1. J

    For Sale Calibrated LG OLED 65” C8

    A beautiful TV that needs no introduction to Avforums members. Owned the panel since purchase from Richer Sounds. Calibrated by Gordon @ Convergent AV. Perfect condition - wall mounted from day one. Stand included. No dead pixels or tint issues. I’m in Whiteley, Hampshire, near Southampton...
  2. Davie87

    Question I want my 2 tvs calibrating ASAP.

    Can anybody point me in the direction of a local, professional tv calibrator? I live in the wirral (by Liverpool) I have a 55C9 oled in the bedroom & a 65Q9FN in the living room I would like them both looking their best before the Xmas tv binging starts😅
  3. C

    Question are there a calibrated set of settings for the Q70R?

    ive only ever setup my old TV using some averaged settings I found on hear years ago. ive heard rtings.com has some for the Q70R but I quite like to use multiple sets an get an average as some panels probably look slightly different. has anyone else got any more sets?
  4. Daskew78

    ISF Calibration picture mode not available

    Hi, I've just got myself an Xbox One X and I have a Samsung QE75Q9FN that has been ISF calibrated. I have noticed when I have the Xbox on I can only access the picture modes: Dynamic, Standard, Natural and Movie. My calibrated settings are not available. Would anyone have any idea why this is...
  5. mambo1888

    For Sale JVC DLA X7900 professionally calibrated, very low lamp hours + 92” Electric screen + Optoma HD27E projector

    I’m starting the process of selling up for a big move we are about to make, this means we are downsizing massively. For sale here is my professionally calibrated JVC X7900 projector. It was purchased 8th January 2018 and has the 3 year warranty. Warranty is not transferable however I will...
  6. L

    Question Calibrating projector - can be calibrated and change color around projector screen later?

    I have invited guy for calibrating ht2050a projector. I have white walls, no light source - dark room. I am considering making black walls, floor and celing around cca 1m for better contrast similar to this picture: How will affect calibration - white walls vs 1m black around projector...
  7. Mensy

    For Sale LG 55E6 OLED Calibrated

    For Sale is a LG 55E6 oled calibrated for 2D day and night with one pair of official 3D glasses. 2 Remotes. In perfect condition still have original box and has just under 3 year warranty remaining - Warranty is with Domestic And General which to my knowledge is transferable Collection only...
  8. B

    For Sale (Calibrated) Sony 65AF8

    Selling my calibrated 65 Sony AF8. Had the set since release in April. Is in imaculate condition. Mainly used for evening TV watching and HDR films/Apple TV 4K. Set has been calibrated by Steven Withers and will provide full reports with sale. Im in the Totnes area In South Devon, which is...
  9. J

    For Sale LG OLED 55E6 (Calibrated)

    Hi all, I've just upgraded to a 65 LG set and so am now selling my old E6. It was purchased new from Richer Sounds and it still has five years guarantee on it. Richer Sounds tell me that although the name on the guarantee can't be changed it will still be valid. The set has been calibrated and...
  10. lexicon

    For Sale Pioneer Kuro KRP 500A (calibrated)

    The other half says this has to go now so I’m selling my beloved Kuro. Owned by me since 2009 this has no tint or screen issues and has been professionally calibrated. All the calibration settings are listed and will be supplied with the TV. Pioneer replaced the main board in the media box...
  11. themovierooms

    For Sale Loewe 5.55 OLED Monitor - ISF Calibrated

    £1399 Time to change the TV again at home, so im moving on my own Loewe 5.55 OLED Screen. RRP on this currently is £3290. I have had the screen for less then a year but I have not registered it and can offer a full 2 Year Warranty on it through work. The 5.55 is a screen only without any...
  12. O

    For Sale Panasonic TX-P65VT65 65" Calibrated

    Selling my 65" VT65 plasma TV as i've made the switch to a 4K OLED It's almost exactly 5years old and was purchased new from John Lewis, it's been professionally calibrated and has done 5697 hrs (see attached pic) in a smoke free home. It's been wall mounted from day one and is pretty much as...
  13. youngsyp

    For Sale Calibrated LG OLED55B6V with warranty

    Hi, I told myself I wouldn't do and the wife will murder me (again) but, hey ho. I have for sale my trusty LG OLED55B6V, bought from Reliant Direct in April 2017. The TV has the balance of the extended Domestic and General warranty to 06/04/2022. This is whom LG UK choose to provide their...
  14. R

    For Sale LG OLED55E6V 3D TV - Professionally Calibrated

    Time for a change so I have my E6 OLED for sale. The last and probably best 3D tv ever made. Bought from Richer Sounds in December 2016. The TV has been perfect and I’ve never seen any vertical banding and I watch a fair bit of sports. Hardly ever used for gaming and I’ve not seen any IR. TV...
  15. ian dem

    What Are The Benefits Of Having Your TV Calibrated

    Good Morning All, Bit of a generic question this one but what is the benefit of having your television calibrated correctly by a professional? Also what equipment is used in the process? As an individual is there anything you can do yourself to get close to that level using the TV itself? Thanks Ian
  16. Z

    For Sale LG OLED65E6V 65" 4K HDR/HLG/DV 3D TV, calibrated

    Selling my 65" E6 OLED , the last and best passive 3D TV money can buy. Fantastic picture , extremely good sound quality from the built in soundbar. Compatible with HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision and compatible with the BBC UHD world cup streams on iPlayer. TV has been calibrated by Canary Jules. I...
  17. Trojan

    For Sale Calibrated LG 65 B6 Oled £1100

    I have for sale a LG 65 B6 that has been professionally calibrated by Canary Jules. This TV also has Dolby Vision so you can enjoy Dolby Vision from Netflix, Apple 4k box and a Dolby Vision 4K player. Bought from John Lewis in June 2016 so 3 years of warranty left which is transferable...
  18. button_sw

    For Sale Pioneer Kuro KRP-500A - Reset & Calibrated **SOLD**

    I have finally given in to my upgrade itch and purchased a Panasonic OLED and I am in a lucky position to own two 500A's so one has to go! I bought the Kuro from these very forums 4 years ago and it has performed flawlessly and without fault, the build quality is insane and I imagine it will...
  19. Jaxkesa

    For Sale LG 65" OLED65B6V Professionally Calibrated OLED HDR Ultra HD Smart TV

    I am selling my 65" LG B6 as I have just replaced it with a new TV. It is in perfect condition with no marks or scratches and is from a smoke and pet free home. It has been professionally calibrated (by Canary_Jules). I will include the calibration settings and report with the TV. It was...
  20. D

    For Sale Pioneer KURO PDP-LX608d - professionally calibrated - plus Pioneer wallmount

    Pioneer 60" plasma TV. Model PDP-LX 608d. Excellent condition. Professionally calibrated by Gordon at Convergent-AV. Superb picture quality. Also includes official Pioneer wall mount which itself cost over £100. Price and currency: 375 sterling Delivery: Goods must be exchanged in person...
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