1. C

    For Sale Swann Smart Security Camera Twin Pack *Amazon Alexa & Google assistant compatible*

    Swann smart security camera twin pack, comes boxed with charging leads etc, compatible with Amazon alexa and Google assistant, £235 on Amazon currently, delivery by RMSD Amazon - swann smart security camera
  2. goonergaz

    Wanted Camera and PSVR processor box

    Long story short, I have a TV upstairs that would be great if I could just take my PSVR headset up to an plug in. As such I'm after the break-out box (maybe someone has one knocking about from a faulty headset?) and a spare camera (not fussed which one). Cheaper is better as I'm unsure how...
  3. johnny8977

    Wanted Cheap camera

    Afternoon all. My little boy is obsessed with taking pics using our mobiles. Rather than have him running around with rather expensive and delicate iPhones, is anyone selling a cheap digital camera. Say 8MP and upwards. Cheap as in £15 or thereabouts? (moved from Misc forum) Thanks.
  4. C

    For Sale Canon EOS M200 mirrorless camera £360

    For sale is a brand new unused unopened canon M200 camera in black with 15-45mm lens. This camera has only recently been released by Canon and has a great spec- it’s an unwanted prize hence brand new. https://www.canon.co.uk/cameras/eos-m200/ I’m looking for £360 delivered or pickup in person...
  5. Hainesy

    For Sale 2 x Hikvision Cube Indoor IP Camera 1080p 3MP / IR / PIR / WiFi / PoE / 2.8mm Wide Angle

    Have got two of these DS-2CD2432F-IW model indoor IP cameras for sale having used them as baby cams and no longer need them. These are really high quality units, work with a range of software including Hikvision's own app / Synology Surveillance Station / Blue Iris etc. Full specs here: 3MP IR...
  6. gargoyle67

    For Sale HDMI USB 37MP 1080P 60FPS TF Video Recorder 100X Video Electronic Digital Repair Microscope Camera

    Used Microscope camera, only used a couple of times, good for inspecting/recording electronics or other small items coins e.c.t Stand plus led light, Has UK AC adaptor, Can be attached to a trinocular stereoscopic microscope with the correct mounting. Specification: Image sensor: Panasonic...
  7. johnny8977

    Wanted Cheap camera

    Evening all. My little boy is obsessed with taking pics using our mobiles. Rather than have him running around with rather expensive and delicate iPhones, is anyone selling a cheap digital camera. Say 8MP and upwards. Cheap as in £15 or thereabouts? Thanks.
  8. gibbsy

    Need to get my mojo back as well as a new camera.

    I have a good set up with cameras and lenses, Nikon D300, lenses from wide angle to telephoto zoom and as well as a full set of Lee filters. Trouble is my old fart's body is full of arthritis and I just can't set up, or carry, the kit that I use to love using for landscapes especially. If you...
  9. J

    Question New CCTV camera goes offline after 1 minute

    Setup a new CCTV system (Sannce Wireless) and 1 camera doesn't show up for long. If I restart the camera it then comes online for 1 minute and displays on the nvr but after 1 min it yhen drops off. It is sat right nex to it and I have tried it with different attenas and power. When it's on for...
  10. J

    CCTV recommendations - looking for camera which can record to cloud

    Hey, had an incident over the weekend of potential suspicious activity outside house and a few other burglaries in the area. Currently have no alarm or CCTV or floodlights so looking into all right now - there goes the xmas bonus. Most the CCTV systems comes with SD storage or a NVR but my...
  11. M

    Help, Panasonic HD writer 3.0 won't copy from camera or memory card to disk

    I got a Panasonic video camera for Christmas. It said to download and install HD Writer 3.0, which I did. I now have the memory card filled up and want to write it to a DVD like I used to do with my JVC camera. I am unable to get the software to work. The instructions say to click on "copy...
  12. N

    Which budget outdoor PoE ip camera?

    Hi folks, I have a hikivision 8mp setup being installed in a few weeks. However, I am keen to get a camera to sit in the same area as my ring doorbell. It would act as a backup should the ring piss about and not record. I already have a 2tb wd purple, PoE switch and a synology diskststion with...
  13. D

    iPhone 7 camera live every time despite turning off

    Hi, no matter what instructions I follow camera Live is always on. I don’t want Live Photo’s. thanks in advance for any assistance.
  14. Silkbeast

    Ps4 camera v2

    I have a v2 camera that I need to get into as I believe there is a faulty connection meaning only one of the lenses is working. The main issue is getting into the case... I have found the two tiny screws but can see no way of cracking the case, short of cutting my way in. There are joins in the...
  15. paulm10

    Question Nextbase 522GW (with Rear Camera) Or Blackvue DR750S-2CH

    Hello, I'm in the market to buy my first dash cam. I've narrowed my choice down to between two camera's. The Nextbase 522GW (with Rear Camera) Or Blackvue DR750S-2CH. I can't decide which camera would be best for me. Both camera's have features that I like and features I don't. The Nextbase...
  16. E


    SAMSUNG GALAXY A70 (BLACK) - BRAND NEW SEALED (UNLOCKED) - 6.7" SCREEN, 128GB, OCTA CORE, 4500MAH BATTERY, TRIPLE CAMERA - 2 YEAR WARRANTY £239.99 Will be posted Royal Mail Special Delivery
  17. L

    Camera message on tv

    Model UE55HU8500. Keep getting popup message on screen. Camera apps for camera. Click OK but keeps appearing. Camera is not activated and is pushed into the top of the tv Can't find anything online?
  18. Lukasa125

    Black lines on iPhone camera

    Hi, Yesterday I opened my camera and saw that where are some black dots (lines) on my screen. I thought it was something like dust on my camera lenses. I cleaned my camera but black lines were still where. Maybe someone knows what it could be? Then I zoom those black dots gone but I don’t...
  19. Alps

    Question iphone 11 camera issue

    Guys, the pinch to zoom function doesn't always work on my camera or video options. I'm running the latest FW. If I open camera and pinch to zoom, the screen remains as it is. But if I close camera and go back in it works again. The zoom dial works fine all the time though. A faulty phone?
  20. W

    Wanted After a Motorola MBP36S Baby Monitor Camera

    As per the title and probably a long shot, if by any chance someone has a camera from the MBP36S set, please let me know. Only really need the camera on it's own so we can add it to the set we have and run dual cameras. Cheers!
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