1. irvsax

    Using Bluetooth/Wifi Antenna When Inside Cabinet

    I am about to get the new Denon AVC4700 and I know the bluetooth and wifi antennas attach to the back of the unit, but I will be placing it inside the Alphason Element Modular stand and worries that it wont get a signal. I could hard wire, but that would mean either getting another mesh unit...
  2. PhilCTTE

    For Sale BDI Avion 8927 AV Cabinet £599 RRP £1479!! An amazing piece.of hifi furniture designed for the job. Deep shelving , adjustable, ventilated, easy access with removable back and slide out castors makes it a doddle to change cabling . Made drawer...
  3. JabbaNut

    Sega’s new mini cabinet is reviving 36 retro games

    " Sega unveiled its latest mini retro console, the Astro City Mini. Unlike Sega’s previous retro consoles, like the Sega Genesis Mini, this one is designed after an arcade cabinet, similar to SNK’s Neo Geo Mini, which came out in 2018. First spotted by Sega Driven, the Astro City Mini will...
  4. C

    Perforated Steel for new AV cabinet

    Hi, I am planning a built-in TV cabinet for new home extension. The Front / Centre / Right speakers all have to be hidden within which i know is not ideal but it is better than a soundbar which is alternative on offer I could use the acoustic transparent cloth but with a toddler in house i...
  5. vaderag

    Question Fans or Remove back from AV Cabinet

    I have an Ikea unit that I'm using for my AV cabinet I currently only use the central section and have 2 120mm fans installed in it to provide cool air to that section However, I have just upgraded my AV Receiver and I'm going to need to spread things out a bit, meaning I need to move my Xbox...
  6. S

    For Sale ATC SCM7 (square cabinet version) for sale £375 new price

    ATC SCM7 light cherry speakers for sale. Excellent condition. Bought new. From pet free/smoke free home. Original box/dust bags included. Upgraded to floorstanding speakers 3 years ago since then they've been boxed up. Prefer collection (London, Harrow) but courier delivery can be arranged...
  7. Junta1

    Wanted Quadraspire QK cabinet wanted in light oak / swap for cherry finnish

    Wanted Quadraspire QK cabinet with oak finish. I need something lighter to match my current speakers. I have one in cherry if anyone is interested in swap.
  8. H

    Looking for a TV cabinet which is 150cm wide and has legs which are 6cm but not finding anything, any suggestions?

    So i need to put the tv cabinet over a piece of marble in front of the fireplace. I am looking for a cabinet which is 150cm wide and has four supporting legs which are 6cm to give the clearance over the piece of marble. The cabinet also needs to be able to take 55kg of weight. Really...
  9. C

    My diy/modified media cabinet with hidden center speaker

    Ok, just wanted to share my DIY media cabinet build where I've hidden all my electronic gear behind a frame made of speaker cloth, the receiver is hidden too, and thanks to the frame and some extra ventilation it don't get too hot. First I constructed the frame, I've added neodymium magnets on...
  10. nonsoloinglese

    subwoofer placement, in a cabinet?

    Hey all, i am looking for some advice, I have the Paradigm Seismic 110 and I would like ideally to put it in this custom radiator cover, which I don't use for radiators, any advice in doing so on what I would do to the performance? I can shift it along to give it more space. any recommendations...
  11. C

    Speaker cabinet discoloration

    Has anyone ever seen any thing like this before? Can it be removed ? Came like this out of the box. Bought open box item off ebay. Not a major issue since it is hidden by a large entertainment center cabinet but would like to remove if possible. Thank you
  12. B

    Cooling hot AV Cabinet

    Dear members, I am in process of setting up Home cinema+Hifi system. Right now trying to design the AV cabinet that will be made bespoke. One concern based on reading multiple thread I have is on the AVR (Arcam) getting hot. I am planning to install AC Infinity AIRCOM T8, Quiet Cooling Blower...
  13. M

    Question DIY subwoofer in an IKEA cabinet?

    Hey all! I have a large ikea Platsa cabinet below each of my left and right channels. They are pretty large and I am considering building a DF subwoofer in each. Internal dimensions when taking into account the door hinges is 76cm x 36cm x 46cm This is frame the enclosures would need to fit...
  14. tenohfive

    Small AV cabinet

    I'm trying to find a small and relatively cheap (sub £100, and less is better) AV cabinet that'll take my AVR, UB820 and some smaller bits like streaming box/Harmony hub etc. My first port of call was a Besta unit but the smallest of those are 60cm wide - it needs to be 45-50cm or it'll be...
  15. J

    Sanus crf 2127 rack cabinet

    Is anyone out there using one of these racks. they seem really good value compared to Middle Atlantic etc, some pics would be really appreciared if poss. John
  16. pdiddy

    Cracked cabinet

    I've been looking at a set of floorstanders with a small crack on the top rear corner. Is this likely to affect performance and would a cabinet maker be able to repair? Speakers are gloss white if that makes any difference? Thanks
  17. P

    One hot AV cabinet- cooling fan options?

    Hi all, After a bit of advice, or even just a point in the right direction...... Recently bought a Sony X800M2 and enjoying watching UHD titles, but boy is my cheap/wooden cabinet getting hot (so no issues on drilling holes). Probably something to do with the ton of electronics I put inside...
  18. sep8001

    1:18 Model Car Display Cabinet

    Morning, Anyone collect 1:18 model cars, if you do what type of display cabinet do you have? I have just started and am looking at getting a cabinet with glass/Plexi glass doors. Thank you
  19. PaulDavidThomas

    DIY Home Theatre Cabinet ( the rack version )

    Well, I couldn't find anything I wanted, so I bought two sheets of MDF and did a cut list. Screwed most of it together tonight ( MDF Screws ). Basically, I wanted AV Amp/Receiver to the left. Amps in the middle and Gadgets / Players to the right. Tomorrow I'll get the trim to make it look...
  20. P

    Wall mounted cabinet and wall panel

    Recently moved house and family spends most of the time in a garden room. TV and sky connections are all in the wrong corner for how we want to use the room so I want to put a larger TV on the wall on other side of the room. Sockets are limited so I will probably end adding new ones (currently...
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