1. psychopomp1

    Why do you have to pay £70000+ for an electric car with decent range?

    Genuine question. The Govt wants us to start using electric vehicles but at the same time, I can't think of any electric car which gives you a 400-500 mile range on one full charge which is reasonably priced. Surely electric cars should only have gone on sale when both of these conditions had...
  2. DarenD

    Rubber car mats for L200

    Anybody own a L200 or bought any rubber tailored mats point me in the right direction Wife is dragging in all sorts of crud every time she goes to feed her horses and I need something half decent but the market seems to be flooded with much much cheapness
  3. S

    Would you buy a car without test driving it?

    So a search last night on auto trader showed that BMW M140i’s were now just about within budget, and have been chatting to a guy today who has one for sale at his dealership. the monthly figure is a little high so he is going to see what he can do etc, however he told me that whilst viewings...
  4. P

    Question Securing Home - Car Theft

    Hello all, Basically looking for some ideas on securing the home after a car theft. Patio door locks snapped and car keys taken. Upgraded the locks to Ultion at the time, looking for other ideas. Ideally would want the car taken from the drive if this happened again, so would like to secure the...
  5. Paulie A

    Speaker panel - best design?

    hi guys. Can someone tell me what would be the best way to reduce vibrations from the below designs? this is a speaker mounting plate for the rear of my car that i am 3D printing. I am unsure if having a "window" (on the left design) would compromise the sound quality or induce or reduce...
  6. Countjedi

    Car washing

    I have just washed the cars (mine and the other half). I'm thinking of using a pressure washer next time an was wondering if and what people use and would recommend. I will also be using it for the patio so will need to have a decent BAR. On research I was looking at the Karcher K4 from...
  7. Dizzle77

    For Sale Bugaboo Nuna Turtle Car Seat & Isofix Base

    Bugaboo Nuna Turtle Car Seat & Isofix Base. Condition is Used, but in very good condition. All 3 items were purchased in October 2019 from John Lewis. They haven’t been used that much, hence why they’re both in very good condition. Comes from a pet & smoke free home. The seat fabric and...
  8. K

    PC sound card connected directly to a power amp. ISSUE[s] ! Pls, some assistance.

    hi am using Arcam P38 [ only two channels [Rt. & Left] ] Asus xonar 1.3 HDAV is the PC card P38 interface is co-axial. no other at the back of amp P38 is turned on first...but as or when PC starts, gets to the desktop, the P38 shuts down- before this, Both front LEDs, go from green to...
  9. sagaris99

    Car Insurance Insanity

    Aware that there's another thread on car insurance, don't wish to hijack 22 - 67 S3 Saloon - 5 years full licence - 4 years NCB - will be over 5 years since last claim when policy starts- no convictions. Done everything to lower risk class bar a black box (dashcam, both parents, PassPlus)...
  10. 5CardMajor

    Question @ 43" TV for Sim Car Racing on a Windows PC...

    PC is custom built w/ very high specs...listed below. This TV will be strictly for PC gaming, ie, sim car racing. Want the lowest input lag possible with very good/excellent image quality. It is to be in the finished basement which is fairly dark. PC components: *Asus Hero XI MB *Intel 9900k...
  11. GeorgeStorm

    New car for ~6k, hybrid?

    Hi all, As above, I am (was?) in the market for a new car as I've finally decided my current one has done enough. Currently drive an 03 Corsa (with tape player!), and so am looking for an update. I'm not really much of a car guy, and I know basically anything I get will be a huge improvement...
  12. A

    Nissan Free Car Loan For NHS Staff

    Just a heads up for anybody that currently works for NHS or knows someone that does I spotted this on Hotukdeals https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/nissan-offering-free-car-vehicle-loan-for-nhs-3447004 https://www.nissan.co.uk/covid-19/nhs-car-loans.html
  13. canada16

    Alexa dot or echo in car ?

    Hey Has anyone managed to put a Dot or Echo in their car? I did try it once, but it did not work, but this was years ago? Is it worth putting it in the car? I have 30gb data on my phone, so I don't think it will eat all my data, but again I don't know how much data it takes. My voice...
  14. J

    Car Insurance Query

    I currently have one claim on my car insurance policy for the theft of a catalytic converter from my car. The best insurance quote I have found for my wife's car when I add myself in as an additional driver is £350pa with a £350 total excess. In March 2019 I was involved in an alleged incident...
  15. M

    167,000 die yearly from accidents: car crash, fall, drug overdose

    About 60k per year for flu and pneumonia. Yes, covid is going to probably rack up 100k deaths so about twice as many people will die from flu. Maybe 3x. In my county, bordering Pittsburg, 1 in 5000 people are diagnosed with covid. The worst county just north of NYC is 1 in 100 - but that...
  16. C

    BMW Advance Car Eye 2 - Exporting clips

    I recently had front & rear dashcams installed on my 318i tourer which are working OK. I have successfully downloaded clips from the camera to my iPhone via the app, and they play back fine - both front and back. I cannot see a function for exporting them. I would like to email a clip, so I...
  17. F

    The effect of Covid 19 on car value

    17 days ago my car was worth £17000 at we buy any car but is now valued at £11000 !
  18. MadScientist

    UK Plug-in Car Grant to continue until 2022/23

    Very good news for us in the UK considering an EV purchase From the Budget statement (my bold): "Consumer incentives support the development of markets for new transport technology. The government is considering the long-term future of incentives for zero emission vehicles alongside the 2040...
  19. EliteStu

    The extra tax on £40k+ cars. Is it applicable to used cars under 5 years old also?

    Hi, Fairly sure the answer to this question is "yes" but my Googling does not actually 100% answer the question! I understand that if I buy a new diesel car over £40k list price, there is a super tax on year 1 and then an addtional £320 to pay on top for each subsequent year, for the first 5...
  20. EliteStu

    Used (BMW) car search- where to look apart from AutoTrader and BMW?

    Good evening. My wife is opting out of her company car scheme, so I'm looking around for a BMW X3 at the moment for her. A used 2018/2019 model. Ideally from a dealer, but considering private sales as well. I'm a bit out of touch, but it was always Auto Trader that was the dominant search...
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