1. S

    Question LG OLED 55in C7 vs E6

    Hey Guys; Upgrading my 7 year old 32in LCD tv. (DO have new PC gaming monitors, so I am not from the stone age). Am considering between C7 and E6, here are the following points: Having 3D is not a huge issue for me E6 is 1330usd cheaper Give me your opinion. Thanks
  2. C

    Answered Speakers for my LG c7

    Hi all, This is my first new thread here. I just ordered an LG c7. Please help me choose speakers for it? My requirements are: -4.1 or more. -wireless rear speakers (and probably sub) -"night mode" so I don't have to ride the volume late at night. -can work well with the LG remote. -if can't...
  3. Seanzy00


    Hi guys, Prior to posting this I looked around for something but I couldn't find this specific setup. (Not saying it isn't somewhere) I've got the LG OLED65C7 and using the LG SH7B sound bar. I'm having a consistent problem of having the video actually being ahead of the audio. I've used...
  4. Kenito

    LG C7 or Sony X930E - Help me choose

    First of all sorry for any bad grammar, because english is not my native language. So, I need you guys' help to make me decide between the LG C7 OLED and Sony X930E (both 55"). I've read and seen alot of reviews online but I still can't make up my mind so I need some input. Hopefully some of...
  5. T

    C7 55" Screen bend

    Just had delivered this morning and screen bent , shop replacing tomorrow checked the c7 in store and it was straight as anything build date is from april. Just hope its not a batch issue :-
  6. Jarpee

    LG C7 Dolby D passthrough delay

    Just bought my 65C7 and it looks amazing, however this audio delay I have makes it unwatchable. Whenever I try to passthrough DD 5.1 from Xbox, PS4, or Chromecast there is a severe delay on the internal TV speakers and my Sonos system. When I output PCM from Xbox/Ps4 there is no delay on either...
  7. expat

    Question LG 65B7 vs. C7: any real differences?

    Hello all, I'm thinking about getting a new TV later this year and am leaning towards OLED. The 2017 LG models look attractive, but I will wait until prices decline a bit (hopefully later this year). I looked at LG's UK website to try to understand the difference between these two models, but...
  8. dr no

    LG C7 OLED Owners and discussion thread

    Now that we have actual owners let's get this thread and party started...
  9. A

    C6 to c7 (figure 8 to cloverleaf) adaptor?

    Hi All, I want to be able to use a thin plug with my XPS13 for travelling LINDY Folding UK Plug to Fig. 8 Mains Power Lead, 2m: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics I tried the innergie USB-C charger but it wouldnt charge the laptop Is there a simple C6 to C7 adaptor? I see that maplin used to do one...
  10. connect

    LG OLED 2017 Discussion (B7, C7, E7, G7 & W7)

    LG's 2017 OLED TV's model names and sizes are below. Model - W7 Sizes - 65", 77" Model - G7 Sizes - 65", 77" Model - E7 Sizes - 55", 65" Model - C7 Sizes - 55", 65" Model - B7 Sizes - 55", 65" Interesting to see there's a new W7 range taking the total to five rather than four in 2016. I'm...
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