1. Adamski72

    Brand new C7 with a stuck pixel

    Have any of you experienced a stuck pixel on your LG OLED panels? I have just purchased a C7 55" from Currys 2 weeks ago and it has developed a bright white pixel to the right of centre of the screen. (v.distracting now I know it is there). They have agreed to swap the TV for a new one as it is...
  2. J

    Question LG C7 - is this a problem?

    Hi All, I've had the oled65c7 for about a month or so now and have been using the B7 recommended settings but, having let everything settle down, I'm not 100% whether the TV's actually got a problem or not. The first 3 pics are via SkyHD & the Billions series. Since it's also shot in UHD I'd...
  3. doobit

    LG C7V or Panasonic TX55EZ

    Hi all I’m not up to speed with latest TV technology so I have no idea what new technology features mean or which are important. I tend to keep my tech for a long time so some future proofing is important. I’m replacing my pioneer 50inch plasma with an OLED 55 inch and will spend about £1700in...
  4. B

    LG C7 OLED Help! Vertical Stripe Down Screen

    Ive had my 55” C7 OLED for approximately 6 and a half months now and the tv has been a joy to own... until now. I switched the TV on yesterday only to discover a 2 inch transparent stripe has appeared on the screen and on most scenes it seems to have a light pinkish tinge to it. Currys refuse to...
  5. Z

    Question LG C8 or C7 Reflections

    Can someone tell me sth or show me your "selfies" of your C8 or C7 espacially when you got a bright and shiny room with a lot of windows. (please turn on your lamps, open your windows, no belittlements). Want to see the whole horror! I am very "allergic" to reflections would prefer semi-glossy...
  6. I

    Soundbar recommendations for LG oled C7?

    Hi folks, I could do with some advice please, I'm confused by the choices available & new to all this. I'm shortly buying a 55" C7 4K TV, plus a 4K blue ray player, a Sony UBPX800. Though currently on my HD Ready TV I just use headphones, I reckon I could do with a soundbar when I get the...
  7. D

    Advice needed C7 picture problems

    Had my C7 since just before Christmas and love it. Unreal TV but it’s developed a problem with light and dark bands. Particularly noticeable in HDR gaming. I’m with Knowhow and wondered if I should book a repair.
  8. J

    LG C7 4K usb playback

    Hi all, i have now bought a LG C7 55'' and i have some questions. 1) I have downloaded some 4k movies that i play via a usb ssb drive. The thing is that i see some image "flow" issues, for example the movement is smooth but in some scenes it is a bit "broken" could this caused from the movie...
  9. Dixie4

    Accessing Freesat on LG OLED 55" C7 ?

    Hi guys, I'm with friends that have purchased the above & we're trying to figure out how to access the built in Freesat ? They had got it at one point, but can't seem to get it back ? They can access freeview. Any help much appreciated. Also, is there such a thing as an OLED setting for HD TV...
  10. S

    Question 75" XE9005 or 65" C7 oled for movie immersion

    Ok I'm about pulling my hair out , trying to decide what to get here . I'm switching from a 90" 1080p projector image on a plain wall. I currently sit about 7ft away ( 2.2m) as I'm planning on installing some rear ceiling speakers for atmos duty . I do enjoy a big image and I'm torn between...
  11. S

    Question Which 55"? XE9005, XE9305 or OLED B7?

    I'd love some help deciding please! I'm hoping this will last us the next 5+ years. Having been researching 2017 models for what feels like an age, I'm fairly confident that the XE9005 offers fantastic value for a fantastic screen, and is worth getting over the EX750. But, the XE9305 is more...
  12. Natedawg63

    C7 Live Zoom Question

    Good day... I watch alot of cable news and because of fear of 'bug burn-in' I use the Live Zoom option on my C765. I know this is not the intended use for the option, but I still use it. The only thing I dislike is that the set flashes the zoom percentage around on the screen as long as I am...
  13. T

    Poll: LG Oled C7 or Sony XE9305?

    Nice quick poll for everyone. I'm thinking of pulling the trigger tomorrow. Just having some final doubts about which to go for. Love the OLED pic quality and inky blacks but put off slightly by burn in rumours, brightness and low frame rate judder. The Sony is a beauty too but vertical...
  14. M

    Question LG C7 external hard drive

    Hi all. After a few months of researching, I just purchased a 55” C7 OLED tv. So far I’m completely gobsmacked by the quality and user experience, but I have a question around recording. The C7 has replaced an ageing Sony KDL 40v4000 with Humax, but I’m struggling to find a solution for pausing...
  15. C

    LG C7 problems

    I just replaced a 5 year old 1080p TV with an LG C7 thinking i was getting a big upgrade but i'm a bit worried its the opposite. The clouding is horrific. Watching the start of "westworld" for example in 4k, just looks awful, big grey bands radiating out. I've tried various settings and...
  16. Pecker

    Question B7, C7, or wait?

    Curry's are selling the LG 65" B7 and C7 for £2.5k each. What's the difference? Is there any reason for opting for one rather than the other? Any point waiting for this year's models? When are they likely to be a similar price? Thanks.
  17. slpn1

    2K budget for a TV - Bigger or better?

    Hi, I have a £2k budget (could go up a bit if really worth it). I've been reading these forums for weeks, and I still don't know what to buy! I know this time of year is good as can get last years models at a discount. A big part of me wants to get the Samsung Q7 65", but where most people say...
  18. Kopacabana

    65 C7 issues

    Hi there I've had my 65C7 for a couple of weeks now. Yes, the blacks are stunning but I'm pretty underwhelmed by the rest. Having come from 12 years of plasma I am having real issues with motion judder (particularly when panning) and the annoyance of having to tweak the settings according to...
  19. mattius1989

    Question LG C7 PC Gaming - Screen tear in ISF preset but not Game

    I've recently moved so last night I was setting my PC up again to work with my C7. Historically, following advice from HDTVTest, I'd labelled the input as PC and used the ISF modes so I had the benefits of lower input lag and a more accurate picture vs. the Game preset (Auto colour vs. Fixed...
  20. woppy101

    Anyone following Rtings C7 burn-in test

    Is anyone following Rtings C7 burn-in test, if your not go and have a look at it, it proves how much variation there is between panels, the TVs are running 5 hours at a time and powered off for 1 hour and this happens 4 times a day, one of the surprises at the minute is 2 of the 6 TVs are...
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