call of duty (game)

  1. Thug

    Wanted Call of Duty Vanguard

    Anyone got Call of Duty Vanguard they wish to offload?
  2. metalpaul1000

    For Sale COD Cold War and Tony hawks

    Both sealed Series X version of Cold War £20 Tony hawks 1+ 2 £15
  3. markymiles

    Wanted COD Vanguard

    Looking for the above. Anyone have one they are no longer playing, gathering dust they would like to sell? Cheap used is good, not looking for a new one :smashin:
  4. Floyd AVF

    Warzone Pacific Battle Pass Issue on PS4 Pro

    After the latest Warzone Pacific update, I can no longer access the Battle Pass section (reached by scrolling through the tabs using R1/L1). When I click it, I'm taken in to the page but then immediately dumped out again back to the main screen. I've even tried deleting and reinstalling Warzone...
  5. I

    For Sale Call of Duty: Vanguard

    Hello, Have gone through the campaign mode and have no interest in playing online. £35.00 which includes postage. Cheers, Indy
  6. F

    Wanted Call Of Duty Vanguard Disc Version

    Looking for COD Vanguard
  7. Indiana Jones

    Wanted Call of Duty Vanguard

    Anyone have a copy of the Series version they want to move on?
  8. B

    For Sale Call of Duty: Cold War PS5

    Hello, For sale Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War PS5 Disc version. Like new condition. £30.00 including recorded delivery.
  9. Straybezza

    For Trade Call of Duty vanguard ps5

    Want to straight swap my PS5 copy of Call of duty vanguard for a copy of the series x version. Priced as per forum trading rules.
  10. L

    Call of Duty Modern warfare ps store purchase

    Hi all, new to the forum and looking for help or advice regarding below details. I have today purchased on the playstation store what I thought to be COD Modern warfare campaign game. I have downloaded the files and been met with COD warzone Pacific and add ons. It says bundle on the...
  11. snerkler

    COD Vanguard keeps crashing

    I've just got Vanguard for Christmas (physical CD game) and it keep crashing on multiplayer. It tends to happen once a game has finished, rather than returning to the lobby it just freezes and I can't do anything, often requiring me to unplug the PS4 which is not ideal. It's just done it now...
  12. J

    Multiplayer problems

    I’ve recently been having problems with modern warfare. Campaign suddenly goes really slow and multiplayer lets me play two and a half games and then crashes. I then can’t shut the game or the console, I end up having to shut the power off completely. I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled...
  13. C

    For Sale Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War - Xbox One and Series X / Alan Wake Collector's Edition Xbox 360

    Hi all, Selling my copy of CoD Cold War. Bought 2nd hand off ebay. Disk is in great condition but not perfect. The case says it's Xbox One and Xbox Series X edition. £20 Also selling Alan Wake Collector's edition on Xbox 360 (UK edition) in very good condition - outer sleeve slightly tatty in...
  14. H

    Call of duty Vanguard (PS5) not working?

    Posting this for help! so I recently bought vanguard on ps5 disk copy, I downloaded the content but when starting the game and reaching the game choices (campaign, multiplayer and zombies) it crashes and I haven't got past this point yet. I returned the game and bought a digital copy from the ps...
  15. Dusty86

    Least buggy cod?

    Which cod plays the smoothest with least hackers, bugs, etc... on xbox one?
  16. stu646

    COD Vanguard

    Shows how far COD has fallen that there is literally no buzz on here around the new game. I remember there use to be daily countdowns for release day, or people checking their post hoping to get a day early. Now nothing lol. I honestly thought Vanguard was a Modern Warfare season update, had no...
  17. C

    Call of Duty: Vanguard

  18. U

    What's the newest Call of Duty game in stores anyway?

    So, what is the newest Call of Duty anyway? Last time i kept track of Call of Duty games it was Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare from a few years ago
  19. G

    call of duty older titles

    hi i noticed where on some of the older call of duty titles that it wouldn't save multiplayer progress and everytime you return your back to level 1 and some games just freeze if your signed in on psn. call of duty world at war works and saves progress and call of duty ghosts works and saves...
  20. I

    COD MW MP. Can't see my own weapon sight!!

    Hi On COD MW Multiplayer split screen; It's been a couple of weeks now and I can't see my weapon or the weapon's sight on the screen so there is no way to aim! I've closed it down and restarted but still the same thing. Can anybody help? Thanks
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