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  1. T

    What Cord Needed to Stream from Canon Vixia HV30 camcorder to laptop

    I want to stream my recorded video from the camcorder to my laptop. What cord do I need to do that I have a Firewire DV cable 6-4 P DV but my laptop doesn't have a port for that. I just ordered the IFC 300 PCU USB cable, but then read a post from 2006 that said that cord is only for still shots...
  2. C

    For Sale Canon 350D with accessories

    Hi all, I'm selling off a Canon 350D camera I found in a cupboard. It comes with 2x 1GB Kingston Compact Flash cards, 2 batteries (1 Canon, the other 3rd party), Canon battery charger (not pictured as I forgot about that when I took pics), strap and Canon EH 18 case. Condition is good but I...
  3. Craigyj30

    Canon lv-7210e projector

    Hi I have a Canon lv-7210e project does anyone know about these. They got discontinued September 2003. Any info would be great. Thanks
  4. Craigyj30

    Canon lv-7210e projector

    Hi I have a Canon lv-7210e project does anyone know about these. They got discontinued September 2003. Any info would be great. Thanks
  5. J

    Canon Legria/Vixia HF200 SDHC-card

    Hello I know this is an old camera, but it is not bad. Audio in , headphone out and a lot of manual control. The problem is it does not accept class 10 cards for HD recording, so you can`t record on HD settings. I know there is a firmware uppdate, but it is going to cost me more than the camera...
  6. Y

    Canon tape cam corder

    Dear forum members What do people think to the canon UC8 HI 8 milimitre tape cam corder
  7. jangs

    Canon C100mkii vs Blackmagic Pocket CC 4k

    Hi, I´m setting up a video and stream system in a small middle age stone church, with a limited budget and sparse videography experience. Most videos will be shot indoor in the churces, but other scenarios may occur. Like outdoor sermons, interviews, etc. The videos will subjected to minimal...
  8. M

    Canon Maxify GX6050 and 7050

    Has anyone heard when these are being released? They were announced on 17th March 2021. I’m in the market and wondering whether it’s worth holding out for one... there doesn’t seem to be any announcement that includes an actual release date.
  9. C

    Wildlife with canon 600d

    I am a beginner when it comes to photography. I am using a canon 600d with 55mm lens . Still so much to learn and I would like a better lens especially to catch birds of prey. Anyways heres a few little snaps i have from this week . I love taking images of wild flowers , wildlife , nature ...
  10. gwmorello

    Canon or Nikon for macro photography?

    I want to take up macro photography but haven't taken the plunge yet because I'm not sure about the camera. I have a personal affinity to Canon, but maybe Nikon is better in this arena? What are the best cameras for macro that aren't outrageously expensive?
  11. bobbymax

    canon Pixma MG3600 question?

    I have one of the above printers, not quite a year old yet. It's been fine up to now.... I'm getting a message in the printer window........ "The printer is performing another operation." It's been like that for several hours now, and I can't print any new Docs?:confused: Tried Googling, but...
  12. D

    Question Canon SM-V1 5.1 microphone Firmware

    Hello I recently purchased a Canon SM-V1 5.1 microphone, but I don't have an SD card that contains the firmware to work with my Canon camcorder. I have an HF-M41. Can someone buy this mic and email me the firmware from the SD card? I've tried all Canon websites but it doesn't seem to publish...
  13. ash105

    Canon SX30is.....time to upgrade?

    Hi.....I have had a Canon Powershot SX30is for years....point and shoot....does everything I need except the tech on the photos ie transferring to computer and geo-tagging is missing etc. So what to upgrade to? I was looking at the Panasonic TZ70, 80 or 90. I take photos of the usual, birds...
  14. D

    Generic Lens Extender for Canon Lens

    I have an EFS 18-135mm lens on my EOS 70D. I have an old extender that fits the camera but not the lens. I am informed that Canon does not make an extender for this lens. Does anyone know of third party generic extender that may fit. Thank you
  15. M

    Question Canon G7 X Mark II clicking noise

    We purchased the Canon G7 X Mark II this week to film video. Just did some test video. Whenever the camera focuses it records a clicking noise - not indifferent to a spinning hard drive. It’s incredibly noticeable. Just googled it and some people complain about it.. Is there a fix for this?
  16. S

    Question Canon XA11/15 or XA40 for live streaming basketball games

    Hello, so my team are planning to be able to stream good quality feeds from basketball games and even charge for viewing. Covid is keeping us from having spectators in the stands. We had decided to get the Canon XA11 from B&H Photo Video Digital Cameras, Photography, Computers but now it is...
  17. 4

    Canon MG6650.How do I reset the ink pad counter ?

    The MG6650 printer shows code 1700 - ink pads almost full. I have removed, cleaned and replaced them but cannot get the counter reset, code 1700 still shows. I tried the off/on hold etc simple method but no joy. Does anyone have any idea what I might try to reset it ? Thanks Brian.
  18. bogart99

    Canon i-SENSYS MF742Cdw

    Does anybody have experience of this printer? I am in need of a new colour laser one as my HP is dying. Need print and scan, duplex would be nice so this Canon fits the bill and currently is on offer with £125 cashback and 3 yr warranty. Looks a good deal but experience is everything.
  19. Chrisharry12345

    Best way to protect my Canon S110 so my 3 year old can use it

    Hi all. So my daughter was given a digital camera, a cheap one off amazing with a pink cover and rabbit ears and she has really taken to it. Clocked up about 1000 pictures in a few days and now wants to take it on every walk we do and just takes pics of everything. The problem is the obvious...
  20. T

    Catalina and Canon printer drivers

    I made the (probably foolish) decision to move my MacBook Pro to Catalina, as this was a requirement for the latest version of Office for Mac. I expected some minor bumps along the road, including compatibility with 3rd party apps, but expected the 3rd parties to do their bit and upgrade their...
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