1. drogba22

    75PUS7805 calibration settings please help

    Hi! Ive bought 75PUS7805 and the standard settings are pretty bad. I know this is IPS screen with Edge LED. Does someone have a good settings for this TV? I've try a lot of settings, I've used AVS 709 but its very difficult to make this screen looks great - especially dark, black colors - I know...
  2. C

    Philips 65pus8304/12 Help - calibration settings

    Hi, just purchased the above and tried to calibrate the colour settings and ended up in a real mess - probably trying to many different things that I don’t really understand. i’m not that fussy and only watch sky and sometimes Netflix on the TV. Can anyone give a real simple idiots guide from...
  3. RazerMouse

    Audyssey Calibration Advice

    All, been out of the game a while, but recenly started buying back into HC kit. I have a Marantz SR7011 and Velodyne DD12 that is too old to calibrate as it uses legacy S-Video. Audyssey want the sub vol to read 75dB, but once full room cal is done, the sub is very low and in many movies that...
  4. S

    My SAMSUNG AU9000 SDR & HDR Calibration!

    Hope this helps people out there. Let me know how it goes and if you tweaked anything different. Entire AU9000 variant eg 43"-75" use VA panel upon checking.
  5. E

    Wanted WTB: Denon DM A505Z Audyssey Calibration Microphone (for the AVR 4308)

    WTB: Denon DM A505Z Audyssey Calibration Microphone (for the AVR 4308) Thanks.
  6. C

    Samsung HW-Q90R - need help with calibration

    Hi, I currently have one of the Samsung Harman Kardon 7.1.4ch HW-Q90R Cinematic Soundbar with Dolby Atmos & dts:X with the Rear Speaker’s & I cannot figure out how to calibrate the dB levels of each individual speaker. I have a decibel meter and have calibrated my previous Sony home theatre...
  7. K

    Calibration on new OLED?

    Interested in purchasing a Sony A80J set, my question, is it advisable to get it professionally calibrated? Prior to being delivered? Thank you for your input.
  8. $

    Panasonic TX-65HZ980B Calibration

    Hi all, I am a new owner of the Panasonic TX-65HZ980B and I was just wondering if there are any calibration links out there that I can explore to sharpen the image. (Not that it needs it as I was impressed with what I saw) but nevertheless. Thanks.
  9. S

    Calibration help

    Hi guys. I was wondering if anybody know of a company / person that goes round customers houses and Calibrate their AV systems using rew or something similar? I would usually give this a go myself but at the moment I can't invest the time in to learning how to use the software correctly. I'm...
  10. toodeep

    Apple TV 'calibration' of an OLED

    is a thoughtful analysis of automated source adjustment to accommodate display inaccuracy, compared with proper display calibration.
  11. C

    [SOLVED] Room calibration with Samsung HW-QxxxA 2021 soundbars

    Hi there! While searching for informations about the Samsung HW-QxxxA 2021 lineup (Q800A, Q900A, Q950A, etc.), I found that they had a builtin acoustic calibration feature, an especially an enhanced calibration with Samsung TVs by using the TV's builtin microphone. So my question is: is the...
  12. bay73

    Apple TV Colour Balance Calibration

    Has anyone tried the colour balancing feature on Apple TV following the tvOS 14.5 update? Any noticeable improvements (either good or bad)?
  13. VHS Gamer

    So, How Do We Calibrate Our TVs for HDR?

    I'm relatively familiar with SDR basic calibration, but how is HDR different from SDR calibration? It would be super helpful if this could be cleared up as I've not been using HDR at all under the assumption that there is no standard for it like SDR. Meaning, the moment we switch it on, we're...
  14. TolgaB

    Why I don’t use brightness at 50

    I know this is gonna make people who are ultra determined to use the most accurate picture settings cringe... but when you see my picture you’ll understand why. i’ve ALWAYS used brightness at 50 thinking it’s the best, then i asked myself questions “why is the picture so washed out?” Tried to...
  15. mxz10

    How can you calibrate the h9g if the menu changes your readings?

    I am trying to calibrate my Hisense H9G with ChromaPure and the X-rite i1 pro meter. So when the Hisense menu is open it not only covers almost half the screen it changes the gamma output and white balance readings. I was able to consistently measure significant gamma changes and subtle white...
  16. J

    Looking for tv calibration in Hampshire

    Looking for someone to calibrate my tv any recommendations please ?
  17. vlawde

    Pioneer Elite VSXL104 MCACC calibration

    Every now and then I use my Pioneers VSXL104 microphone to calibrate. Furniture gets moved, speakers etc. I notice that even though I have floorstanding Paradigm studio 60's and set them to large, the MCACC calibration sets them to small. System sounds much better when they are set to large...
  18. R

    Black Level Calibration

    Warning: long post ahead. Hopefully it’s in the right forum, and describes properly what I am struggling with. Also I know that the equipment I am using is not exactly new, but this is really frustrating me so I’m turning to you all for some advice. My setup is an Oppo BDP-83 passing through...
  19. moanjam

    Oled B7 65" calibration settings

    Hi all, can anyone point me in the right direction to any links for doing self calibration on the above mentioned TV to help enhance picture quality and/or protection against screen burn, I remember getting some good links from here when I first got the set a couple of years back but its been in...
  20. Astifer

    Any Suggestion for Hisense 58A7100F Picture Calibration Settings (SDR and HDR)?

    Hello i am searching for optimal SD and HDR picture settings for Hisense 58A7100F.Any suggestions?
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