1. McCol

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy Buds+ and Cambridge Audio Melomenia M1 wireless earbuds

    For sale are two pairs of wireless earphones. The Samsung Buds+ are the latest version of their wireless earphones, I received them as part of the new phone promotion. They have been opened, charged and tried once. Looking for £80 with postage included. Also up for sale are my Cambridge...
  2. Cameron583

    For Sale Mint Cambridge Audio CXA60 [Silver][~17 months Warranty] - £320!

    I've had this since early september last year, where I paid £500. Only reason I'm selling is I've gone down the room correction route with an Anthem. It's an absolutely stunning piece of equipment, with exceptional attention to detail - even the volume wheel is motorised and rotates in...
  3. J

    Cambridge Audio A1 Phono stage

    Hi, I am writing from Italy, I am looking for a Phono card for my Cambridge A1MK3, having difficulty with the language can someone point me to an online site where I can find it. Thanks to everyone who will participate in the discussion
  4. absolutely80s

    Wanted CAMBRIDGE AUDIO Minx 12 Satellites & X201Subwoofer

    Looking for three of the satellite speakers and one sub - all in black. Anybody looking to sell on?
  5. C

    For Sale Cambridge Audio 851w Power Amp (Black)

    In mint condition, 2 Channel, in black. Details of the power amp below. can post pictures if needed. https://www.richersounds.com/cambridge-851w-blk-soc.html
  6. Milseyuk

    Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    Hello I bought a CXN V2 a couple of weeks ago, it sounds fantastic, works brilliantly with Tidal but I’m really struggling with locally stored media. I’ve got all my CDs ripped onto a NAS but the Stream Magic and CA Connect software is pretty rubbish when it comes to local media and it’s...
  7. geordie_john

    (Solved) Cambridge tv2 no sound?

    Hello I have been lent a Cambridge tv2 sound box while my Onyko gets repaired,the sound box works fine with the tv but when I put Sky on I get no sound,I am connected by optical cable? Does anyone know how I can get sound through the Cambridge tv2 sound box please? Thank you.
  8. MartinH32

    Bargain Cambridge Audio CXN v2 - £650

    Bargain TODAY ONLY at Richer Sound!
  9. OptimusPrime9

    Question Cambridge Audio Minx X201

    given the small size of the sub is it good or not so? maybe want this for my denon dra 800h i not have a big budget does thus sub meet the minium requirement for a good sub?
  10. W

    For Sale Monitor Audio Bronze 6 £324 and Cambridge Audio Minx Min 12's

    Hey folks, I have these 2 speakers currently for sale. The MA Bronze 6's in Black are for collection only whereas the Minx 12 I can post out The Minx 12 are only 2 weeks old, purchased from RS so absolutely as new condition. I've returned things to them before and I feel guilty so I'll just...
  11. P

    Cambridge audio cxa60 with two pair of speakers

    Hi, I appreciate a good sounding system but am a novice. I presently have a Cambridge audio cxa60 and a set of wired Kef Lsx’s. I am knocking down a few walls to create a larger kitchen, but it will have a few nooks and crannies (I am turning three smaller rooms into one room, but with a...
  12. saintedward

    Looking for advice on a new setup

    Hello, I recently moved from a flat to a house, and my longstanding Philips micro system (Buy the Philips Micro Hi-Fi System MCM760/05 Micro Hi-Fi System) has died. I always wanted a semi-decent setup and with a budget of £300 - £500 (£500 being the absolute max for this purchase) I'm looking...
  13. quatermass

    For Sale Cambridge Audio 651A Amplifier

    Selling silver Cambridge Audio 651A (and matching Stream Magic streamer in a separate ad) in order to simplify hifi set-up (sadly!). Lovely sounding amp which looks the part in the brushed metal finish. I have been using it with a pair of Tannoy revolution XT6F floor standers and the...
  14. DJ Dave

    Cambridge Audio CXA60 Owners

    Just wondered what other owners thought now it's been out a few years? I bought a new silver one yesterday to tide me over for a while. Are you guys happy with your purchase? Used mine for a few hours last night. Think it needs breaking in - hard to say if I'm happy at this stage.
  15. N

    Question Need help budget amplifier

    Hi Guys I am currently streaming Spotify Connect thru my Denon X4300H directly into my speakers. Thinking of adding in either a Schiit Vidar or CXA61/81 to the pre-outs to improve my stereo listening (soundstage, imaging, etc) What do you guys recommend ? The relatively new brand which...
  16. DJ Dave

    Question Connecting Headphone Amp to Cambridge Audiio CX A60

    Bought the above amp today. I have a Lehmann Linear headphone amp. Can only see a Pre Out on the Cambridge Audio, so I presume this is suitable to connect the Lehmann? I’ve noticed that the Cambridge Audio needs to be cranked up past 12o clock and even then I’m having to turn the Lehmann up...
  17. senmax

    Question Cambridge Audio DAC Magic Plus and Sennheiser 650

    I have DAC Magic Plus connected to my PC via USB for input and to Sennheiser 650 as output? Do I need a separate amp given high impedance of my headphones? They sound loud enough for me but when I connect them to Bluesound PowerNode 2i I "think" sound quality is better. I am not sure if this...
  18. timhowes

    Cambridge CXN v2 NAS help please

    My "NAS" is actually a Seagate external HDD connected by USB to my TP Link Archer C8 router. Now this volume is easily detected and streamed by my Sonos setup so I think the concept is valid (I also easily connect laptops & mobiles etc to the volume). However I can't for the life of me work out...
  19. C

    Cambridge Azur 752db firmware iso blu ray full menus!

    Friends! can you tell me the firmware that releases this blu ray player to reproduce iso blu ray or bdmv blu ray with navigable and original menus?
  20. F

    Question Cambridge Audio CXN V2.

    I've read to get Tidal you need MQA, something which this steamer doesn't have built in, the advertising blurb in the Richersounds site does however champion the upscaling qualities in a video presentation. Would this compare favourably to MQA? Thanks in advance
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