1. pleasedtobe

    Candy oven- wifi woes

    Been trying to set up a Candy Wifi oven with the Simply-Fi app for weeks now...has anyone any experience of this? If so can you tell me if the wifi symbol is meant to blink after 30 sec whenever 'wifi reset' is selected? For the life of me I cannot get it to do it. I even got the oven...
  2. Luminated67

    Movie screenshot eye candy

    Was think of starting this for a while now so why not just do it. Will start it off with Valerian and the city of thousand planets on 1080P bluray. Picture quality seems to be very good and a surprisingly enjoyable movie, way better than I expected. Please feel free to post your own images...
  3. A

    Candy washer dryer

    Hi guys, Thought I would post this video of a all in one washer dryer from candy. Thought it may help someone that's looking for this type of machine. Enjoy ;)
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