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  1. D

    2021 One Connect Cable Longer than 5m for QN95A?

    As the title suggests, I am looking for a 2021 One Connect Cable longer than 5m for my QN95A. 2.5m comes in the box. I also purchased the 5m separately, but that was half a metre short. I then asked the question if the 2020 10m One Connect will work in this 2021 QN95A on the Samsung Forums...
  2. raadek

    Project: 5.1.2 Simple Build

    Hi, I had been running 2.1 speaker setup for years due to the perceived complexity of running speaker cables to the back of a listening room. As we live in a rented house, any major building work was out of question and even drilling is not ideal and should be limited to a bare minimum. Just...
  3. polkadot

    Help with cable routing around brick fireplace- UPDATED

    Hi, I've got a an unused brick fireplace (chimney stack) that I would like to mount a TV and soundbar to. The substrate is plaster over brick; no hollow walls. Floor is poly vinyl tile on floorboards which I don't want to interfere with. Ideally I won't be taking skirting boards off. The...
  4. Zak79

    Multimedia setup for whole house

    Hello all. This is my first post on this forum so would really appreciate and insight all the help I can get. I am doing a full refurbishment of the house and planning to run the cables as required for the following purpose: Sky HD with record/rewind facility Virgin Media Phone Cat6/network...
  5. T

    Question Moving Virgin Media internal wall box and master phone socket

    Hi All I’m new here. I recently purchased my first home and have been taking a look at the VM cabling to the property. The house has the brown external junction box fitted to the front of the property on the external living room wall (see pic). However, rather than the cabling then entering...
  6. Huckand

    Routing cables

    I’m currently building my first home cinema and have come into a problem when routing cables in a stud wall. I need them to go pretty much floor to ceiling but there is a horizontal block of wood in the way, I believe it may be a ‘fire block’. I’ve seen YouTube videos of people drilling...
  7. M

    Question Wall mounting an LGOLED55B7V - what cables?

    I'm about to mount my TV on the wall, but wondering about how (and what) cables to route around chimney into a cupoboard by the side. I quite like using the inbuilt Freeview, so as a minimum I'd guess: Power RF cable 1x HDMI cable Then using an HDMI switcher in the cupboard. The downside is...
  8. Zigourney

    Question CableClear for cable management through cavity wall

    Im thinking of getting one of these to install in a new build property that I will be moving into in a couple months. Anyone install one of these before? CableClear is the solution to hide TV cables videos Looks like a perfect solution for cable management when wall mounting a TV, its from...
  9. Dancook

    Wall plate for 7.1.4?

    Are there any wall plates for 7.1.4, anything that includes hdmi/ethernet too would be fine. already got the attached kit, but to make it work I'm going to have to add two double speakers plates.
  10. FlyingPete

    Question Questions about cable routing/architecture

    Hi all, Pete here :D I'm trying to do a couple of things at once with the TV wiring in my home, and getting myself tied up in knots figuring out how to go about it. The current situation is thus: - Just to confuse matters, the house is a 3-floor layout, with the lounge/kitchen on the middle...
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