1. Kopacabana

    C7 screen bend

    Hi there Just set up my 65c7. Beautiful stuff. I've noticed a couple of things that are causing me concern. Firstly, looking from the side of the panel across the screen, I've noticed the screen is slightly bent. Is that a problem? Also, there is some bubbling under the silver film at the...
  2. alexturton

    Lg c7 Xbox rgb or standard

    i use my Xbox one for DVD’s and blue rays mostly on my LG c7 Should I have it set to: Xbox one. Standard colour space. LG c7. HDMI low Or Xbox one. Rgb colour space. LG C7. HDMI high Which is better? Thanks
  3. fatrich

    Question Upgrading from a LGEG920V to LGB7 or C7

    Can any one offer some assistance / advice please? I currently have an LG OLED EG920V 55 inch which I've had calibrated and is still a fantastic picture, I've had this for a couple of years and I'm considering with wife approval to upgrade the B7 or C7 65 Inch apart form the obvious increase in...
  4. M

    Question lg 55 c7

    hi im looking to buy the lg oled c7 55 inch but have done some searching online and im just a bit concerned about people are saying these tvs suffer from image retention is there any truth in this.... thanks.
  5. S

    C7 Startup Sound Issue

    Howdy, I recently purchased an OLED55C7P a couple months ago, and just within the last week, the startup sound began to make a crackle noise. I performed the sound test and didn’t hear any crackling. It only seems to occur when I turn the TV on. Any ideas as to what might be causing the...
  6. alexturton

    Question LG c7 sound loss switching inputs

    I’m losing audio sometimes when switching inputs. I have HDMI sky, Xbox, PS4 and Apple TV. And optical out to Bose Soundtouch. When I switch between inputs sometimes to audio is lost and I can’t get it back. I have to force the source unit to switch audio modes (eg switch from Dolby to Dts or...
  7. DaveWales

    Question LG C7 OLED or Sony x900e

    Hi, i bought the x90 last week and have it in my front room. However, i can still swap it if i want. I went to talk to curry's yesterday about the C7. I was going to swap it but the sales rep talked me out of it. He showed me a clip of football where the ball has these little flickers /...
  8. alexturton

    Samsung Q7 or LG OLED

    I want a new tv. I’ve narrowed it down to either the Samsung QLED q7 or the LG OLED (either C7 or B7 which I understand are the same panel) I have a Bose sound system so sound I don’t care about the tv speakers (I plan on using dd 5.1 pass through on arc). I play lots of games on Xbox one x...
  9. b00ky

    Question LG C7 Non-Pro Calibration Across Inputs/Devices

    First-time posting here ;) This question and any answers you may have likely apply to all/many TVs, but for now I am specifically curious about the LG C7 that I have. I have some questions related to calibrating picture quality on one device/input and using those settings on other inputs. My...
  10. M

    Correct Cantilever Bracket for 65" LG OLED C7 ?

    Hi There I need to wall mount my LG 65" C7, with a cantilever bracket so that it can be pushed in pulled out when required. I don't want to go buying the wrong one/type and because of the low mounting points i'm worried about the vertical brackets hanging below the TV etc. Could anyone point me...
  11. mintsponge

    Question How well do B7/C7 deal with reflectivity in dark scenes?

    I like to watch my TV with dim/medium light so my eyes don’t get strained. My current TV is a Sony WE75 which is as reflective as a mirror so scenes which are mostly black are ruined (see this picture as an example Imgur: The magic of the Internet) Rtings.com says the LG OLEDs are some of the...
  12. Member 518284

    JL Audio launch the new C7 loudspeaker

    these could be interesting and worth a listen don’t you think
  13. R

    Have bought LG OLED 55 C7 now pondering Sony X900e or X930e

    So I got the TV on black friday deal but was browsing the web and came across a youtube video of someone saying aviod OLED at all costs because of burn in, I have a plasma VT55 2012 model but dont believe I have any burn in. Anyway the x90e or 930e model were recommended instead, now don't...
  14. C

    Question I need help with my LG C7 Setup

    I splashed out on a new home cinema combi because of a great deal and I now have a 55 inch C7 and and LG SJ9 soundbar in my home. I paid a pro to come and do the install because there was lots of new wiring and plastering to be done. It looks fab. But I worry that he has not set this up right...
  15. MissBimbo

    Why is LG forcing Wide Colour Gamut in game mode? (LG C7)

    As above. I'm not sure how many of you are gamers here. But lg force locking wide colour gamut in game mode is horrible. Wide colour gamut is really ugly when you play SDR games. The colours look completely wrong and there's no way to change the colour gamut to auto (normal) Does LG intend to...
  16. W

    LG OLED C7 refresh rate 120hz?

    hi, I have LG OLED55C7V. Reading online that it has 120hz refresh rate on 4k. However when connected from PC HDMI (1080ti gpu) to TV HDMI I only can see 60hz at max on any even 1080p resolution. What is the issue? is it HDMI cable (I am using high speed with internet HDMI from what I can see...
  17. S

    Question DD+ sounds garbled through ARC [LG C7/ Marrantz NR1402]

    Finally got my LG C7 all setup. Using HDMI 2.0 Cable with Ethernet into the ARC port and into my Marrantz NR1402. Stereo, Dolby Digital and TrueHD (only tested 48khz) all work fine through ARC to the Amp. BUT I've just signed up for Netflix and their 5.1 DD+ signal just sounds like a...
  18. Go3asy86

    LG OLED C7 Sound issue

    So I jumped on the OLED wagon last weekend taking advantage of the discounts on 2017 OLEDS. Since then I have been amazed with this TV and it’s picture quality among other things. I have sky q and use the webos built in system for online streaming which has been great. Last week however when...
  19. M

    Question C7 or b7 Lg oled tv

    Hi looking for some advice on lg oled C7 or B7 at the minute c7 55inch is £1499.00..... B7 is £1499.00 but has a 10% code on it on curry's website what is the difference I can see one has a silver bezel other has black bezel and obviously the stand one flat one curved Which is the better...
  20. shoeboxjoe

    Question lg c7 and pionner sc lx 901 arc set up

    does anyone know how 2 set up arc via hdmi thanks
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