tennessee Williams' novel Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. It will combine elements of the play and integrate them with new storylines...
  20. Alps

    CAT 6 cable - where to store

    Guys, I have a large box of unwanted CAT6 cable which I need to store somewhere. Can I store this in a well covered shed with no damp or leaks? It is though cold in there over winter and bloody hot in summer. Also, is CAT6 commonly used or have things moved on from when I bought this a few...
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