1. asik1

    can you name this camcorder?

    thank you.
  2. M

    Samsung camcorder cable

    Hi all first post from me . I want to connect my samsung wp-90 8mm camcorder to my tv to view , the lead it came with only has a yellow & red connector no red !!! I can hear once it’s connected via the tv but no pictures… Do i need to get the cable that has the red as well or do i need a...
  3. A

    Can I use HC-V210 camcorder as a webcam?

    I wonder if there is any way to use a Panasonic HC-V210 camcorder as a webcam? Panasonic support just told me (amazingly quickly and efficiently) that it didn't have this "feature". But that leaves open the possibility that there is some workaround to do it nevertheless. I'd love it if there...
  4. T

    Best camcorder under £400

    I'm thinking of buying a camcorder just to shoot family videos out and about and at home. I have a budget of £500 but would prefer to spend around £400. 4k would be nice but file sizes are larger so I would be happy with Full HD. Something water resistant possibly and also easy to use out the...
  5. J

    Help with Samsung camcorder

    I’ve been given a Samsung vp w70 8mm camcorder , when I look through the viewfinder it is black and white….the play back on the camera is also black and white……does it not do colour…..thanks for any replies posted
  6. fishbait1

    Want to digitize tapes from my Samsung SCL860 Camcorder

    My parents have an old Samsung Camcorder and it has no RCA outputs. There only seems to be a S-Video female port. I see many devices that can i can buy to digitize these tapes but without RCA outputs on the camcorder, I dont want to buy one until i know i can do this and how... Any help would be...
  7. Zog

    Connecting an old camcorder to my Denon AVR

    I'm trying to connect an old camcorder to my relatively new Denon AVR. The camcorder has yellow RCA out for the video and a single RCA out for the mono sound. I have connected them up to the second of 7 inputs on the receiver and assigned the sound input to analogue. Audio works. The problem...
  8. B

    Camcorder - Panasonic HC-VXF990EB-K - HDMI QUERY

    Camcorder - Panasonic HC-VXF990-K .-HDMI Query When in video recording mode do you have a full HDMI video display to a remote monitor, such as a Feelworld or does the link go down when recording starts? Information appreciated.
  9. D

    Recommended camcorder for low light recording

    I am looking forward to buy a new camcorder able to record in good quality at low light (parties, events, city at night) without pixelization. What I'm considering at the moment is Panasonic hc-x1500 (or x2000) or Canon Legria HF G60. Does anyone have any experience with either of those? Im open...
  10. H

    Camcorder Recommendations

    Looking to pick back up on an old hobby, and would like some advice on todays camcorders. I would like a 4k and have a budget of 3k. I was looking at a Panasonic ag-dvx200, but thought I would ask before buying. My wants are: video camera that can use an external mic, records in mp4 format, uses...
  11. Reedmenow

    Microphone for Canon XA50 for percussion instruments

    I need a microphone that I can mount in the mic holder on a Canon XA50 camcorder. I will be ecording a wide range of conventional, primitive, and odd percussion instrument for my own use, and perhaps for Youtube, in the living room of my fairly soundproof New York city apartment. I need...
  12. Reedmenow

    Camcorder for videoing percussion

    I am a percussionist with conventional, primitive, and unusual instruments. I would like to shoot simply video with high quality sound (of the percussion). It will be mostly for my own record and also to share with friends and perhaps put on Youtube. I am learning disabled and do not do well...
  13. P

    HDMI CEC using camcorders

    I would like to use HDMI CEC to either capture some kind of status message from a camcorder that it has started/stopped to record or vice versa, to send a record start/stop command to the camcorder. Do you know if this is supported in the CEC spec and if it has been implemented by most camcorder...
  14. S

    Older Besteker camcorder question

    My company utilizes two older Besteker camcorders: Silver, HD, 24MP, F/3.2 f=7.36mm, 16x zoom. No model numbers on them. We utilize both cameras at the same time, each person of a two-person team records videos of occurences. Both cameras utilize the filename format SUNP### starting with...
  15. R

    CCD-VX1E showing white noise, distorted like. Seller told me i need to calibrate it, someone that could help?

    Bought a CCD-VX1E from a local market place (event), buyer told me i only need to calibrate it. But i got a feeling something else is needed to do. So there is some kind of noise, looks white. When i put in the battery there is a display for a split second. There is no tape in it, but i dont...
  16. JustJeff

    Old 8mm camcorder turning off after 3 seconds.

    Hi all. I have an old Sanyo VM-RZ1P that has 2 issues and would appreciate some advice if available. Issue 1 is that the camcorder automatically turns off after about 3 seconds, regardless if it's started in camera or playback mode. On battery or plugged into mains. With or without tape...
  17. C

    Camcorder recommendations sought please.

    I am in the market for a new or used camcorder, a subject I am not greatly familiar with, so I seek advice here please. I am into amateur TV, as a radio "ham" and I am building up a station to transmit and receive live TV pictures, mainly via the `es hail geo stationary satellite. So far I have...
  18. P

    Disappointing Camcorder quality - Any ideas?

    Hi all, I've got a Sony HDR-CX240 digital HD camcorder, but I have to say, I think the quality of the images is pretty poor. I have it set to the highest quality, but they still seem very digital and full of artifacts. Whilst daytime performance is well below expectations, the low light...
  19. J

    HDMI camcorder controled and powered on with remote

    Hi! We need to install a camera at the ceiling level in a cooking classroom so we can create videos of the food prepared on a table. The camera will be linked to a computer through hdmi using elgato camlink. We do not need very high quality video but we do need the camera to be able to zoom...
  20. A

    Panasonic HV-VX891 4K camcorder won’t work with a external field monitor?

    I recently got a Panasonic HC VX981 that I want to use for filming high school soccer. I have 2 field monitors, a Atomos Ninja V and a Freeworld 4K FW568, but the camera won’t let me view anything through the field monitor when trying to film on 4K or in HDR. The only way I can get it to work is...
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