1. D

    Cabinet to house Lutron controllers

    Hello, looking for advice and ideas for housing Lutron lighting controls please and help much appreciated
  2. Paul7777x

    Wanted Ruark logrhythm cabinet.

    I’m looking for a cheap as chips Ruark LogRhythn cabinet. Bit of a long shot I know :thumbsup: No driver or amplifier required; if any one has an old one hanging about? I’ll be happy to arrange for a courier too at your convenience. Cheers.
  3. C

    rejuvenating old IKEA Faktum tall cabinet

    Hi, Any idea if an old (2005) IKEA Faktum tall cabinet (217cm) could accommodate the MAXIMERA drawers (incl minor DYI operations)? I had to replace a double built-in oven with a single one, so I need to fill the opening and I am thinking to get new doors and drawers. I believe the new doors...
  4. nick270881

    Series X and PS5 inside this cabinet??

    I’ve finally settled on a new cabinet to replace my aging and small Jual Curve....the Alphason Regent I wanted something semi enclosed to keep dust off my consoles and that will fit my Samsung Atmos Bar I have a PS5 Digital and will soon get a Series X....I’d put both consoles in the enclosed...
  5. nick270881

    Advice on putting PS5 and Series X in this cabinet....

    I’ve finally settled on a new cabinet to replace my aging and small Jual Curve....the Alphason Regent I wanted something semi enclosed to keep dust off my consoles and that will fit my Samsung Atmos Bar I have a PS5 Digital and will soon get a Series X....I’d put both consoles in the enclosed...
  6. Zigourney

    Wanted BDI Arena 9970 tv mount for cabinet

    I'm after a BDI Arena 9970 TV mount to go with my BDI Avion tv cabinet. If anyone has got one for sale, or knows where I can get one from, please PM me. thanks
  7. low-def.

    Tv Stand / Cabinet 125-140cm W

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone can help. I need to buy a new tv stand / cabinet for my 55" LG OLED to sit on along with a Sonos Arc. I need the unit to be no wider than 140cm, which seems to be a problem wherever I look. Possibly looking for white, grey or black in colour. Can anyone advise...
  8. Clock'd 0ne

    Question Closed cabinet media storage unit

    Hi everyone, I’ve been searching high and low for a decent media storage unit to replace the absolute garbage I paid over the odds for from Wayfair (and I will never purchase from again as I’ve been stung too many times now). I’m after something that is closed with either wooden or glass doors...
  9. D

    very limit sub placement options in builtin tv cabinet

    I'm in a rented place with a builtin tv enclosure that gives me very limited options. Not only is there not a way to get a cable out (other than cutting a hole) but there aren't power points nearby other than in the alcove. The back wall is thin so has resonance. I recently put it at an angle...
  10. Acrorat

    Size of Cabinet for 48OLED935

    Good evening, folks. I'm thinking of getting a 48" PhilipsOLED935, and hoping it'll be secure on my 100cm wide, 40cm deep cabinet. There will be a small [c. 3cm] overhang of the screen on either side. Can anyone please confirm this will be OK, or should I get a longer cabinet? Many thanks.
  11. T

    For Sale Solid HiFi Rack, black, smoked glass shelves

    Solid, good looking rack in good condition Used to hold a heavy home theater amp and all my other gear Not needed in my new place One plastic surround for the cable hole missing Although it can be dismantled it's probably much better transported assembled I disassembled and wrapped it now...
  12. AlanX

    Question Soundbar in open-fronted cabinet - good or bad idea?

    I'm looking to buy a soundbar for our lounge TV. My preference would be to accommodate it in the top slot of the TV cabinet (see attached image). So (and I'm showing my ignorance here!), are the speakers in soundbars usually front-facing or usually top-facing? If top-facing, I'd have to install...
  13. zero7

    Looking for a new Cabinet to replace BDI

    After a bit of inspiration, looking for a new cabinet to replace my existing black BDI unit which is in my lounge. Looking for a walnut or very dark wood finish with glass doors so that my remotes can communicate with the multitude of devices. kit that I have in there (can't be relocated). Sky...
  14. inkinoo

    For Sale Prism 12u 600mmx600mm data cabinet

    Removed from my loft as I upgraded to a larger one, this is now disassembled and flat pack. Photo taken before we removed it and without the glass door it has for the front. Has spent 8 years in the loft but a couple of marks here and there. Collection only due to weight.
  15. Edgie70

    Question sn7cy upfiring speakers in cabinet issue

    Hi all , I'm thinking of upgrading from my yas306 to the LG sn7cy but it has 2 up firing speakers but as you can see in the pics my glass cabinet might not allow proper usage of them , what do you think , will they still sound ok or will it sound poor , thanks
  16. darrenhaken

    Stylish scandinavian/mid-century media cabinet for AV receiver and new giant PS5

    I'm looking to buy a new media console that fits an AV Receiver and one of the new giant consoles that are about to be launched (PS5). I have attached a copy of what I use today, I was also a fan of another unit I saw on a YouTube video but its way above my budget...
  17. sep8001

    Control devices inside a closed cabinet

    Hi What are the best options of controlling devices like amp, sky box etc which are inside a cabinet which do not have glass doors. I think the Logitech remote with a hub will work, bit are there any other options. Thank you
  18. colinstone

    Question Re- Veneer Speaker Cabinet

    Thought there might be some experience here of re-veneering a loudspeaker cabinet. I want to remove the black ash veneer from a centre speaker and re-veneer in Cherry. Iron on Cherry sheet 0.6mm thick is pretty reasonable ££ and 1 2.5m x 30cm sheet would do the job. Not sure what glue would...
  19. R

    Cabinet ventilation

    Looking for suggestions here. Have a Besta cabinet which like many has a few cubby holes with enclosed spaces to put hot electronics equipment in that I’d like to keep cool. I may also want/need to put doors on the front soon to better hide the equipment (or at least thats what I’m being told..)...
  20. L

    Which tv cabinet

    I have an LG 55 C9 and now own a Samsung HW-Q80R sound bar. I need to get a new TV cabinet as the bar does cover part of the screen and is too long for my existing TV cabinet. Can anyone recommend a suitable TV cabinet, bearing in mind as it's an atmos soundboard I need the top and side of the...
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