1. Harkon321

    New Extension - Cat 7 or Cat 6 cabling?

    Extending my house, due to start in April. Most of the house is already cabled with Cat6 from work I did over the last 2 Years - Cameras, amps, media boxes etc . I've got to run a load more cables whilst the walls are going up for the extension. 3 for new ip camera locations, but rest are...
  2. D

    Chromecast over Cat 6 HDMI Extender?

    Hi there, Has anyone had any experience/luck running a Chromecast (mine is the Ultra) over a Cat6 HDMI extender? I've just tried and couldn't get it to work. I wondered if it was just the extender I'd bought or if there was some other issue preventing me shoving the Chromecast stream over IP...
  3. 5

    4k over Cat 6 or repair my HDMI cable?

    I've got several HDMI cables buried in the wall to TV's around the house. I managed to break the one running to the living room TV (sods law its that one) whilst moving stuff around in the comms cupboard. Fortunately I had two Cat 6 cables running to each TV as well. At the time I didnt have any...
  4. E

    CAt 6 wiring issue - making own cables

    Because I want specific lengths and running quite a bit I have decided to make my own ethernet cables. I have run a terminated cat 6 cable that I bought off Amazon from my server rack to another room and I get 300mb on a speedtest to the mac. When I use my own cable alongside it (Cat 6) I am...
  5. mikeysthoughts

    Moving pets long distances

    We are moving from Hertfordshire to Devon (a 3 1/2 hour journey on a good day) and have two cats who do NOT like travelling. I'm planning to speak to the vet to see if sedation is an option, but ideally this would be a last resort as medication is a solution we would rather avoid if possible...
  6. crashcris

    What part of a mouse is my cat not eating?

    Okay, I don't wish to offend any animal lovers but I do own a cat who has free reign outside. She was a stray who eventually found a home with me, but she's still very much a hunter. Last week on two occasions I found a weird bean shaped body part on the living room carpet, one was about 1 cm in...
  7. CaptainF1int

    Cat 7a Help!

    I'm creating a home office at the bottom of the garden. Network cabling is going to run from my router in the front room of my house through the wall, into an underground trench, down the garden and into the new office. I want to use Cat7a cable as I'm trying to future proof. My question is...
  8. S

    Long distance hdmi - cat help

    Hello, I'm a bit new to all this hdmi stuff, so please bear with me. Here is my set up room 1 - sky hd+ box with connection coming in from the dish room 2 - (15-20m run along outside of house) tv only room 3 - (15-20m run outside of house) tv only What I would like to achieve is to have the...
  9. N

    Extending Sky HD to another room - Cat 6 and magic eye

    Hi All I tried reading up on this and got really confused reading some of the older threads where people are trying to do 8 tvs with big HDMI splitter boxes and IR blasters etc. So here is what I want to do. I have sky in one room and want it in another room (I understand I can watch only one...
  10. dhutch

    Question Cat 6 for HDMI

    What is it used for? I am looking to get the house we have just bought rewired in due course. This will include some network cables to key rooms with fixed hardware including wireless access points. Not a huge TV/Film watcher but planning a pair of cables to the TV location for iplayer via bt...
  11. M

    HDMI via cat 6 over power line ???

    Hi can anyone help. I'm trying to get my sky tv feed to my bedroom . I was thinking HDMI over cat 6 but was going to use a power line adaptor plugs. Lots of people are saying this wont work. Has anyone got this to work before I buy the items to try or is there an easy way to do this ?? Any help...
  12. MrFraggle

    Cat kennel/sanctuary build.

    We have what I think is a stray cat round my way who would visit a neighbours garden to try and eat whatever she had thrown out for the birds, more often enough it could not eat what was there, boiled potatoes or eggs, so the other night I thought I would put out a bowl of food which my cat...
  13. Trollslayer

    To the cat owners

  14. Sidn

    Question Cat7 flat cable wiring to cat 6 faceplate

    Hello, I’ve got a flat cat7 cable that I wanted to connect to a faceplate (cat6). I’ve tried connecting in b and a configuration but I don’t seem to be getting any connection through it when I try it out. I’ve used a tester and I can see some of the points working (like 2,6,8) but not all of...
  15. Ged

    Help needed splitting Virgin V6 to TV and Cat converter.

    Recently had Virgin installed replacing Sky HD. All worked well until Virgin was installed, Sky fed a 4X2K 1 to 4 splitter, a Neet HDbaset to a 40Ex700 in the kitchen and a 32inch 1080P LG TV in a bedroom from one of the cheaper HDMI over CAT cable kits and a Sony 4K TV in the living room with...
  16. D

    Question Distributing Sky hd over cat 5/6 to multiple rooms

    Hello. First I’m not a techy, so go easy with me! I currently have a Sky hd box in the front room that I distribute in hd to a large tv screen in my games room over a cat 6 cable with channel changing over ir. Works a treat. I am having an extension built and would now like to distribute sky...
  17. G

    Question The 4K, The Cat 6 and The HDMI

    Hey, I am moving soon and my TV and AV centre will be about 6 meters apart and need to run a cable between them. To give a bit of wiggle room either end 10 meters would be best. I would prefer it to be 4K ready for when I upgrade. Is HDMI out and cat 6 the winner in this situation. I was...
  18. W

    For Sale Octava HDMI Cat 6 matrix

    Hi there for sale is my HDMI cat 6 matrix. Octava HD4xSTPMX Configured up as 4 input 6 output. This unit was supplied by Joe Fernand at TMF originally and comes with the following : 6 output card configured - 2 spare slots 7 zone receivers POE Zone Remote controls and all cables and power...
  19. P

    New house cat 6e with sky Q assistance please

    I am currently building my own house and have run 4x cat6e cable to 5 rooms/tv's in other rooms. I am fairly novice with regards technology. My question is what equipment do I need to split the HDMI signal from my under stair cupboard containing 'Q' to 5 outputs and do I need a convertor to get...
  20. RedDevil85

    The Cat Returns (Zavvi Exclusive) (Blu-ray Steelbook)

    Purchase link: Zavvi Release date: 19/03/2018 Status: In Stock
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