1. O

    USB cable comparison

    I was drawn to a YT video the other day, comparing an expensive iFi USB cable to a decent quality computer USB cable. I'd normally dismiss any claimed outcomes, but the guy reckoned he got a big improvement that he could identify 100% in 16 blind tests. I can't do blind testing, because I don't...
  2. G

    Binding post front or side hole?

    Hi I've just finished connecting my speakers inserting cables on the side holes of the binding posts (see photo). As soon as I finished I've noticed in the user's manual a picture where the cables enter the binding posts via the front holes, where you would normally insert banana plugs. Would...
  3. F

    Flat or round ethernet cable?

    I need to run ethernet cable around my sitting room to go into my iMac. My son is saying that flat will be better as will look neater when we attach to skirting etc, but I understand that flat ethernet cable can have issues. I would prefer a more stable connection as I need this stability for my...
  4. spikeyjac

    For Sale iPhone Lightning Headphones, USB-C to USB-C Apple Cable, 10W USB A Charger

    Hi all. I've got the following official Apple goods. 2 x Apple USB-C to USB-C 2m cables - both used, but in good condition and work fine - £12 delivered each. 1 x Apple Lightning Connector Headphones - Thrown in a draw and tangled up - work perfectly fine and will be cleaned prior to sending...
  5. A

    Headphones Connected to TV By Cable Picking Up Radio Station

    I suffer from hearing loss and cannot hear the TV unless it is on very high volume - too loud for my wife. I have connected headphones to the TV by a 3 metre long 3.5 mm audio cable which works fine - except that the headphones seem to be picking up in the background what appears to be a feint...
  6. Rick84

    For Sale Brand new QED XT25 2 x 3m terminated cable.

    Brand new and still in the box 2 x 3m QED XT25 terminated speaker cable. £75 new asking for £50 with delivery included
  7. Rossco EZ

    Running Cat6 cable help.

    Hi, i want to run an ethernet cable from one side of the house to the other, the best way for me to do this is out the wall and along the length of the house and drill through into the room where i have a second router. after googling for ethernet cables there’s lots of different variants so it...
  8. B

    For Sale QED 79 Classic Speaker Cable - New/unused - 1 x 11m length

    I have a new and unused 11m length of QED 79 speaker cable for sale. The cheapest I have seen it is £2 p/m so looking for £17 inc. 2nd class postage. Cheers
  9. M

    Cable termination ideas

    I have a need to terminate 64 cables in-wall in the area where my network and AV equipment rack will live. Cables are a mix of Cat. 6, coax and speaker. At the moment, I'm considering four of the Click MP516 wall plates to give me the capacity for 64 euro modules. This will take up quite a bit...
  10. A

    For Sale Cable Matters Active USB-C Cable for Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset (USB-A to USB-C Active Cable) in Black – 5 Meters

    have one of these for sale that i was using with my quest 2
  11. R

    Freesat HDR and TV via coax cable?

    Currently I am watching freesat directly via our Panasonic TV. In addition we use a BT box for some subscription programs whic also still comes with BT sport. I am thinking about getting a Sat HD recorder as I am interested in a couple of stations which are still subscription free to watch...
  12. N

    HDMI 5.1 dolby digital to optical cable

    Hi Guys. I wonder if anybody knows of a proven device that converts the sound from an HDMI cable (Dolby Digital 5.1c) to Optical Cable (Dolby Digital 5.1). Problem is my Panasonic TV is 10 years old and does not recognise 5.1 inputs via HDMI although it does output it via the apps like netflix...
  13. M

    Woofer cable

    Hello. I'm an absolute novice to AV. Please be kind. I've bought my first receiver (Denon 2nd hand) and wish to set a sub up. The amp has 1 rca out and the woofer has 2 red and two black inputs - What cable do I need please 🙏 Sincere thanks Phil
  14. Mister_Tad

    Question Install speaker cable indecision

    Not looking for a cable debate, just looking to hear from others that have gone through the same thought process and what you did to push me off the fence in either direction - because once it's done it's done. I'm currently debating which cable to run for a new dedicated room, and I'm struck...
  15. A

    Question Dodgy long QED HDMI cable?

    Hi all Got a bit of an odd problem, which may be HDMI cable related. I actually started a thread over on the DVD recorders section, as the issue started with not being able to view SD DVDs on my Oppo UDP-203 4K player. For info, my TV is a Sony 65" OLED A1 and all my AV equipment is in a...
  16. N

    Which cable for Nextbase 522GW?

    Hi Folks, I'm about to pick up a Skoda Octavia Mk 4. It has a USB C port on the rear mirror dash so that you can connect a dashcam without having to hardwire it or trail cables etc. However, what USB cable do I need to connect to the Nextbase 522gw? I know one side (car side) will need to be...
  17. K

    For Sale Linsoul TRIPOWIN C8 8-Core Silver Copper cable 3.5mm plug and 2.5mm plugs

    They are in an excellent condition hardly used with my earbuds ..2 cables 3.5mm plug and 2.2mm plug
  18. C

    Headphones Extension Cable

    Could someone please advice on a headphone extension cable (preferably available in amazon)? I spent all afternoon on Amazon and the cables I found have a few reviews that mention a hum. Just for context, my headphones are the the Sony Z2M2. Thanks in advance.
  19. caledonia

    HD Modulator cable question

    Just bought a HD Modulator single DVB-T (Edision) as I'm fed up with analogue running on my second HD TV through a coaxial cable from RF out in sky box attached to a magic eye in other TV Both TVs are HD (not 4k) The coaxial cable i am running already is RG6/U so should be fine but looks like i...
  20. mpturner2001

    Question The Network Cable is Connected message?

    Hi guys, I recently bought a HISENSE 55A7300FTUK, and I have an Ethernet cable plugged directly into the tv from a plug socket wi-fi extender. The internet is good, but every 5-10 minutes, I get a message appear at the top of the screen saying “The network cable is connected”...I know, I put it...
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