1. M

    Cables in metal conduit.

    I’ve recently mounted a 55” LED screen on a bare brick wall and need to run power cable, coax and HDMI to a receiver in the corner, as well as speaker cable back to front centre, left and right speakers. There is no practical way of hiding the cable without major building work so I thought of...
  2. Andywilliams

    For Sale Qed XT40i 3 metre speaker cables. (Brand new)

    For sale a brand new unused pair of qed xt40i speaker cables 3 metres long metal airlock banana plugs these where purchased and never used as in the end used a much more expensive cable Ewa- ls25 these have 96 hours burn in as shown on the ticket also proof of date brought I think I paid £106 so...
  3. Accylad

    For Sale SOLD Xbox One S - 1TB Boxed with controller and all cables

    Bought this Xbox a few weeks back from Argos but have decided it's not for me It is the latest version and includes the controller, original packaging, receipt from Argos for warranty, all cables No games or vouchers are included as I have already used them. I can confirm that this is in as...
  4. R

    HDMi Cables

    I have recently bought a new TV, the LG OLED65C9 PLA. All sources are routed through my Denon AVR-X2300W and connected using HDMi 2.0a cables. Do you think I should upgrade all my cables to HMDi 2.1 type? Also, I currently store many downloaded films on my Dell computer and view these by...
  5. RobTi

    Question problem testing network cables

    Hi I have made up a few patch cables and then plugged them into my tester which has 2 banks of 9 led lights and upon running the test on the home made cables i get the first 8 pairs of led lighting up but on the last pair only 1 led lights, try with a couple of bought cables and all lights...
  6. V

    Question Besta TV Unit

    I have just purchased and assembled a Besta tv unit. When I checked the back, no space or gaps for cables to go through. Any advice as I don't want to take it apart again.
  7. C

    Question A few questions from chasing cables to HDMI length

    Hi, I'm just a few weeks away from my QE8270R and Q Acoustics + X2600H being delivered and I have got a lot to do in the snug! I'm kind of lumping a bunch of questions together here which I hope someone will answer. My latest toy, an electric wall chaser, arrived today and tomorrow I'll be...
  8. Spannermommy

    Question Please help with soundbar misery before I use cables to hang myself!!

    Hello all, We have a Sony TV that is connected to a Humax box. My hubby really struggles to hear vocals on the TV despite wearing hearing aids to I bought him a Majority Snowdon II Soundbar with Built-In Subwoofer Surround Sound, 120W Wireless 5.0 Bluetooth Device Streaming for Christmas. I...
  9. J

    Question Good speaker cables for uniti atom and ae500 speakers?

    Hi forum team, Long time reader, first time poster here. I've read a ton of threads and am still pretty confused about quality yet affordable speaker cables... Get your popcorn out 🍿. I had a demo in store and then a home demo of a naim uniti atom and some acoustic energy ae500 speakers with...
  10. J

    Question Speaker Cables for Uniti Atom and AE500?

    Hi forum team, Long time reader, first time poster here. I've read a ton of threads and am still pretty confused about quality yet affordable speaker cables... Get your popcorn out 🍿. I had a demo in store and then a home demo of a naim uniti atom and some acoustic energy ae500 speakers with...
  11. aandpwoodley

    Question XLR cables

    Can some recommend me some good quality but not crazy expensive XLR cables, lots on amazon but don't know which ones are any good. Will be used to connect my processor to power amp. Thanks
  12. A

    New power cables and power multiway's for Home Cinema and Roon setup

    Hi All, I am considering upgrading the bog standard power cables and power multiway adapters in the AV system. With the intention of eeking out a little extra audio performance. My setup includes a Denon AV receiver, UHD Bluray player plus DAC and Rasp Pi Roon Bridge for Roon playback. Would...
  13. C

    MG ZSEV Charging cables

    I purchased the MG ZS EV today, but there was only a 3 pin plug home charger in the boot with an empty space also. Should I have received a type 2 to type 2 lead also? Or just the 1 lead?
  14. B

    For Sale For Sale Marantz KI Signature PM66-SE amp and Van Den Hul D-102 MkIII Hybrid cables

    Great condition externally, as new really with manual, KI signature certificate and remote. Now sold Also: Van Den Hul D-102 MkIII Hybrid cables £150 new, asking £60 Now sold See photos Many thanks
  15. Z

    For Sale Official Xbox Cables

    I ordered a dirt cheap 360 from CEX and these cables are surplus to requirements. £7 posted
  16. R

    Question How important are phono cables?

    In a similar vein to my other thread regarding speaker cables. I thought i'd ask another question, this time around the topic of phono cables. Currently my turntable is connected to the phono pre with QED Profile and then the pre connected to my amp with the Project Connect-It cable. Would I...
  17. fatboy frank

    Nice New Shiny Power Cables

    So i've recently added a few bits of kit and moved things around, which as a result of, i decided to upgrade all of my power cables that went to my source equipment. Yes i know upgraded Power cables might be Foo but i needed new ones anyway ...... and these look quite sexy 😲 Nicely boxed and...
  18. L

    system control cables?

    Hi all... I have a Kenwood MIDI M63 and have accidentally thrown the system control cables away during a house move. Can anyone tell me what cables I need for this system - am I right in thinking a standard audio jack 3.5mm will do the job? Such as this - 3.5mm Stereo Jack to Jack Aux Cable...
  19. B

    For Sale IXOS Cables

    I Have a couple of IXOS cables for sale, 1 x scart lead 3m long and 1 x component lead 3m long.
  20. aandpwoodley

    Question Subwoofer cables 10-15 meters

    Hi, Another quick question. I also need a subwoofer cable 10-15 meters long. Looking for Reasonably priced good quality Thanks
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