1. M

    Question Faulty Panel or Calibrated incorrectly?

    I purchased an LG43UN71006LB from Amazon a few weeks ago. I believe it has an ips panel. It arrived on Saturday and I soon realised that the tv was displaying yellows as more of a greenish-yellow out of the box. The tv seems to be adjusting the picture automatically but I’ve turned every...
  2. Davie87

    Question I want my 2 tvs calibrating ASAP.

    Can anybody point me in the direction of a local, professional tv calibrator? I live in the wirral (by Liverpool) I have a 55C9 oled in the bedroom & a 65Q9FN in the living room I would like them both looking their best before the Xmas tv binging starts😅
  3. C

    Question are there a calibrated set of settings for the Q70R?

    ive only ever setup my old TV using some averaged settings I found on hear years ago. ive heard has some for the Q70R but I quite like to use multiple sets an get an average as some panels probably look slightly different. has anyone else got any more sets?
  4. Daskew78

    ISF Calibration picture mode not available

    Hi, I've just got myself an Xbox One X and I have a Samsung QE75Q9FN that has been ISF calibrated. I have noticed when I have the Xbox on I can only access the picture modes: Dynamic, Standard, Natural and Movie. My calibrated settings are not available. Would anyone have any idea why this is...
  5. L

    Question Calibrating projector - can be calibrated and change color around projector screen later?

    I have invited guy for calibrating ht2050a projector. I have white walls, no light source - dark room. I am considering making black walls, floor and celing around cca 1m for better contrast similar to this picture: How will affect calibration - white walls vs 1m black around projector...
  6. ian dem

    What Are The Benefits Of Having Your TV Calibrated

    Good Morning All, Bit of a generic question this one but what is the benefit of having your television calibrated correctly by a professional? Also what equipment is used in the process? As an individual is there anything you can do yourself to get close to that level using the TV itself? Thanks Ian
  7. T

    Answered Make my Samsung UE55K5100AK smart? Also calibrated settings.

    Hi peeps, I got this TV before I discovered a love for "Smart" so I am wondering if I can make it smart somehow? It has a wireless network option in the menu but it requires a wireless adapter/dongle, and I can't plug in an ethernet cable either because there is no ethernet port. So do you...
  8. M

    Question Adusting image settings on a calibrated TV.

    I have an E6 that has been calibrated. Since the calibration I have adjusted the gamma from BT.1886 to 2.2 and changed the colour gamut from normal to wide. This, to my eyes, has improved detail in the darker parts of the image. The main area that the calibrators focus on (or at least spend...
  9. Quintilian

    Question Getting my C6 professionally calibrated - tips?

    Hi! So next week I'm getting my C6 65" professionally calibrated. I remember that I read a post/comment here in the spring about calibrating the C6 (and other LG OLEDS?), and that there are some things the guy doing the calibration should take into consideration... But now I can't find it...
  10. Paul Solecki

    Question Price for a calibrated Panny 42GT50?

    I can get a pretty decent discount on an LG OLED TV through work so I'm contemplating getting one. My current TV is a Panny 42GT50 that was professionally calibrated by Vincent Teoh of HDTVTest. I'm wondering what current values are as I have no idea :)
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