1. steb9780

    For Sale 13.3" Grey Laptop Sleeve + Accessory Case As New £10

    Bought this from Amazon, but its not as snug a fit as I would like. I have linked the product below for more information. Bought new the other week, and not really used apart from checking the fit. Dark grey colour, nice and soft lining inside. Also comes with matching accessory case. My laptop...
  2. C

    Half Shell case for ipad 10.2" 7th generation (2019)

    Hi...I have just purchased the above plus the smart keyboard. What I didn't realise is that the keyboard when folded does not protect the back of the ipad. I've been looking for a half shell to put on the back, but the only one I can find that is compatible with the ipad/keyboard is the STM one...
  3. Ste7en

    Question So, these AirPods with Wireless Charging Case...

    ... aren't actually 'wireless'? Is this correct? Daughter wants some for Christmas but I'm so confused. Help! :D
  4. mmurdoch

    Best case and screen protector

    Evening Just bought junior a iPhone 11 (project red) and wanting a very good case and screen protector. Any decent cases out there anyone could recommend and it’s a red handset I would imagine he’d prefer to keep red colour on view so clear Or even a red case. Also a very good screen...
  5. wifininja

    Question LG Smart Remote Silicone Case

    Does anyone use this silicone case for its smart remote ?
  6. Himaro101

    Question NAS cases?

    I'm building a NAS server myself and I'm toying between several cases... Each have their own pro's and cons, which has me completely stuck for choice... I have two distinct routes, depending on form-factor. ATX or mITX mITX is naturally smaller in footprint, but limiting in options and...
  7. A

    Question Slim MATX case

    I need to re-house a MATX board, i5 system, and components from a desktop MATX cube case to a slimline case. Ideally looking for something that will take a standard power supply and be no thicker than 15cm or 16cm. There are plenty of options for cases with a mini power supply such as the Antec...
  8. F

    Mini hi-fi systems that transmit Bluetooth or not as the case may

    So, after much deliberation and review reading ( or so I thought) off I go to Richer Sounds to have a play with the Marantz m cr611 and to ask them to demonstrate how my btooth headphones connect via nfc to the unit. Well you can see what's coming. He explained that despite me reading a ton of...
  9. Draco10

    Bargain Samsung Tab S4 Free keyboard case offer with pre-order.

    Samsung Tab S4 Free keyboard case offer with pre-order. Galaxy Tab S4 (10.5”, 4G) | Samsung UK If you pre-oder the Samsung Tab S4 before 23rd August, you can get a free Keyboard case worth £119 if you fill in the redemption voucher with your pre-order. Works for Wi-Fi version also. The link...
  10. RBZ5416

    Leather Folio Case Recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend a source for a decent leather folio case? It's for the Nokia 8 but happy to do the leg work based on recommendations for other models. Last one I bought for my S5 (Snakehive) was well made but much too bulky, so I ended up not using it. But the 8 has followed the Apple trend...
  11. A

    Question Xiaomi Redmi 5 case

    I'm struggling to find a clear case for a Redmi 5 Model MDG1. Plenty around for the 5 Plus. Any suggestions where I might source on please?
  12. kepha

    Question Steelbook slips and sleeves

    Hey guys, I started framing my steelbooks Which means I have been removing the cardboard and paper slips and sleeves that surround the cases. Wondered what you guys do with these? They seem so fragile off the case. Reluctant to throw them away.. I ways find that these bits on steel books...
  13. Kailash

    anyone looking waterproof case...

    if you're looking a good waterproof case, maybe worth finding out the make of this one! :D Camera rescued after two years lost at sea pretty spectacular
  14. walters123

    Question best Samsung galaxy s9 plus case and screen protector

    as above looking at ordering today ready for friday. not looking at paying silly prices
  15. Sessen Ryu

    Note 8 Alcantara case - compatible screen protector

    I have a Note 8 with a beautiful alcantara case. Can anyone recommend a screen protector which which is compatible with this case? The Whitestone Dome does not work (unless you get a dremel out and file off the edges first!) I have read that the IQ Sheild does, however it's not available to...
  16. AVF Bargain Finder

    Bargain Free Case of Craft Beer for AVForums Members

    We have secured an amazing offer for our users with our friends Beer52. You can get a case of 8 craft beers for FREE, just pay for the delivery. That's correct, you'll receive 8 incredible craft beers, Ferment magazine and a snack, just having to pay £5.95 delivery for your first box. If this...
  17. Topmetom 2

    Question Got a screen, no case..

    ok i managed to bag a draper alr screen, however it has no being me thought no problem, however im no diy reg and am now stumped what to do! Swmbo will only moan if it looks like a roller... It has fixings for the ceiling etc and it was suggested to build a mdf type case. Any advice?
  18. Essoman

    Question Wanted Lian Li PC-X900R Mid Tower Case in red

    anyone have one for sale, nor know where I can purchase one, would be very grateful.
  19. stepneg

    Question Overheating, Is this case of replacing thermal paste?

    HI All, Before I order some thermal paste I thought I would just check here to see if this could be what is causing my problem. My desktop had been running fine for ages, i7-3820 when I suddenly received a CLOCK_WATCHDOG TIMEOUT BSOD, I thought nothing of it :) rebooted and carried on. Then I...
  20. F

    Battery Case with inductive charging

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and would like a battery case. However, I connect my phone to my car via USB cable to run Android Auto on my car's infotainment screen. I can't find any battery cases with a passthrough so I can still connect my phone to my car. I was wondering, does anyone...
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