1. JMC1993

    For Sale Insta360 One X Action 5.7K 360 Camera

    I am selling my Insta360 One X 360 Camera. It comes with official selfie stick and cables. I don't have the original box / packaging unfortunately. Full working order and no scratches on the lenses. It was bought for a project and no longer have a use for it. Looking for £150.00 - I'm in...
  2. Fuzzman

    Looking for peephole camera for front door

    Hi Im looking for a peephole camera for my front door that has motion detection, runs on DC power not batteries and sends recordings and notifications to my mobile phone regardless of how far away I am from home. I have a camera mounted on my door that does all these things but the image is too...
  3. Heeler188

    Ring flood camera light settings

    I installed my Ring Flood Camera without issue.. It has been working fine. I have a rather dark driveway area and would like to have the Light on the unit stay on all night regardless of motion detection.. like stay on all night. When I make a schedule to have the lights come on and stay on all...
  4. C

    For Sale PSVR V2 Kit - Includes Headset, Camera, 2 x Move Controllers, Processor Unit & Charging Stand

    I have the above for sale, all in really good condition and fully working. The only thing missing is the headphones for the VR kit. I have the box for the VR kit and the Move controllers but not all of the internal packaging, no box for the charging station. The charge station gives you...
  5. Tez4uk

    IEGeek IE50 PTZ Camera

    Hello all I'm new to the forum. Can anyone please tell me why both of my cameras as different software versions both cameras are identical I have tried software update but it says they are both up to date ?.. Thanks in advance
  6. KBD

    Google Pixel 5: some applications won't function?

    skip to the bottom, updated Well, it's official, my phone will not be compatible with my provider's service in one month's time, they're going with Voice over LTE (VoLTE). I've been a staunch supporter of Motorola since my first phone in 1999. I had a StarTac, the one that looked like a Star...
  7. Dannyboydw

    Bosch cctv camera mic400

    Has anyone used the camset software to configure the metal mickey cctv camera just need to configure it to pelco protocol any advice is appreciated
  8. digidronix

    Drone with Thermal Camera Advice

    Hi, I am looking to buy a drone with thermal camera for my building surveying business. I found two drones and can't decide which one should I choose: DJI mavic 2 enterprise dual & Parrot ANAFI Thermal Has anyone used the above & would be able to advise which one is better option? Do you...
  9. Spinflight

    Camera drone for woodland use?

    I have an idea for using drones to help marshall and adjudicate paintball tournaments. But I'm not sure what form of drone would be appropriate or whether it is feasible. Clearly, unless said drone was merely hovering in a specific place, avoiding trees would be an issue. Are there any that...
  10. TaurusDevil

    500 Megapixel Camera.

    I know China developed a 500 Megapixel camera a few years ago. But are they on general sale? I have never seen a 500 Megapixel camera. :nono:
  11. F

    Ring Camera considerations

    I believe that many of the security camera systems have this issue, but I have only had experience with RING. If they go down, your system goes down. I thought that I could at least monitor my cameras, but today (12.7.21) RING is down and I cannot view any of my security cameras. I did not...
  12. J

    Long-Range Camera advice needed

    Hi all. Newbie here. I am looking for options on a long range camera as part of a complete home security system. I need to have a camera placed at a distance of about 1400 feet from my router, so Wi-Fi is out of the question. Not really interested in CCTV but that may be the only option. I would...
  13. M

    For Sale Sony VG-C3EM Battery Grip

    Sony VG-C3EM Battery Grip for A7iii, A9, A7riii mirrorless cameras. Very good condition. Boxed. £150 delivered
  14. rousetafarian

    For Sale Genuine Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adaptor

    Boxed used twice and put back in the box, as moved to USB-C for my Dragonfly amp £22.00 inc delivery Royal Mail 2nd class £24.00 inc delivery Royal Mail 2nd class Signed for BT or Paypal Friends and Family
  15. J

    Noise camera

    We have an issue with revving cars and bikes. Almost all of them total sh*t boxes, the cars and the bikes(seriously why bother) I would like to set up a camera and leave it running, then i want to process the video, just to pick out the 20 seconds each side of a high spot on the audio. -I was...
  16. S

    Camera for youtube / streaming suggestions

    Hello, Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but i'm in need of some advice for my sons xmas present. He's 8 (soon to be 9) and wants to be come a "youtuber" so he's asked for a camera and a green screen to get him started, trouble is i don't know exactly what he'd need to do this. To be...
  17. U

    Nest Outdoor Camera

    I have a Nest iq outdoor camera for my front drive, which it seems has been discontinued. So I can see there's a Nest Indoor/Outdoor Camera (battery) available, but I also see Nest wired one available. However, if you go on the Google store, thats not an option. Can anyone explain? I've also...
  18. B

    Sony A6300 or Sony A7iii camera for videography?

    Sony A6300 or Sony A7iii camera for videography, which is best? I'd like to do slow motion work too 60 fps or even 120 fps. Need good auto focus too for sports videoing and photography. Thanks
  19. B

    Sony A6300 good camera?

    Is the Sony A6300 a good camera, only issue is can't see it doing 60 or 120fps slow motion in 4k just 1080p. Will be more for video work.
  20. C

    What compact camera to buy?

    Hi I am looking at getting a new iphone as on the 8plus so I deserve an upgrade. I am keen on the 13 mini as I want a smaller phone. The reason I mention the above is that I am little bit torn between that and the pro for the camera but the price difference is roughly £500 - £600. I love...
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