1. Swiftly1314

    Question Buzzing sound on playback of 8MM tapes on computer

    Hi everyone, hoping someone can figure out what's going on here. So i have tapes that are around 15-23 years old, so i'm eager to get them transferred onto my computer. i bought something that does that and also bought an old camcorder. On playback in the camcorder, the video and audio is...
  2. A

    Lost JVC camcorder charger

    I have lost the charger for my JVC camcorder, is there any way I can retrieve the videos on the internal memory? All my children's baby videos are on there and I am devastated at the thought of not being able to get them.
  3. T

    Camcorder with mic

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a decent affordable camcorder with a mic input? It looks like Panasonic used to produce a decent model (v770) but no longer sell it. My budget is about 300gbp but it seems that most budget camcorders lack any mic input. I want to shoot educational videos, so I don't...
  4. S

    Camcorder suggestions for a novice

    My son is interested in recording his brothers and himself while skateboarding. He doesn’t want a GoPro. He says he is looking for something that can be used stationary or while He is moving. I’ve been looking and am blown away by all the brands, options and PRICES of camcorders. He is 12 y/o...
  5. H

    Why can't I find a camcorder with an optical viewfinder?

    Hi folks, I took videography classes in highschool and college and really enjoyed it. Now 20-odd years later I have some disposable income and thought it might be a fun hobby to get back into. I've never actually bought a camera myself(just used the schools or the families). Anyway, I've found...
  6. J

    Panasonic NV-GS5 Camcorder

    Hi, I have an old Panasonic NV-GS5 which haven't ben used for quite a while. Tried to start it up but it's not turning on at all. Tried 3 different batteries and direct power and still not turning on. Any ideas would be appreciated Thanks in advance for any6 kind of help
  7. I

    New guy with budget camcorder footage question

    Hello everyone. Im slowly starting to get into video and have been mainly using my Hero 8 and friends Canon Rebel. I picked up a budget video recorder to give me some more recording options and as a review project. I wasn't expecting much besides having it stationary via tripod. Besides having...
  8. B

    need help troubleshooting problem with camcorder

    recently got a sony ccd m8u camcorder, it came with the video cassette recorder/player and an rfu adapter. when recording into obs this is what i get, is this a problem with the camera, tape player, or adapter? i tried different film so its not that. attached is a still from what i captured on...
  9. billybop

    Question Canon XH A1 Mini DV, DV, Flash Media Camcorder

    Advice please ive im just starting out taking videos, ive been offered this recorder for £250 to set me off on my way, would this be a good start for me to learn please any advice would be most welcome thank you...Ray:(
  10. C

    Question Fault with camcorder footage (VINTAGE CAMCORDER SAMSUNG VP-L850D)

    My Samsung VP-L850D has a yellow overlay at the right hand side of all the footage it plays. It’s not a problem with the tapes as I have played several through the camcorder and they all come out like this. It’s not a problem with the LED screen either as it came out like this when the camcorder...
  11. P

    Need expert advice on best video-camera or camcorder, please!

    Hello everybody! I'm new to this forum and have a question please. I bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX85 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera to use for video shooting. The picture quality is stunning when I don't move the camera or zoom in. But the blur is terrible if I do. So, to...
  12. D

    Digitising video from older digital 8 Sony TRV-110E firewire out camcorder

    Hi all, I have an old Sony TRV-110E Digital 8 camcorder. Its not had a lot of use and works perfectly. I also have a collection of digital 8 mini tapes which are probably 15 years old. I'd like to make copies/digitise them for preservation and maybe to manipulate some/upload to youtube etc. My...
  13. avgeek52

    XLR Microphone for Canon XA50 Camcorder?

    Evening all. I’ve recently bought a Canon XA50 camcorder and looking for a suitable microphone but not sure what to look for. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  14. G

    Carry On Camcorder -how the heckers do i blur background..

    Hoping to goodness someone with better knowledge than I can answer in simply laymans' terms. Camcorder, had em' for years - never really understood the whole shutter speeds etc etc My camcorder ( which i hate btw ) is panasonic VXF1 4k. Now, 4k seems to not work in a lot of settings but hey...
  15. Wirelessjack

    GoPro HERO5 Black 4K Waterproof Action Camera Camcorder - Certified Refurbished £15 For £15 you cant go wrong?
  16. J

    Retro AC Adaptor replacements

    Hey guys, I am trying to restore old DV tapes for a 90's handheld camcorder. My issue is the adapter is not holding charge for more than a minute. Finding a replacement is hard and costly where it is available. There must be universal adapters available local to me that will do the job. Here...
  17. jodylou22

    camcorder recommendations please

    hi, i'm looking for a camcorder for vlogging with a external microphone input for under £200, are there any recommendations please?
  18. J

    Sony NX80 camcorder w/ UWP-D wireless audio

    So I'm waiting on a new Sony NX80 camcorder with a Sony UWP-D wireless dual channel audio setup My setup will consist of the newer UTX-B40 Transmitters & URX-P03D dual channel receiver Does anyone else have this combo? Also, does anyone know what the USB-C port is for on the UTX-B40...
  19. LostInFL

    Using my Samsung IntelliZoom camcorder as a webcam

    I have a old, reliable Intellizoom 65x camcorder (SMX-F54BN/XAA) that I would like to use as a webcam. I have the USB cable to connect to my Windows10 PC, but the system won't let me install the iStudio software (from the camcorder) Anyone have experience with this?
  20. S

    Does anyone know what these cables are?

    Hi There, I've found a couple of cables and I have no idea what they are for... One of them is Sony branded and I have emailed their support department to ask what the cable is for and even they haven't been able to shed any light on it for me! One cable is a Sony RFU-89EA and the other says...
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