1. R

    Action cameras and public APIs

    Hello, I am looking for an action camera which has a public API that would allow me to connect to WiFi and upload photos to cloud (AWS s3).
  2. fastfish86

    For Sale Blink cameras

    I have for sale 4 x internal and 1 x external blink security cameras. All good condition full working order, just not needed anymore. Includes wall mounts too (not pictured). £200 inc
  3. C

    For Sale Something for everyone! NEOS cameras, Echo Dot V2 and V3, Nest Protect V2 battery, Shure Reference Studio headphones, Netgear USB Wi-Fi dongle, Module

    Hi all, Following on from a house move I'm having a bit of a clear out. 1. 2x NEOS SmartCam WiFi security Cameras. Used for a little over a year and work perfectly. They come boxed with all accessories from what I can see. £45 for the pair. 2. Echo Dot v2. Used but in perfect condition. It's...
  4. B

    What cameras for home CCTV, need 2 that work in dark well and are clear and crisp.

    What cameras for home CCTV, need 2 that work in dark well and are clear and crisp. Im after a front and back set up, something simple. Need a recording box too, thanks.
  5. S

    Best Professional 360 Cameras?

    Which professional 360 camera do you recommend me to buy?
  6. LavaWave

    A choice between these 2 cameras

    First off I'm new to digital/mirrorless cameras, so far I am using my awful mobile phone camera, A Xaomi Redmi 9AT phone and I am getting sick of it's low quality camera therefore I've been told that one of these 2 cameras below would be good enough and affordable for a person like me. Canon...
  7. A

    Picture not clear - HikVision HD Cameras

    Good Afternoon Colleagues I hope you are doing well . We have installed almost 30 Hikvision cameras (Part Number: DS-2CE16H0T-IT5F) at one of our customers. We have two cameras that has an issue . The picture of those two cameras is not clear . The cable length between those two cameras and the...
  8. G

    Security cameras - restrict/set reduced field of view

    Currently I don’t own any cameras but want to buy a couple - one front, one back. I’ve been lucky enough to borrow an old Arlo camera from a neighbour, so have some idea about FOV in the real world, how the cameras record, positioning, etc. I am nowhere near making a decision as to which...
  9. D

    Adding hikvision cameras

    I seem to be having a hard time adding poe cameras to my hikvision DS-7604NI-K1 nvr Ive got two h.view cameras which were working perfectly but had issues adding them to the nvr, one of them stopped working. I think it still works but not sure how to test. Ive just bought a new hikvision...
  10. tekgeek1

    LG OLED C9 - display Google Cameras on Screen

    Morning, I have seen some old posts and information on the topic of how you can display Google Nest cameras and Hello Doorbells directly on LG OLED C9 TV's. I have a OLED55C9AUA TV with several cameras and a doorbell that I would like to be able to either pull up or automatically pop on my TV...
  11. Geoggy

    Nest IQ cameras - 50% failure rate

    Had 4 Nest IQ cans installed just over 2 years ago. One died and Google were good and replaced it. However another one has now gone, and they are refusing to do anything as it is just out of warranty. I didn’t get anywhere quoting consumer rights and them lasting a reasonable time. This model...
  12. Southsider21

    Action Cameras

    I am planning to buy an action camera and my choices are the GOPro10 & Sony FR3000 which is no longer available, my question is are there others to look for that fit my AC cravings ?..
  13. goatywoaty

    POE CCTV - Have used Hikvision before - Any other good 4k cameras around?

    Hi everyone I installed a 4k POE Hikvision system at the last house in 2018 which was great, though a bit pricey. I'm wanting to install another system now at our new place, just one camera for now, but will install more later. Anyone got any recommendations for decent POE cameras and 4k...
  14. ZooGuy

    Difficult Tech Challenge - Need Small Profile Cameras for California Condor Nesting HDMI

    This question may have no good answer but I would love a bit of advice to solve a specific problem. Background: I produce SM and do storytelling around zoo animals and field conservation projects. I'm working with a team that is breeding endangered California Condors and we want to film some...
  15. P

    Low resolution on 1080p cameras I added to H.264 hybrid DVR

    I've added some extra 1080p cameras to a 16ch Home DVR and they're showing lower resolution than the old 720p Cameras that I already have on it. The DVR specs show it can take the highest res of 1080p, Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? (I've added a photo from the system setup I see on an older...
  16. littlesheepy

    Yi home cameras and new EE router

    I’ve got a couple of the indoor yi home cameras but have had to replace my EE router with a newer smart one. I no longer see the 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks separately to choose what to connect to, the router is ‘smart’ and chooses itself apparently. So now I’m unable to connect the cameras as...
  17. SpixzFR

    What do you think about 3d (stereoscopic) cameras ?

    Personally I would like to have one but it's far too expensive and most companies have stopped selling them. Probably because of a low number of sales due to the high price (more expensive than the Oculus quest 2) or the non interested of the public. I would really like to have one. If the price...
  18. RobTi

    Any HomeKit cameras that are recommended

    Hi as above looking for a couple of cameras to start with that will pop up on my phone or Apple TV when activated And can record . Thanks
  19. 4

    Monitorable security cameras for multiple residences

    G'day. I have a couple of AirBnb properties as well as a co-working space that I also live in. I'm looking for a camera solution that would allow me to keep track of comings and goings of guests and tenants. Ideally all properties could be monitored in the one app. I've noticed on a couple of...
  20. B

    4MP IP Cameras Vs. 8MP CCTV Cameras?

    I'm new here. I googled this question and I understand that IP cameras have higher fps so it has a smoother video, ....etc. But when it comes to zooming in, I read that IP cameras are better. Why is that? They have lower resolution (lower MegaPixels). In my country, the max available IP camera...
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