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  1. Chrisharry12345

    What would be better for recording an indoor promotional video s21 ultra or canon PowerShot S110

    Hi im looking to make a little video for a local charity. Which is likley to produce the best footage out of the old camera I have or my mobile? It will be for mainly close up shots of items in a shop or shots of the layout etc I have no clue which would be best and I dont want to have to...
  2. Zeromajor

    For Sale Canon 700D & lens

    Haven't touched this in years and having a clear out. Comes with the canon EFS 18-55mm lens and strap as pictured, plus a canon battery. I seem to have lost the battery charger and there's no cables or box. There was bit of charge in battery which I tested it's all working. No issues with...
  3. paul1979

    For Sale Canon power shot G7x

    Canon power shot G7x Comes with box, charger, small tripod, protective pouch. The camera has been used little but has a lovely pic. F/1.8-2.8 Wifi iso 12800 20.2mega pix cmos 1” cmos lens 24mm wide Hs system 3” touch flip lcd screen
  4. D

    Canon ix4000 "not responding".

    I have just had to re-install Windows 10 (64 it), but my Canon IX4000 comes back withe message "Printer not responding. I have already downloaded and installed the driver from Canon. The cables are connected correctly. It is connected to port LPT1? and is recognised in the settings. Any ideas...
  5. M

    Canon Printer Inks

    I'm replacing my failing Canon Pixma MG5750 print/scan/copy printer with another Canon of approximately the same specification. When I looked through the ink specification, I started to see things like "FINE" and "XL" popping up.. I'm trying to avoid multi-ink purchase systems and I would...
  6. L

    Looking to upgrade my Canon Move 95 5.1 speakers - what to? Wharfdale DX-2

    Hi Guys, Just moved into a new place and looking to upgrade my 5.1 Canon Move 95 speakers. What would you guys recommend? Budget £500 or less. I have been looking at the Wharfdale DX-2 setup - would anyone recommend this as an upgrade? I currently have a Yamaha RX-V479 which I don’t think I...
  7. LavaWave

    A choice between these 2 cameras

    First off I'm new to digital/mirrorless cameras, so far I am using my awful mobile phone camera, A Xaomi Redmi 9AT phone and I am getting sick of it's low quality camera therefore I've been told that one of these 2 cameras below would be good enough and affordable for a person like me. Canon...
  8. K

    Problems importing Canon. HV30 tapes

    I have been trying for days now to get some old tapes digitized onto my aging MacPro from 2008. I'm running ElCapitan OS and have done this before many times but for some reason the computer is not recognizing the HV30. I tried buying a new cable, that did not work. I fear that I may have...
  9. Reedmenow

    Microphone for Canon XA50 for percussion instruments

    I need a microphone that I can mount in the mic holder on a Canon XA50 camcorder. I will be ecording a wide range of conventional, primitive, and odd percussion instrument for my own use, and perhaps for Youtube, in the living room of my fairly soundproof New York city apartment. I need...
  10. I

    Camcorder Capture Question Canon MV500i

    Hi, I have a Canon MV500i, a pile of tapes, loads of cables, a USB capture device (EM28284), OBS installed and an 27" iMac (late 2012). My question relates to which is the best way to get the best quality captured imaged on my iMac. I have a DV cable (says it conforms to IEEE 1394/DV) with...
  11. T

    What Cord Needed to Stream from Canon Vixia HV30 camcorder to laptop

    I want to stream my recorded video from the camcorder to my laptop. What cord do I need to do that I have a Firewire DV cable 6-4 P DV but my laptop doesn't have a port for that. I just ordered the IFC 300 PCU USB cable, but then read a post from 2006 that said that cord is only for still shots...
  12. Craigyj30

    Canon lv-7210e projector

    Hi I have a Canon lv-7210e project does anyone know about these. They got discontinued September 2003. Any info would be great. Thanks
  13. Craigyj30

    Canon lv-7210e projector

    Hi I have a Canon lv-7210e project does anyone know about these. They got discontinued September 2003. Any info would be great. Thanks
  14. J

    Canon Legria/Vixia HF200 SDHC-card

    Hello I know this is an old camera, but it is not bad. Audio in , headphone out and a lot of manual control. The problem is it does not accept class 10 cards for HD recording, so you can`t record on HD settings. I know there is a firmware uppdate, but it is going to cost me more than the camera...
  15. Y

    Canon tape cam corder

    Dear forum members What do people think to the canon UC8 HI 8 milimitre tape cam corder
  16. jangs

    Canon C100mkii vs Blackmagic Pocket CC 4k

    Hi, I´m setting up a video and stream system in a small middle age stone church, with a limited budget and sparse videography experience. Most videos will be shot indoor in the churces, but other scenarios may occur. Like outdoor sermons, interviews, etc. The videos will subjected to minimal...
  17. M

    Canon Maxify GX6050 and 7050

    Has anyone heard when these are being released? They were announced on 17th March 2021. I’m in the market and wondering whether it’s worth holding out for one... there doesn’t seem to be any announcement that includes an actual release date.
  18. C

    Wildlife with canon 600d

    I am a beginner when it comes to photography. I am using a canon 600d with 55mm lens . Still so much to learn and I would like a better lens especially to catch birds of prey. Anyways heres a few little snaps i have from this week . I love taking images of wild flowers , wildlife , nature ...
  19. gwmorello

    Canon or Nikon for macro photography?

    I want to take up macro photography but haven't taken the plunge yet because I'm not sure about the camera. I have a personal affinity to Canon, but maybe Nikon is better in this arena? What are the best cameras for macro that aren't outrageously expensive?
  20. bobbymax

    canon Pixma MG3600 question?

    I have one of the above printers, not quite a year old yet. It's been fine up to now.... I'm getting a message in the printer window........ "The printer is performing another operation." It's been like that for several hours now, and I can't print any new Docs?:confused: Tried Googling, but...
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