1. N

    LG OLED C8 Netflix, no center channel?

    I'm pretty sure this is a bug with the recent update to the Netflix app on my LG OLED C8 TV. I noticed recently that I'm not getting any audio out of the center channel on my Denon receiver. It is connected to the TV via HDMI ARC. This has worked great for months. I believe it stopped...
  2. xar

    Help Required - LG C8 - Broadcast channels breaking up

    Hi all - had an LG C8 for a few years now with no issues. Same location, same house etc. About 2 months back I noticed it would start breaking up when watching regular broadcast TV channels as soon as turned on, but after a while / turned off an on again it would right itself. However it has...
  3. X

    LG C855 Picture "blur/wobble"

    Hi all, this has just started in the last week and my TV is only 18 months old. Before going through warranty I wanted to see if it was a known issue. Whenever I watch something on live TV (through an antenna) or by Foxtel (cable TV in Australia), the picture has a blur/wobble which comes and...
  4. RidleyDeckard

    Question LG OLED C8, pop up add for pizza?

    So my wife was watching TV while I was out and apparently it popped up a box asking if she fancied a slice of pizza. I thought she was joking but then found this thread on Reddit And this photo; Apparently this is exactly what it looked like, while she can't be sure about the logo for Tony's...
  5. L

    HDMI port faulty?

    I have a Virgin V6 box connected to my HDMI 1 of my C8 and have always had excellent picture quality and no problems until about two weeks ago. The box was slow to respond to commands and quite often when changing channels the screen would go blank, no picture but sometimes sound only. Tried all...
  6. boxrick

    Question C8 vs B9 OLED which is better for the same price?

    I am considering getting a new C8 or B8 LG OLED, they are the same price. What is the more sensible buy re picture quality and general usability?
  7. K

    Question Can't stop LG C8 from auto dimming

    I watch a lot of Twitch on my LG C8 using an Nvidia Shield Pro 2019. I noticed after watching a stream for a couple of minutes, that the brightness of the panel decreases dramatically. When I first noticed this, I did some research, and found out how to turn ASBL off in the service menu, from...
  8. m9hrdad

    LG C8 and APTX Low Latency

    Hey! I was looking for info about whether or not the LG C8 supports the APTX codec, specifically the APTX Low Latency (Aptx LL). I have checked the TV manual, done some google searches and haven't found anything useful. I've also looked on Reddit with no luck. Traditionally I've used wired...
  9. wifininja

    Question LG OLED C8 software update 05.10.20

    What’s Your experience with this new update?
  10. mosultan92

    LG C8 Oled Uniformity Issues - 4th Defective TV!!

    Hey everyone, I have a C8 Oled with some visible uniformity issues in the form of a cross in the top left quarter of the screen. The tv’s total power on time is 1540 hours and I’ve done countless pixel refresher cycles with no help. This is my third replacement from LG after two tvs with much...
  11. C

    Question LG Oled C8 Question

    So I have a 65” C8 and I followed Rtings.com’s calibration settings, and is it just me, or does it seem extremely dark? I had to raise the Oled light to about 80. This also has me curious as to what they mean when they say these settings produce the most accurate color. Most accurate to real...
  12. L

    LG C8 unresponsive, blinking standby light

    Recently my LG C8 65" has been playing up. If it's left on standby, every now and then the standby light flashes for 5 minutes. During this time, it's unresponsive. And if I switch it off at the mains, when i turn it back on it does the same thing and I have to wait another 5 minutes. It only...
  13. K

    Aaargh 77 C8 or 75Q900R... can’t decide

    Replacing my 2015 Sony 75X8505c to get better HDR performance but just can’t decide. Do I go for the 4000 nits light cannon or the inky black OLED. Main use is 4K HDR movies from UHD Disc on. a Sammy UBD-K8500, 4K HDR Netflix & Amazon and some 1080p content from Apple TV 4K. I do watch some...
  14. N

    Question Samsung HW-N950 / HW-N960 ARC not working?

    Hey! I'm quite the rookie at this, but I'll give this a go here.. Just got my brand new N950/960 soundbar. To be short; The soundbar is up and alive and rear speakers, woofer and soundbar are linked and up and running. This is how it's all set up: Blu-Ray (DP-UB820) is connected to the...
  15. L

    Thin Blue Line

    No, not a discussion about a police sitcom. I've had my 55" C8 for two months and am a very happy owner. Two nights ago a thin vertical blue line appeared running from the top of the screen approx one third of the way down. Very noticeable on dark scenes. I did a pixel refresh and at first I...
  16. N

    Question Upgrading my Samsung 50" 551 plasma. OLED?

    Day to day use: Some gaming, not much.. roughly 3-6 hours a week. Evening use during the weekdays mostly consisting of regular TV shows / channels. Will be watching movies, especially during the weekends. Been reading so many negative comments regarding OLED technology. I'm at a point now...
  17. A

    LG OLED C8 sound issues

    Happy New Year all... I purchased the 55" OLED C8 a few months ago and picture is superb BUT the sound is so so so quiet, I have to put it on 100% and even then it is still not satisfactory, I have several Bluetooth speakers which I have connected to it, but makes the sound lower plus the...
  18. K

    OLED judder???

    Hi everybody, after 10 years I left a Panasonic Plasma for an LG OLED (55c8). I am disappointed... I see a lot of artifact, in particular when there are something sliding on the video. I post a video, if you can watch at 1080p 60 fps you can see what I see... is it the called "judder"? I have...
  19. Exophonics

    Answered 55”: Q9FN or C8

    It’s that time of year again. The time when tons of people question what TV would be best for them at what is (hopefully) a great price. I’m no different. I’m sure it’s possibly one of the more commonly asked questions around, so I apologise if it seems like I’m wasting your time. LG C8 vs...
  20. A

    C8 Random Audio Drop-outs

    Hi - I have a relatively new 65C8PUA OLED TV. From almost the beginning, we have experienced random audio drop-outs during viewing. The drop-outs are only a second or two long, but they are getting really annoying. For a while, it seemed like the problem was due to UHD streaming from my Nvidia...
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