1. Andyclockwise

    Dell XPS 15 7590 Screen Calibration

    This is my PC for my photographic work using Lightroom and Photoshop. Looking for recommendations as to how best to get the screen calibrated for working with print media, either printed at home or sent to a lab.
  2. T

    Question Calibration equipment rental

    I want to use the built in software on my lg TV to do an auto calibration. However the required calman home software plus entry level sensor is going to be around £300. For a one off exercise, this is not very cost effective for me. I am a colorhcfr + spyder 3 user and am fairly competent so...
  3. ollieollieollie64

    Philips 55PUS8204/12 Calibration

    Hi all, I ordered myself a philips 55pus8204 TV set, I was wondering if anybody could help an point me towards some optimal calibration settings? TV will mainly be used for gaming with PS4 Pro & Switch as well as the native android Netflix & Plex client. I've been searching for a while and the...
  4. Chapulin

    Question Room Calibration Microphone?

    Hi y'all I found a cheap Pioneer Sc-05. Has remote. But no Room Calibration Microphone. Can I manually calibrate using the remote? I found a possible replacement on Ebay but don't know if microphone is legit or compatible. Help please? Thank you
  5. F

    Phillips 43pus7303/12 Hdr game calibration

    Hello, Could anyone help a brother out😁. I have the 43pus7303/12 and only use it for gaming. I play games in sdr format and hdr, but I am struggling with finding a decent calibration when the TV switches to hdr. It seems to have an overload of white contrast in the picture and also seems to...
  6. nipbiplip

    Question 55PUS7334 Calibration..

    About to take delivery of the above, but have searched for PQ settings online and hit a brick wall. Anyone care to share their settings or point me in the direction of some please?
  7. river123

    Tv calibration question

    I’m soon to have my tv professionally calibrated with my current set up being all hdmi leads into amp and then into tv arc, I presume when I have an eARC amp all hdmi leads will first go into tv (LG CX) and then one hdmi into amp. My question is will my tv calibration settings pre eARC be saved...
  8. D

    Picture Calibration Settings For 50PUS6504

    Hello, I recently purchased a Phillips 50PUS6504 and I wondered if anybody could help me out with the picture calibration settings for this TV.
  9. Russellhmfc

    LG50UM7600PLB Calibration settings please

    Hi, does anyone have good settings for standard tv, netflix and amazon and also ps4 when connected? Would be greatly appreciated
  10. B

    Any Help on Panasonic TX-55 FX600 calibration

    Hello To All Panasoniv Tv Lovers Can you Help me to set up my TV ( I usually watch my movies in Cinema or True Cinema Mode ) Any Calibration settings You can advise me ? Thanks for your answers
  11. F

    For Sale Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core

    One Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core for sale. Excellent condition. Includes all original accessories. Protective plastic still on remote. Produced very good results with my dual subs. Bought new in November 2019. £450 ono Optimize your stereo system with Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core Speaker-room...
  12. lack300

    Question Professional ISF calibrator required Bedford

    Need my JVC X7900 doing any time soon. new genuine bulb being fitted Monday and will run in for a few days. software may need updating I will check later if this needs it. oppo205 And now tv 4k box 3D also if possible. Buy not too fussed a Mk418al area. Bedford Someone may be passing?
  13. u8myufo

    Question Calibration Microphone.

    Just finished setting all the gear up after moving house and wanted to re-calibrate the Amp (Sony str-dn1080) and speakers. Only prob is I cannot find the mic. But do have the one from an old Onkyo 818 which I once had, is it likely that it would work?
  14. B

    Panasonic TX-50GX800 (2019) Picture Settings

    Hi, Just brough the 50" panasonic TX-50GX800. It had a load of rave reviews and was recommended as having a great picture quality. Basically, I have no idea how to set it up to get the best picture out of it. There are just so many settings and balances. I did find this when i searched on...
  15. F

    Professional TV Calibrator

    Hi there, Could anybody recommend any professional TV calibrators based in the UK? What is everyone’s experience of doing this? Thanks
  16. R

    Calibration sceptics - discuss your concerns here

    Not sure it's usual behaviour for avforums members to hijack threads, but as my previous thread has been by people wanting to debate the merits of calibration, rather than answering the original question, I thought provide this as a helpful starting point for anyone with an opinion about...
  17. Beardalorian

    2020 Nanocell 4k 90 Series Picture Calibration?

    First and foremost, this is my first true 4k TV and I'm absolutely STOKED. Behind in times but I'm finally here lol. I needed to know which picture modes are the best to choose when watching my content (shows and movies) and then for gaming? EXPERT MODE Cinema Filmmaker Mode HDR I can't find...
  18. VHS Gamer

    Why am I getting different speaker trim levels per calibration disc?

    Hi guys, just something I'm more curious about than need help with as right now, my system sounds about right. Basically I have two bluray calibration discs, Spears and munsil 2nd edition and Dve hd basics. Now using an Spl meter, I've found I've gotten very different results, especially with...
  19. R

    Question Recommended reference films for calibration

    Hi I've posted this in the TV's forum as it's related to TV calibration than it is to films specifically. I'd be interested to know from any professional or amateur calibrators out there what films (and media - SD, HD, HDR and 4k/UHD) they use for reference viewing, ie. those films or scenes...
  20. IWC Dopplel

    Monitor Calibration

    Hi All, I am wondering if anyone has used the LG 5k monitors that work very we'll with apple products and investigated colour accuracy for photography and viewing, they are supposedly good, the cloud look okay, just wondering if buying a new x-write cabration unit is worth looking at ? as my...
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