1. CanNik

    My new cameras

    I am looking forward to doing some car shots with them after the blasted bank holiday :) The tests were on 120 HP5+ in Rodinal for 6 minutes at 20 degrees, 6x6 on a Rollei and a Seagull just bought
  2. O

    Hidden Security Cameras

    Hi everyone, I have a question about hidden security cameras. I was wondering if all security cameras come with a night vision mode. I am currently trying to setup one in my apartment that I share with too many people. Im worried about things that may become missing and what not. The night...
  3. M

    Recommendation for x2 POE outdoor cameras under £200

    Hi forum, As the title really. For the last year I've been running x2 NEOS/WAYZE indoor smart cameras in external housing out the front and rear of the house. And whilst, for £20 each they've done a great job during the day and for £20 provide brilliant features (custom activity zones, cloud...
  4. Johnmcl7

    Sony add webcam support to a variety of cameras

    Sony have finally added webcam support for a good number of their cameras going back to 2014 including e-mount, a couple of a-mount along with a few fixed cameras including their RX100, RX10 and RX0 series:
  5. chippyteaforme

    First CCTV setup for home? Either 1 or 2 cameras

    Hi all! Looking to get a pretty basic 1 or 2 camera setup for the home. Definitely want something that covers the driveway to the front of the house, as then it would also cover the entrance to the garages. May also be tempted to have a camera at the back to cover the back garden, shed and...
  6. L

    CCTV cameras software stuck

    Hi guys, I need help! I working on night shift and computer’s work got stuck on CCTV monitor, I clicked on the keyboard by mistake on random keys and now the pc stuck on CCTV cameras and I can’t change it, I can’t even move the mouse pls help! Anyone know any keyboard shortcuts to exit the...
  7. Arcam_boy

    Question Lost both HiKvision cameras after disconnecting POE adaptor!!

    Hello, Since moving house I've been using TP Link POE adaptors for 'wired' internet to my games room as it wasn't possible to run cables inside the house. I've now managed to run a Cat6 Ethernet cable to the room and unplugged the POE in the room which was feeding all my bits n pieces...
  8. giggsy1950

    Home security cameras

    Mods - just posted this in lifestyle section but might be better here if my other thread can be closed down? Hi everyone. My folks are elderly and would like to set up a security camera system at their house so they feel safer and so they can see who lets their dog foul the pavement at the top...
  9. giggsy1950

    Security cameras for parents

    Hi everyone. My folks are elderly and would like to set up a security camera system at their house so they feel safer and so they can see who lets their dog foul the pavement at the top of their drive. They don't use a smart phone but do have fibre broadband. Can anyone advise what easy to use...
  10. D

    Simplest way to stream RTSP IP Cameras to your website via WebRTC, without transcoding

    If you are on Windows OS, there is a remarkably easy way of doing this. Download and install free Unreal Media Server , create a live broadcast of type "rebroadcast live RTSP/", select RTSP from dropdown and provide your RTSP Camera URL. Give that broadcast some name (Alias). Now...
  11. D

    Question Android cameras

    I'm considering switching from iPhone XS to Huawei P30 specifically for the camera. On my iPhone, I can force the camera being used (1x or 2x) by tap & hold, or by selecting the camera in the Moment app. Will I be able to select and lock the camera on the P30, so that it does not automatically...
  12. simon1967

    Question Security cameras. Was going wireless but how easy is wired?

    Hi all, I’ve been steadily refurbing my house and now the end is in sight, my thoughts have move towards protecting it all. I’ve recently been bitten by the Alexa bug which reminded of my dabbling with X10 products many years ago. I absolutely love what it can do so as I move from room to room...
  13. R

    Hikvision CCTV Setup, options for hard to wire cameras?

    My 2 camera CCTV has been working fine for a while now, but I would like to extend it and add an additional camera to cover the rear garden. Issue is I think its going to be very hard to get an ethernet cable from the NVR to the camera location, would involve lifting carpets etc which the wife...
  14. B

    Wireless CCTV, need 2 cameras for front or back, or should I go wired?

    I need a CCTV camera front and then back over yard. Thinking easier with no wires going wireless like the Ring range, or should I go wired?
  15. S

    Action cameras vs camcorders/cameras, for static tripod use?

    Hello everyone, thought i'd ask you lot as i'm kind of confused and a bit lost. Have often lurked the forum for valuable information :D I would like to know how/ why action cameras are so cheap, yet cameras and camcorders seem considerably more expensive but often cannot shoot in 60p at high...
  16. Emmett518

    Need to key recording of outdoor cameras with an external sensor.

    I need to monitor my property with high quality video. I have livestock, so any normal motion sensing cameras are constantly being triggered by animals. I want to set up a driveway sensor, out of range of the animals to turn on the camera recording if someone pulls into the driveway, or walks...
  17. E

    Remote Security Cameras

    I would like to put a set of cameras on my garage which is 60 feet away from my dvd-r in the house. Can I do it?
  18. T

    Questions about home security cameras

    My house will be getting rewired with cat6 cabling and I thought it was a great opportunity to get a home security camera system. Definitely keen on getting a power over ethernet system as I'm having the cabling done and it seems like a nice clean job. Definitely keen on: Nice high resolution...
  19. Z

    Wifi security cameras - range

    Hi all. I'm hoping you can help with a solution to our requirements! I'm looking for a battery powered, wifi security camera solution but also one with really good range Our property isn't particularly big, so the distance from a base station to a couple of cameras mounted front and back is fine...
  20. cupakm

    Question Video cameras to timecode with Sound Devices MixPre II 10 for classical music videos

    Hi there, which quality video cams can you recommend for classical music videos? FullHD at 60 fps minimal, but 4K would be nicer. Need to keep them (at least 2 pcs) in sync with a Sound Devices MixPre 10 ii. Whole setup should be able to run on bats for 3 hours min. Small form factor would be a...
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