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  1. Steffens

    Question Cambridge Audio MINX X200 with broken LFE-input

    Hello! I am thinking of buying a used Minx X200 subwoofer, in the ad, the seller states that the LFE-input connector is broken but that you can use the output connector instead. I am very new to "audio stuff", but my gut tells me that plugging in something, that should be plugged into input, in...
  2. I

    Question Cambridge Audio Azur 640c faulty

    I own the above CD player and the buttons on the front panel don't work, for a while they took a few presses to respond but they don't work at all now, has anyone got some advice on where to start looking?
  3. G

    Subwoofer for music (for computer position listening)

    Hello everyone, totally new to the forum. I do most of my listening at my PC desk and am using a pair of Audio Engine A2 speakers. They are small, fit under the PC monitor and am mostly happy with the sound, but naturally they are so small, bass is lacking. I am looking add a small sub under...
  4. A

    Question Mini System for Kitchen Yamaha CRX-N470 Micro Receiver or Sony MAP-S1 Multi Audio Player, with Cambridge Audio SX50 Bookshelf Speakers or Mission LX2

    New here- have sevral mid fi, and low fi projects coming up so I figured I would get the best value for my money by learning about what is available. Today's prject is fiuguring out a streo for the kitchen. I am replacing a Yamaha YST-99CD Natural Sound Tabletop CD Stereo System YST-99CD...
  5. kayvee123

    Question Which speaker? Cambridge Audio Min22 or B&W M1

    Hi, I know similar questions have been asked before but they didn't provide the exact comparisons. I have a set of Tannoy SFX 5.1s currently in a living room which measures around 5x4m. I feel the time has arrived to upgrade. Want to keep the new set compact in size as well. I'm after opinions...
  6. Mach8618

    Need help choosing an amp (CA/NAD/?)

    Hello! I have new custom made speakers by a guy who has 20years of experience. It's a great sounding piece of equipment that can compete with ~2000USD speakers. The problem is my source and given the current covid situation - budget. I'm using Onkyo TX-8270 atm and as I really enjoy the...
  7. popiolek

    Denon X3300W + DacMagic100, is there a point??

    Hi guys, it's my first post here, I am also quite new to hi-fi but I find it extremely fascinated, and I've got lots of questions... First of all, my current setup: - Denon X3300W ( 180W per chanel ) - Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100 - Mordaunt Short 908 ( 150W ) ( in the future, when I move to...
  8. OptimusPrime9

    Question Cambridge Audio Minx X201

    given the small size of the sub is it good or not so? maybe want this for my denon dra 800h i not have a big budget does thus sub meet the minium requirement for a good sub?
  9. DJ Dave

    Cambridge Audio CXA60 Owners

    Just wondered what other owners thought now it's been out a few years? I bought a new silver one yesterday to tide me over for a while. Are you guys happy with your purchase? Used mine for a few hours last night. Think it needs breaking in - hard to say if I'm happy at this stage.
  10. Jammalam

    Cambridge Audio Melomania pairing

    This is winding me right up, I can't for the life of me pair the earphones together with my pc, only individually. When I go to pair, the options are L//melomania and R//melomania. If I click one it only pairs that earphone not both of them. If I play music it only plays in that ear. If I...
  11. RayP

    Question Cambridge Audio CXN (v2) Streamer questions

    After much research I have decided the CXN Streamer would be a good addition to my home cinema / hi-fi system comprising:- Yamaha RX-A3010 AVR B&W CM4 loudspeakers Remaining kit is in my sig. I have a question for owners. My preferred method for playing stored music (all FLAC) is via an...
  12. G

    Question CA Minx or Wharefdale DX2 or??

    Hi, I have a very awkwardly shaped room that needs small, wall mountable speakers and a small (1 cubic foot max) sub. I recently tried the Damson S-Series wireless system. I had a few problems with the company and their attitude but that aside, there just isn't enough bass and that alongside...
  13. ShadowoftheBrad

    Question Left channel struggling - Cambridge Audio azur 540R

    I've just noticed my left channel is playing up on my 540R that I've been using for a few years now. I've tried all my speakers and changed the wire and the result is the same each time. I'm getting a distorted muffled sound, almost like it's underwater. There's almost no high end to speak of...
  14. P

    Q Acoustic M2 Vs Cambridge Audio TV2/5

    Can’t find a thread comparing these so what’s the thought on those that have demod them? TV5 looks best and reviewed well but less sure about the other two which seem almost identical yet again the TV2 seems better reviewed and has a bigger sub. TV2/3 appear same spec apart from size and extra...
  15. B

    Anthem MRX 310 / Arcam AVR450 / Cambridge Audio CXR120

    I have a budget of around £500 at a push, and I'm wondering (rather than buying a brand new amp) about getting one of these slightly older units. My thinking is that I don't need Dolby Atmos, or 7 channels, but I do value good sound quality and I hope I'd get a more 'musically' capable amp which...
  16. B


    Just signed up for amazon music hd. I can stream using built in chromecast but is it HD?
  17. P

    Denon AVR 1912. Cambridge audio CXA81.

    Apologies but an infrequent poster so I thought I'd ask the experts to give me a steer here. Have the Denon about 7 years (?). Good amp. Have disconnected the surround sound and just use it for stereo sound. Less clutter. Looking to upgrade to the above Cambridge and embrace stereo sound...
  18. B

    Question Cambridge Audio Sound Bar failure

    Hi All, This is my 1st post so please be gentle! I've had my Cambridge Audio TVB (v1) soundbar for a little under 2.5 years. Went to switch it on this morning and it looks like it's completely failed. It's now out of warranty so thought I'd replace it with something else. We mainly use the...
  19. M

    Question Not Happy with Monitor Audio Silver 200 + Cambridge Audio CXA60 Combo

    Hi all, I'd like to improve the sound of my home hifi. Here is what I currently own: - Cambridge Audio CXA60 amp - Monitor Audio silver 200 speakers And the sources are: - Rega Planar 3 / Elys 2 / Rega Fono Mini A2D - Cambridge Audio CXC (CD transport) - Samsung Galaxy S7 with BT AptX (which I...
  20. exponential

    Question Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    Hi. I'm going to guess that this question has been asked a million times on this forum but I'm going to ask it anyway...... How good is the CA CXN V2 and is it worth the asking price of £799 (or £699 at R.S with a discount code)? I don't currently own a device for streaming, well, I do in the...
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