1. B

    Wanted Cast Iron Gazebo Weights x 4

    Wanted mcg or similar brand gazebo weights cast iron x 4 13kg or more Can collect London / Kent borders
  2. Velokki

    Best TV for mirroring content? I want to wirelessly cast my PC to my TV.

    Considering a new TV, and wanting to, as easily as possible, mirror content from my PC directly to my living room TV. There's about a 10 meter (33 feet) distance. I would like to control my PC from my living room with a wireless keyboard and mouse, and also game on it. HOW would one mirror the...
  3. G

    LG B9 stuck in cast limbo

    Hey all, I recently got myself an AppleTV to replace the WebOS UI and disconnected my LG B9 from the ethernet network. However, the TVs IDs for streaming content from a phone ( AirPlay and YouTube cast ) still show up on my local network even though the TV has been disconnected from the WiFi. I...
  4. B

    55PUS7394 CAST problems since update

    Hi, Yesterday i had an update on my PUS7394. and since this update, i can't no more cast. only netflix can be cast. deezer, youtube,... no more possible. even google home dont recognize my tv? any solutions?? thanks!
  5. E

    Vizio OLED smart cast versus roku stick

    Just purchased 55” Vizio OLED. I’m somewhat disappointed in the picture quality from the native, smartcast apps. Images, including text look somewhat soft and blurry. Not as sharp as my old Samsung LED smart TV. The Roku stick on the other hand, renders a sharper picture. The difference is...
  6. HeirOfAvians

    Surround sound speakers no longer connected to YamahaMusic cast

    Hello everyone, I own several Yamaha MusicCast speakers and a subwoofer. These were connected to my Yamaha RX-A1080 receiver without any issue. I then downloaded the Yamaha Music cast app on a second device, to try and manage them from both these phones. However, after I did so, they...
  7. P

    Stream/cast audio from web browser to HiFi

    Hi all. I'm trying to find a solution to something which really shouldn't be beyond the realm of modern technology. I've spent a while searching for solutions but it seems that the only real option available is Google Chromecast. Anyway, to the issue... One of the ways I like to enjoy music...
  8. John7

    Question How do I cast (personal) videos to Chromecast?

    Hi all I have an iPad Pro (latest gen) and a Chromecast connected to my TV. The google home app is installed on the iPad and connected to the CC by wi-fi. I want to cast personally recorded video (and home video downloaded onto the iPad) to my TV. I can't seem to find a way to do this without...
  9. P

    Wake tv by casting

    I just bought a 75" 7 series tv new from BestBuy and so far so good except one annoyance. I cannot wake the tv up by casting to it. On my other smart TV I can open up an app like Youtube on my phone and cast to the tv to wake it up and immediately begin playing a video. However, with this new...
  10. Prsnr

    Philips PUS6554. Cast icon in video player MISSING

    Hello, TL;DR No cast icon(in video player on via Chrome) when using YouTube app on Smart TV, while the cast icon appears when using the YouTube app on PS4. Both apps are the same version I bought a Smart TV Philips 43PUS6554/12 in February 2020. I was able to cast videos from...
  11. B

    UE50TU7020KXXU Dailymotion cast icon

    I've just bought a new samsung UE50TU7020KXXU Today to replace my sony bravia smart tv. I have a samsung A10S phone with Dailymotion app installed. When I had the sony tv the dailymotion app on my phone had a cast icon at the top to cast it to the tv. I've noticed though that since I got the...
  12. T

    Lol, got fed up. Just going to ask in a shop

    Hi people, would love a bit of a glance and advice on my set up, please. I'm trying to set up some AV as a first timer. I was going to go the Sonos route, but am now leaning towards Music Cast. - Setting up a 5.1.2 system in a TV room. (TV + Projector) - 4 x in-ceiling speakers in a kitchen -...
  13. A

    Amazon fire TV stick to mirror cast BT sport app for free

    Hi. Apparently there's a work around so can mirror cast BT sport app via Amazon fire TV stick for free. If I try as normal to mirror cast BT sport app it's automatically blocked by BT and TV screen goes black/blank but you still have audio only! I was actually informed by BT customer service guy...
  14. V

    Question Yamaha Music Cast Tidal Login Problem

    Yamaha Musiccast and Tidal Hi guys, i was using Tidal in Yamaha Music Cast with yamaha wxad-10, today musiccast app disconnected and asked me to login, i tried many times and never achieved to login again. I tried to reset the modem, uninstall and install both apps, logout-login on tidal...
  15. F

    Yamaha Music Cast Receivers / Wake Up function through App / Access specific speakers through app?

    Do the Yamaha enabled AC Receivers wake up from Stand by Mode through the Music Cast app? Or do I have to grab the Yamaha remote, turn on the receiver with it and put it into the right mode and only then can access through the music cast app? Can I group separate speakers connected to the ac...
  16. P

    Music cast and high resolution

    Happy with Music cast and Spotify but looking to buy into higher resolution such as Tidal or Amazon. Do all of those other than Spotify have to use the Music Cast environment rather than their own system?
  17. F


    Hi there, have just bought this tv and the any view cast... won't cast..any help.....also can I add apps like Mobdro to it . Any help appreciated
  18. Plinker

    Have Android box running Pie want to cast Hulu to it.

    So the box works great with most apps I use but the Hulu app sucks. Looking for a way to cast from my phone to the Android Box. I installed Chroecast Built-in made for Android TV but the Hulu app doesn't see it as a cast device. Maybe it's missing some dependencies? Any ideas? TIA
  19. P

    WebLink weblink Cast

    I was thinking of getting a Sony XAV-3500 that has weblink cast to mirror IPhone. I believe you can connect iPhone through USB connector. But I was also thinking of playing music through a Bluetooth MP3 player. I emailed Sony asking if it’s possible to have google maps running via the USB and...
  20. Ed Selley

    Cyrus ONE Cast Integrated Amplifier Review & Comments

    The latest member of the ONE range of amplifiers takes Cyrus’ baby in a slightly different direction and to a new price point. Is this the ONE you want? Read the review. Write your own review for Cyrus ONE Cast
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