1. Stuart Wright

    Should sporting events (like the F1 GP) planned to be held in or against Russia be cancelled?

    I remember seeing Louis Hamilton shaking Putin's hand and thinking / hoping that Louis would feel uncomfortable about that. I think the Sochi Grand Prix scheduled for Thursday 22nd Sep - Sunday 25 Sep, 2022, should be cancelled. I don't see how sporting events like this could possibly go ahead...
  2. Beans Stinkwater

    Cancelled VM thinking of coming back to sky

    I still have a 500gb Sky Box and a HD box (although I think I shredded the cards) To be honest I would sooner sky sent me out 2 new cards for my old boxes then install sky Q, does sky Q involve an engineer install? I cant be down with an engineer drilling more holes into my house and blowing...
  3. MahaRaja

    Disgruntled Netflix staff cancelled my account!

    Hi Folks, Last week I chatted online to Neflix about how to change subtitle sizes and the chat wasn't going well as I had questioned her technical skills and ended the chat. To my shock, I realized she immediately cancelled my account saying that I had reported a fraudulent activity to her...
  4. F

    Russell Brand cancelled for telling the truth about Russiagate and Hillary

    Russell Brand putting noses out of joint.
  5. P

    SKY Go working but Sky cancelled. Why?

    My services were switched off at the end of May, yet Sky Go still works, allowing me to view & download Cinema and box sets and live TV etc. The Sky Q box doesn't. Have they not yet issued a "kill signal" perhaps?
  6. V

    Cancelled multiroom but it still works

    Hi all. Bit of background We cancelled multiroom when we moved house 6 years ago and never plugged the multiroom box back in. We have since upgraded to sky q (1 box only) I have just plugged the old box (sky hd) back in with the intention of setting up freesat however my full sky package is...
  7. T

    Cancelled Sky

    I cancelled my Sky contract a couple of weeks as i was paying just over £47 a month for sport that i rarely watched and the entertainment package. I was surprised in how easy it was to cancel, no attempt to offer me a different deal. I've not had a call back either yet. Anyone had a similar...
  8. Dazimus

    Advice Getting Pending Charge Cancelled

    I’ll cut a long story shorter but I had an issue with my Series X disconnecting from my controllers. Eventually i managed to get an advance replacement from Microsoft, who put a £474 pending charge on my account advising it would be released when they receive the faulty console. Microsoft...
  9. scrowe

    Cancelled Sky

    Cancelled Sky TV today after 22 years. Did not decide liightly and I don’t have an overall big axe to grind, but overall TV market has changed. I’ve always considered Sky overall a good package and a high standard of content. I’ve nearly always taken the full package, and justified as £1 a day...
  10. charlton111

    Xh9005 vrr allm cancelled

    Seems cancelled quite a bit on the Web, pity I bought this TV for when I get my hands on a ps5,
  11. sykotik

    CDkeys cancelled my order .

    Just bought a PSN+ ( usa version - cheaper ) a few hours ago , i didn't receive my code , so i asked in the "live chat" on their website if there was an issue , i was told that it needed to be reviewed . and about 10 mins later i get a full refund for the price , but with no reason as to why...
  12. Aggrajag

    Taken the plunge - I've cancelled my BBC License

    After 30 years of owning one I've finally realised I no longer need the BBC. The only things I ever watched were Doctor Who (which is dreadful anyway, childhood contiuance,) Snooker (which I always miss owing to working shifts and Killing Eve (which I can buy on DVD if I feel the need.) My TV...
  13. paulyoung666

    Flight cancelled by KLM .....

    Fully expected it to happen and it has , they are offering a rebooking or a flight voucher to the value of the original cost but no cash refund , I am just wondering if anyone has experience of this and got a cash refund somehow , seems a little unfair to not offer it , although I do understand...
  14. T

    Cancelled UK holiday.

    I have a UK cottage holiday booked in July, 14 weeks from now. However as my wife and I are over 70 and have medical conditions we are following government advice and self isolating at home for at least twelve weeks or however long it takes. We felt that because of this, it would be wise to...
  15. T

    GP appointment cancelled.

    Three weeks ago I made an appointment to see my GP for something unrelated to coronavirus. The appointment was yesterday, but before I left I received a phone call from the doctor advising that they had been instructed to avoid face to face consultations and were trying to do phone consultations...
  16. tom 2000

    Question Can Sports package be cancelled mid contract?

    Not going to be much to watch for the next few months.
  17. Lostsoul 301281

    Events getting cancelled. Confirmed and speculation.

    I’ve just seen that this year E3 has been officially cancelled. The ESA put out a statement I’m starting to wonder what else will get cancelled. There’s quite a few coming up this year, including gigs, festivals, MCM and LFCC comic cons, gaming expos such as EGX and EGX Rezzed. Anyone...
  18. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Coronavirus - E3 Cancelled

    All but officially announced, the cancellation of the gaming calendar’s most prestigious annual event E3 over Covid-19 fears is imminent. Where does this leave the AV and tech events such as IFA that are planned for later in the year? Read the news.
  19. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: High End Munich 2020 Hi-Fi Show cancelled

    Reported across numerous online tech and Hi-Fi sites is that the High End Munich 2020 show has been cancelled due to ongoing concerns about the coronavirus (Covid-19). Read the news.
  20. raigraphixs

    Scalebound (Cancelled)

    Xbox One exclusive by Platinum Games directed by Hideki Kamiya Cinematic E3 Trailer
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