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call of duty (game)

  1. R4V3N

    For Sale Call of Duty Cold War - needs 3080/3090 to redeem £19

    Got with RTX card but I already have the game you will need a 3080/3090 to redeem this. Or someone you trust can redeem it for you give them your battle.net details and a temp password. Will send the code once transfer has been done.
  2. HD2k15

    For Sale Call Of Duty Cold War Xbox Series X Version (Disc)

    Hi, This has been opened but never used. Selling as I am never going to play it. It was an impulse purchase. Will post via tracked delivery. Any questions please ask.
  3. A

    For Sale Mint COD Cold War Ps5

    For sale is a mint copy of COD Cold War for PS5 purchased from JL Will be posted next working day after agreeing deal via cheapest signed for. £40 delivered
  4. ODB_69

    For Sale PS5 COD Cold War

    Bought on here just for the campaign which I've just completed. £40 PPG delivered
  5. Foster

    For Sale Cod Cold War & Nvidia Geforce Now 12 Months.

    Just purchased a new GPU but have no need for both of these, prices are below. Cod Cold War - Requires a 3080/90 to activate - £20 Nvidia Now - £10 - Pretty sure it's the same as above and requires a 3080/90 to activate. Thanks.
  6. allanb1985

    Wanted Call Of Duty Cold War & Cyberpunk 2077

    Anyone got a reasonably priced copy for sale? Also looking for a copy of Cyberpunk 2077 If not sealed must be in excellent condition as its a gift. Thanks :smashin:
  7. chels

    For Sale COD: Cold War

    Unwanted present - had to open to secure disc which was loose as I didn’t want it to scratch collection only and no offers thanks
  8. BB3Lions

    For Sale COD Cold War

    COD Cold War postage 1st Class not included.
  9. danele

    For Sale Elite Controller V2 & Cod Modern Warfare (2019)

    For sale, call of duty modern warfare 2019, disc and case in excellent condition also for sale Cyberpunk 2077, both discs and slip are mint I haven't touched the map or booklets inside either it's basically brand new. ADDED Elite controller V2. £95inc Modern Warfare £22inc Cyberpunk 2077 SOLD
  10. Llamatronian

    Wanted Call of Duty Modern Warfare

    As per title. Looking for the above.
  11. bigbfan

    For Sale COD Cold War code only for 3080/90

    As topic.. needs a 3080/90 to activatez £20
  12. M

    For Sale COD Cold War code - £18

    I have another black ops Cold War code up for grabs. Will need a 3080/90 to redeem and sadly I can’t assist with redemption as my own 3080 has already redeemed one. thanks
  13. F

    Wanted COD Cold War

    Looking if anyone has finished the game
  14. J

    Call of duty campaign not installing

    Hello i have a ps5 and call of duty black ops cold war ive installed the game last week and the campaign wasnt installing ive downloaded it again and the percentage isnt going up on the game its not loading thankyou in adavance
  15. BarryMcKelvey

    CoD: Black Ops Cold War, Can't Play Warzone

    Hi I've been unable to play Warzone on my PS 5 since last Thursday. I've installed all the software and all the available updates. I can play Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombies. All except Warzone :-( When I try to play it, I get the following message, Can't find the game or app. Anyone know how...
  16. Sunshinewelly

    Random power offs when playing COD

    Anyone else having any issues with their series x. Mine keeps on powering off when playing campaign. Seems OK on multiplayer though. The campaign freezes and then system knocks off with controller still on It's happening constantly now in COD campaign
  17. rousetafarian

    Audio dropouts playing COD with Sony Gold Bluetooth headset

    What could be causing this? If I run a 3.5mm cable from the controller to the headset everything is fine but switch to BT and the audio dropouts are terrible. I have tried to compare COD with any other title yet so thought I’d throw it out here Thanks
  18. westham

    Series X, COD Cold Wars and Elite Controller use

    Hi all Really enjoying the new Black Ops but try as I might I can't get the game to recognise use of the paddles on the series 2 Elite Controller. It is working fine with Modern Warfare but does anyone have any tips to get it working with Black Ops please?
  19. Z

    For Sale Marvel Avengers

    Marvel Avengers game for PC - £20
  20. W90WBA

    Disconnecting Issues

    Didn’t know where would be most suitable to post this, but does anyone have issues when playing Warzone with the game disconnecting you Basically I can watch youtube on the TV all day, netflix fine, play other games perfect, no problems with iPad/iPhone on the wifi But for some reason when...
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