1. N

    Are my hdmi cables suitable or do I need to upgrade

    I have just take purchase of a Panasonic h2000 oled. My old plasma was connected with 10m runs of hdmi cable: Mark grant blue 10m cable Chord silver plus 1.3 Are these enough or do I need to switch. Only a little gaming. If I need to switch any reliable recommendations? Ian
  2. S

    For Sale Eight USB Chargers and cables, from budget MI phones £25 delivered

    Selection of brand new plugs and (old style not C) usb cables.. mostly from Redmi 9 & 9A handsets.
  3. M

    Optical cables or HDMI for a non 4k receiver

    So I got a new 77" oled from LG. mounting on the wall was easy enough with the Sanus brackets... ..and thought I could simply slot it in and everything else could remain the same! (Monitor Audio Apex 5.1 + Yamaha RX-A2010 + Rel subwoofer R-328) Well turns out - a 77" is hell of a lot bigger...
  4. GAJA1971

    For Sale Hifiman HE-1000 SE Planar Headphones, Original box and cables, good condition

    Hifiman HE-1000 SE Planar Headphones, Original box and cables, good condition Superb Audiophile open back headphones. "Full Set", with original leather box, 3 original Hifiman connection cables, XLR, 6.5MM AND 3.5MM. The HE1000SE Headphones from HiFi Man draw on the acclaimed HE1000v2 with a...
  5. wiggum81

    For Sale Audioquest Cables *PRICES REDUCED*

    Hi, I have for sale: A pair of Audioquest Mackenze XLR to XLR cables £100 SOLD to LAWRENCE001 A pair of 2m Audioquest Rocket 33 speaker cables (factory terminated) £200 £130 An Audioquest Forest 0.75m optical cable £10 Cambridge Audio SX-80 floorstanders in Matte Black £250 All are in...
  6. G

    For Sale Various Audioquest cables (USB, Optical, Coax) and Chord Ethernet cable for sale.

    1. Chord C-Stream Ethernet Cable (1.5 metres) -£30 2. AudioQuest 0.75m Carbon USB A-B USB cable 0.75 m USB B Black - £90 3. AudioQuest Cinnamon 0.75m optical - £50 4. AudioQuest Carbon Black Cable 0.75 m Coaxial Cable- £130
  7. D

    Hiding cables - Wall plate/bind post recommendations?

    Hi, I'm having an extension, and the ceiling is currently opened out. So I want to run cables to 4 ceiling speakers and 4 rear/side speakers. I assume, I'll need to run from the AVR to the wall plate, and connect...
  8. C

    Different cables for shorter speaker runs

    Hi all, About to make a start on running speaker cables for my Q-acoustics 2010i 5.1 speakers. Up until now I have been running them on Amazon basics cca cable, and I have been happy enough, although I wouldn't say I have the discerning ear that many on these forums have. As I am currently...
  9. V

    New set of speaker cables. Is it worth bi-wiring? VDH Clearwater

    Hello, Just moved in a new house and due to the arrangement of the living room and the TV I need to change my setup in terms of gear positioning. I have a 2 channel setup with a Rotal RA-12 and a pair of B&W DM603 S3. The speaker were connected with a pair 1.5m The Chord Company Clearway...
  10. B

    Advice on Turntable and cables

    Hey all, this is my first post on here though I have been reading a lot of threads over the past few months to aid in building my system (so thank you for that). Thus far I have purchased the Denon DRA-800H Stereo Receiver and yesterday ordered a set of the Q Acoustics 3030i Speakers with the...
  11. asselbee

    Help required with vintage Hifi setup (including cables)

    Help required with vintage Hifi setup (including cables) Hi. I am new to this forum and this is my first post. During lockdown I did what a lot of other people have done and installed a summerhouse in my garden for use as a music/chilling room. I have dusted off and installed my old kit from...
  12. KauriTree

    Running AV cables in Garden Office

    I am in the fortunate position in having a garden office (3 x 4m) built which will also double as a home cinema. The installation is happening in October 2021 and I want to run HDMI (fibre/hybrid fibre) CAT 6, speaker wire (vandamme blue series) plus pull wire to from one end to other finishing...
  13. D

    Help identifying cables

    Hi I have just moved house and behind a double blanking plate there are these purple cables. All are six core (brown, green, red, white, blue and black)and are labelled for other rooms in the house. I have found the other ends behind other blanking plates but none have any connectors on. Please...
  14. R

    Accidentally got some Polk Cobra cables…

    I just bought what I (and the vendor) thought was a Cyrus X Power for 500. The vendor, post auction, said it had a scratch on it, and would chuck in a pair of decent cables to compensate. I accepted. When received, it turned out to be a ‘Smartpower’, (going rate seems to be about 350?), genuine...
  15. S

    Cables for atoms and surrounds

    Looking for some cables for 4 atmos and 4 surrounds. Will need to be fished through walls/ceilings connecting Arendal speakers from a Nord amp. Longest run will be around 12m. I’ll probably end up getting a 100m roll. Looking to spend around £80 ish Thanks
  16. I

    Hiding cables for a tv/sound bar fixed to a chimney breast?

    Hi - longtime lurker, I’m after some advice on how to hide the cabling within the chimney breast especially the power cables as I want the tv to sit flush up against the wall, so a socket plate would not give me the clearance. Has anyone used something similar to this —> PAC526F Please note...
  17. E

    Struggling to source AV Cabinet Preferably Black and enclosed back to hide cables

    Currently got a glass rack, but can’t come up with a solution to hide the 40 odd cables (speaker/lab/hdmi/rca/sat/uhf/coax) in my 7.2.4 atmos system Also struggling to source an enclosed cabinet that has 3 open shelves high that can also house my centre speaker internally Any suggestions for...
  18. S

    Child proofing surround sound

    Hey could someone advise. I have a small child whose starting crawl a little and so I was looking at getting a cheap wooden unit and putting the subwoofer and consoles in it. Drilling a hole in the back for the cable so we we can child proof. My question is a subwoofer still effective in a unit...
  19. G

    HDMI switch or route more cables

    I'm buying a TV (LG OLED55G16LA) with 4 HDMI inputs. It's going to be mounted on the plasterboard wall of a fireplace (no fire). I originally wanted 4 HDMI cables plugging in and routing behind the wall to the side of the fireplace, along with a CAT6 cable and maybe the coax satellite cables...
  20. DodgeTheViper

    Could do with a few pointers for making patch cables.

    I need to make a few patch cables and could do with some help. I’m looking for Cat 6 cable and everything that I need to terminate them, so that’s the plugs and crimper etc. It would be a bonus if the cable was as flexible as possible for the installation. They will fit into an existing...
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