1. CaptainKey

    ieGeek Battery IP Camera

    I have recently bought an ieGeek outdoor Battery IP Camera (Model ZS-GX5) which stated that ‘This wireless camera supports event recordings when Wi-Fi disconnected. This was my main reason for buying it because I know it will be placed in an area where WiFi is very patchy. I set the camera up...
  2. wonderer

    For Sale Panasonic DMC-FZ72 Bridge Camera 60X Optical Zoom

    Moving on my little used Panasonic FZ72 super zoom camera. In excellent condition and fully working. Cannot see any defects on the screen or lens. Great zoom on this camera. Included is the camera, carry bag, battery, charger and operating instructions. Also included is a mains powered battery...
  3. Beancounter

    For Sale Ring Indoor Camera (White)

    Ring Indoor Camera in white, boxed and as new. Only 6 weeks old, decided to go with another option for indoor cam. Looking for £35 delivered..
  4. ste1010

    Question HikVision Camera Selection Advice

    After recent attempted break ins on my close I am looking to add some CCTV cameras to the property. I have a background in electrical/computing and especially networking so am comfortable doing the install and setup my self and I have a contact who can source the HikVision equipment however I am...
  5. The Terrible Tiggy

    Entry level V-logging camera

    Hello! I've been looking for a 4K (or at least fairly decent) camcorder for making youtube videos. I really would like to get something under £200, but I don't want it to be terrible. I've been thinking about maybe a cheap action cam as they seem to be reasonably priced, and I can record audio...
  6. georgeambler89

    For Sale Nikon D800 & D610 Camera Bodies

    Selling both my D800 and D610 camera bodies, full descriptions below; D610 - £650 Nikon D610 24.3MP Digital SLR Camera - Black (Body Only). Selling my used Nikon D610. Was used a studio camera and wedding backup camera for a few of years. 58960 shutter actuations. What’s included can be seen...
  7. C

    For Sale PS5 Dual Sense Controller + HD Camera

    Ive got both brand new in boxed still sealed. Controller £50 Delivered. HD Camera £40 Delivered. May consider a slightly cheaper price if someone wants both together.
  8. huxley

    Question First time buyer needing Camera and Thermostat advise

    As per the thread I`m going to moving into my own place pretty soon. I`m looking to install at first an internal movement camera, camera door bell and a smart thermostat. I want to be able to use these remotely, I`m fine with using homekit / Apple but I don't want to use any third party apps...
  9. D

    Question Porr nightvision camera

    I bought a hikvision nvr plus one camera some time ago. I used the camera as a child monitor. It was good so i bought another to fit outside. Night vision is absolutely terrible. Anybody know what the problem is?
  10. T

    VR video production and camera options

    I'm just getting started in VR/360 video production am am about to buy my first camera(s). I need something that is highly portable as I'll be walking with it, gives high quality footage, can shoot in different light such as sunrise, night, etc. as I'll be shooting almost exclusively outside...
  11. Scott Wright

    Bargain Expired Voger Outdoor Security Camera Reduced from £39.99 to £19.99. Expires 2nd January

    Voger Security Camera Outdoor 50% off Code : 533XSBZC Reg.Price : £39.99 Final Price : £19.99 Expiration Date : 2021.01.02 Code tested and working 31st December. Please reply to let me know if link is expired before the 2nd!
  12. R

    Ring Camera Multi-Packs

    I noticed that there is a discount on the Ring Elite multi-packs, listed here: Compare Indoor & Outdoor Security Cameras | Smart Home Security, but not all multi-packs. Does anyone know if this is an ongoing or regular discount, or if this is a limited time offer that doesn't recur often?
  13. S

    Wanted Nest Outdoor Camera

    I’m looking for a nest outdoor camera. Either model.
  14. M

    Remote access drone with camera.

    Hello, New to the forum but I have a crazy idea and I would definitely if anyone else has an idea if if/how to do this. I want to use a drone for general house and garden checking when I'm out (or feeling lazy) so I know you can have drones that communicate via WiFi. I also know that you can...
  15. Matty18

    Question Best camera phones on market at the moment?

    Hi all, I am coming to the end of my SIM only deal where I am currently using the Huawei Mate 20 pro and I am considering an upgrade. The main function of a phone for me is the camera for stills so it's essential that any phone I consider be an improvement on what I've already got. Secondary...
  16. M

    How to find camera address in a ptz camera

    Hello Got these china PTZ camera sell by Aliexpress with no brand name. Do anyone know how to find address of these PTZ ( pan , tilt ,zoom) camera to change address. Reason i ask is went have more than one PTZ camera hook to a DVR ,need to change address of the cameras. If don't change the...
  17. D

    Security camera

    Looking for the smallest cctv camera with sound that can be fitted in to a other item so can not be seen any help much appreciated
  18. stanster59

    Wildlife camera

    The boss wants one for xmas, just something to set up in the garden, any recommendations. She's sent me this link :
  19. A

    Question How to fix problem with Poly (Polycom) Studio camera not picking up people who talk low, due to distance?

    Hi, We have a Poly (Polycom) Studio that we use for video calls such as through Zoom. We have a problem with our Poly (Polycom) Studio camera not picking up people who talk low, due to distance. During one of our last Zoom calls using the Poly Studio, this camera had problems picking up sound...
  20. mstar

    Outdoor Camera Smart Automation Advice

    Hello all i was wondering on peoples thoughts on below LED porch lights are currently linked via lightwave hub to alexa to switch on/off I would like to have a camera with motion detection to (hopefully) link via alexa to create routines to enable my porch lights to come on when motion is...
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