1. DPinBucks

    Report on Legal Changes for Driverless Cars

    Major legal changes needed for driverless car era I think the recommendations make a lot of sense. If a car is said to be driverless, then that's what it should be, in all circumstances and at all locations. Dividing responsibility between manufacturer and passenger is a recipe for disaster...
  2. Field Marshall Eccles

    EV Classic Cars

    I suspect purists might not approve but a couple of firms are now converting classic cars to electric power by using recycled electric motors and batteries. It is however fiendishly expensive.
  3. D

    Dream Cars Up For Sale

    Not to clutter up some of the other threads, it may be fun to share some cool, awesome, perhaps unusual cars up for sale that you actually wouldn't mind owning if you had the space and time for it.... I'll get it going... Citroen SM I always wanted a Citroen SM with that Maserati engine, so...
  4. D

    Perception Battery Electric Vehicles in UK

    Hey everybody, I am studying for my master's degree and writing a research project on "Perception of Battery Electric Vehicles in the UK". I am currently conducting a questionnaire/survey on this subject and would kindly ask to fill it out. By having a higher number of participants, my...
  5. B

    Recycling bin men just throwing empty boxes and bags back to door and over cars.

    We have a Ring doorbell cam and just picked up the recycling binmen doing their thing. However not sure if it's me being picky but the young lad doing it was emptying the boxes into the wagon then just throwing it back to the pavement from the roadside, then also throwing the white bags back...
  6. revvolucja

    Smart Charging System Electric Cars

    The survey is closed now.
  7. Everything Goes

    Spotify Car Thing for older cars

    If you have an older car which doesn't have Android Auto or Apple Car Play and would like to use Spotify on a big screen and voice control, then help may be close at hand. For almost 2 years Spotify have been working on such a device called Car Thing. They are running a trial in the USA and it's...
  8. dmpzsn

    Road testing cars

    Over the last week I've test driven three different cars. Two Peugeots and a Citroen. I've been a customer of the Citroen garage for many years, but at no time have they ever reminded me that my cars lease is coming up for renewal. The difference between the two garages was a lot, the Peugeot...
  9. N

    When will electric cars go down in price?

    Had a look on autotrader at second hand tesla prices, its going for 40 to 50k, how long will it be so that Tesla's are under 10k or even 5k, will there be a time when the average 18 year olds buy it as their first car after passing?
  10. Stuart Wright

    If anyone argues that EVs pollute as much as ICE cars, show them this

    If anyone argues that EVs pollute as much as ICE cars, show them this
  11. Gingerbeard

    Hybrid Cars, What’s the Point?

    Latest reports by Which claims Hybrid cars are the worst polluters and far worse than originally thought. If this is the case, what is the point of them and why aren’t these things ironed out in the development stage and before they come to market? I’m sure a lot of customers would have...
  12. jjgreenwood

    ICE cars to go by 2030

    So today's news is that we will only be able to buy electric or selected hybrid cars in 2030. This means you will no longer be able to buy the vast majority of cars available for sale today. This affects both the high end and the low end of car manufacturer. Of course we have no idea at this...
  13. P

    Used electric cars

    I am in full agreement with the environmental advantages of changing to an electric car, but like many people cannot justify or afford the expense of a new car. At the age of 80 I have owned quite a few cars, but have always bought used, with about 60k on clock. Prices have ranged from £125 to...
  14. E

    EV research

    Hello there, Please could you fill out this form if you have time. It is about the future of electric cars and the research is going towards a project on Electric cars and Alternative fuels. Thanks in advance! Temporarily removed
  15. CanNik

    There was a time when cars looked different

    I had a Cortina, Sierra, Metro sport, Grand Scenic but the thing I have noted looking for a new car is the all look the same. My son is probably right because so many are made by the same company. Long gone are sadly the Sierra days
  16. Jimster71

    Project Cars 3

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread for this. It looks a lot like Drive Club - which is no surprise given that some ex-Revolution guys worked on it. It looks like they have very much aimed it at console players who are playing with a pad. Jimmy Broadbent wasn't impressed with it at all and...
  17. Goooner

    Project Cars 3

    Coming in the summer. Have a lot of time for the first two. They were a bit ropey on first release, but to be fair after a couple of patches they were great. Seems to be turning in a more arcade direction this time. Will wait and see if that’s optional or if it’s still more sim than arcade or...
  18. Atmos

    Project Cars 3 VR (Summer 2020)

    Who's looking forward to some more racing?
  19. Eddy555

    Project CARS 3

    So this was dropped in a surprise announcement yesterday. Release date: Summer 2020!
  20. Mr King Andrew

    Luxury cars with sub-luxury sound systems

    I’d love to hear some folks from this forum weigh in on this topic. To me, it looks like Toyota is one of the industry leaders when it comes to automotive sound systems. This looks particularly strange to me when comparing some of their cars to more “luxury brand” vehicles. Example: BMW 760xi...
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