1. A

    LG GX power cable straight plug replacement 🔌

    Hello Hope all is well. Please assist me with finding a replacement power cable with straight plug 🔌 for my LG GX. All info is greatly appreciated
  2. R

    Panasonic Speaker cable plugs help

    I need help finding the correct or near enough (to do the job) speaker wire plugs for Panasonic SC-DT100 I already tried 27mm alligator clips but they're awkward, fidgety and keep slipping out of the terminals. Any help appreciated. John
  3. steve1966

    For Sale Nue-Tec Optical HDMI Cable - 9m - £60

    Nue-Tec Optical HDMI Cable - 9m - £60 (£150 when new) Price includes delivery
  4. L

    For Sale QED XT25 Speaker Cable - 10 Meters

    Selling 10m of QED speaker cable. Totally un used and un cut, turns out I need much more than 10m so selling this on. Retails for apx £6 per meter, I will take £40 for this. Can be delivered if buyer is happy to cover postage, otherwise collection is preferred from Watford Thanks
  5. A

    Pre-wire Issue

    Is there anything to be about using a Cat6 cable in place of a RG6 cable? They installed Cat6 cables instead of RG6 cable for TV locations. Is there any connectors that can be used or anyway to make the Cat6 Cables work?
  6. pcdunk

    Wanted Apple 67w or 87w USB C charger plus MagSafe 3 cable must be genuine.

    I am looking for either a :- Genuine Apple 67w USB c charger or a Genuine Apple 87w USB c charger plus Genuine 2m usb c to Magsafe 3 cable
  7. Ad182

    Is this HDMI 2.1 Cable legit?

    As per the title is this cable legit? I see it's certified but I was under the impression I was limited to 5m without optical. If it's legit seems like will suit me perfect as I don't fancy paying £100+ 8K HDMI 2.1 Cable 7m,Maxonar(Certified)CL3 Plenum-Rated In Wall High Speed Ultra HD 48Gbps...
  8. thesnodger

    For Sale Oculus Quest 2 256Gb plus Elite Strap plus carry case plus 5M USB cable plus VR Gun holders

    Selling my Quest 2 as its been sitting in the cupboard not getting used for a few months so better to move it along, I really not that much of a gamer at all. Is about 1 year old, has not really had that much use, and comes with all the accessories as pictured. Will be factory reset before...
  9. M

    How to use optical cable sky

    I know I'm being daft here, but having lip sync issues with soundbar and hdmi with new sky box I've got sky box connected to TV via hdmi and now an optical cable from sky box to soundbar It's an older soundbar, samsung r550 Problem is, when I change source on soundbar to, it thinks about it...
  10. Marky1973

    BenQ EX2710R power cable

    I bought the above monitor from Amazon and sent it back as the box was clearly a customer return and I thought I had the wrong power cables. Got a replacement today and the cable doesn't fit the power adapter so I can't power it on. The pictures show what I got in both I being...
  11. M

    Samsung camcorder cable

    Hi all first post from me . I want to connect my samsung wp-90 8mm camcorder to my tv to view , the lead it came with only has a yellow & red connector no red !!! I can hear once it’s connected via the tv but no pictures… Do i need to get the cable that has the red as well or do i need a...
  12. S

    Chord Cobra RCA cable no longer working ?

    I have 2 RCA Chord Cobra cables, and they no longer work the only thing I can think of is I put electrical insulation tape around them to keep them "together" (see pic) no idea if that is why any ideas? just upgraded , so ive not used it in a few weeks after i taped them
  13. I

    For Sale Chord Shawline HDMI AOC Cable, 1m

    Chord Shawline HDMI AOC Cable, 1m Brand New In Box Received this bundled with a new AV Receiver from Peter Tyson I already have good quality cables installed so simply have no need for it, hence the sale Shawline HDMI AOC uses a high-quality true HDMI 2.0 chipset at both ends of the cable and...
  14. L

    Speaker cable choice

    Apologies in advance if this question has been asked many times already! I'm moving my hifi set up upstairs into a much smaller room, however the placement of my speakers is along a different wall to the amp / turntable so I actually need much longer cable. Also replacing the speakers for some...
  15. T

    For Sale Philips Fidelio X2 open back headphones, boxed + custom cable

    My excellent Fidelio X2 headphones are not getting enough use, so I am looking to move them on instead of letting them go to waste. They are in great condition, boxed with original cable and an additional, shorter custom cable - ideal for plugging into a game controller and avoiding excess...
  16. J

    Cutting the cable from around the house

    I’ve been with VM for 20 years and until recently had 2 tv boxes upstairs in the back bedrooms and the router upstairs (less wire’s downstairs). 2 years ago we had the house re pebble dashed and the cable wasn’t clipped back on the wall cause it’s a bloody eyesore. So we’ve had black cable loose...
  17. L

    Does a magic miracle HDMI cable exist and where can I buy one?

    Apologies if this is in the wrong sub-forum, but I’m hoping that one of you wise sages can help me. I’m looking to find the best way to connect my TV (Samsung Q90R) to my AV (marantz sr8015). I know you’re probably thinking “HDMI cable, next question!” But it’s not that simple. This is going...
  18. R

    Thoughts on upgrading internal speaker cable?

    Given that there is only couple or so inside the speaker, and even if the cable is not very thick Would it be with the trouble?
  19. gasolin

    Banana,bfa plugs for 2x 6.0 mm² speaker cable

    I want to add some thick 6.0 mm² speaker cable to my system and need advise on good banana,bfa plugs that can be used with 6mm thick cable which i think is 10 gauge These might do it but i don't know if the screws are in the way of the platic cover Cable i might god for Sommer Cable...
  20. AtomicHobo

    LG 50NANO866PA Blurring when using Xbox Series X - new HDMI cable?

    LG 50NANO866PA Blurring when using Xbox Series X - new HDMI cable? Recent purchase. Overall I'm really happy with the set, coming from a 40" Samsung. I have noticed that the Series X seems to blur quite a bit. Especially in darker games or cell-shaded, like Borderlands, you can see the black...
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