1. chelseasf

    Roku Streambar Pro for C7?

    Hi, I have a 65” C7 and tend to find dialogue a bit muddy. I need a new Roku anyway so was thinking of getting the Roku Streambar Pro. Would this improve the sound quality? I don’t need surround sound, just want TV shows to sound better. Thanks!
  2. E

    65 LG OLED E7 series part- HELP

    I have a 65 LG OLED E7 series that just gave up the ghost. I figured it is the power supply considering there was visible damage upon inspection. I have ordered the new board but I need to order a new harness and can't find it anywhere and am unable to see any part number on it. It is the...
  3. Benzyl

    My C7 just came up with this today

    Anyone else had a notification after switching it on today?
  4. karim174

    OLED55C7V No videos in smartphone

    When accessing my smartphone through the TV, it wouldn't show my videos nomore like it used to. I'm only able to pull up photos and music. The only way I can watch the videos on my TV is by screen mirroring (terrible resolution)! All my media are stored on my phones memory. Any one knows a...
  5. Parry

    OLED SCREEN BURN ( permanent image retention)

    Oled has only been used in mainstream home entertainment for a very short time and it's long term life span is yet to be seen . There has been talk and fears of screen burn since they became available to the mass market in 2013 but has anyone actually got screen burn on there Oled TV ? I have...
  6. LoganS

    Oppo-203 AFK screen Glitch with Dolby Vision

    So I've had my Oppo-203 for about 6 months now. I've never really had any issues with it. A little while ago when I bought my first Dolby Vision 4K Blu-Ray it was great, the movie looked good on my OLED, but there was one problem. Whenever I go for a break and the screensaver appears it...
  7. Ungaro

    Question LG C7 Video playback vs Media player box (UHD HDR)

    Hi I have an LG C7 and I am playing movies in MKV HDR 2160p using the USB input of the TV And my question is will I notice any diffrence in picture quality if I bought a media player like the zidoo x20 ?
  8. W

    Question LG C7 OLED TV and Netflix Atmos

    Hi Have the LG OLED 55C7P TV and Onkyo NR656 (Atmos capable ) Receiver. When I play an Atmos Netflix TV via the TV speakers only, I can see Atmos on the Netflix / Movie screen. However if I play the same movie through the Onkyo, I get Dolby surround only. Onkyo plays Bluray Atmos DVDs and 4K...
  9. M

    Get philips or LG C7 oled or wait?

    A bit nervous buying a new 55", but really love the demos I see from oleds. Usually walk in to stores with mind set to LCD (to avoid burn-in) and they look very good, but after a short stroll over to the OLED side the LCDs look a bit washed out in the colours. Is this because they emphasise...
  10. The Dapper Dan

    Question LG SK10Y + LG C7 (OLED65C7P) + PS4 Video Sync Issues

    When I switch inputs on the TV to Soundbar, then on LG Soundbar over to the PS4, it almost never syncs the video on the first try. I need to turn off the Soundbar to get it to display the video properly. The video in the bad state will flicker the PS4 screen and have other various artifacts on...
  11. D

    Anyone here running their LG C7 with a Denon receiver? Having trouble with dolby vision pass-through

    Hey guys, My Denon S710W got the firmware update a few months ago allowing it to pass through dolby vision content from my blu-ray player (LG UP970) to my TV (LG OLED65C7P). When I connect the UP970 directly to the TV, it displays the content (in this case Star Wars UHD blu-ray) in dolby vision...
  12. S

    Answered HELP OLED55C7V replaced by insurance with B7... really unhappy

    Hi, At the beginning of June I purchased a LG OLED55C7V. Since I have been absolutely blown away by it, the 4k content has an almost 3D feel to it, my face automatically smiles every time I turn it on. My son decided to end my fun last week when he launched a TV remote through my beloved C7. I...
  13. J

    OLED C7 Magic Remote

    Is there a way to program the Magic Remote so that a push of a button will select a picture mode like “Cinema Home (User)”? Thanks in advance.
  14. M

    Answered How to make my OLED C7 LG to look like my Samsung AMOLED phone?

    I really like the way my Samsung S9 looks like and I want my OLED to look as similar as it can be to it. Is it possible to calibrate my tv to look like it? If so then can anyone list the required calibration settings for it. Thank you.
  15. J

    sound bar for LG C7 55inch / Netflix and Xbox one

    Hi All, Looking for a sound bar to use with an LGC7 55inch. The TV does not have sky attached but is used for Netflix, amazon prime through the TV and X Box one S. Given the dolby atmos support of Netflix I am getting tempted by an Atmos Soundbar. Re size, I am limited to 120cm wide. What...
  16. A

    Dolby Vision on LG C7

    Can you notice an improvement in picture quality when watching Dolby Vision from HDR 10 content on a LG C7 Television? I'm planning on buying a new Panasonic 4k Bluray player and wanted to know if it's worth getting a player with Dolby Vision support?
  17. vulgartrendkill

    LG C7 freezing/Standby light Blinking

    Hi all, Had my C7 around a month, and all was totally amazing until last night. I tried to change from live TV to Iplayer via the recent button, and nothing in the menu was responding. I eventually was able to turn it off and back on again using the power button on the remote, but before it...
  18. J

    My very very bad experiences with C7 and B7 Oled

    Hi guys, thought id share (very briefly) my experience with LG OLED and i'm about to give up now . so 2 months ago i bit the bullet and got a C7 55' and returned it 7 days later with very dim pixels in left top corner. It was replaced with the most gorgeous panel i've seen and i said WOW this...
  19. mjbtin

    Question LG B7/C7 Calibration

    Had the tv for a few weeks now and thinking of calibrating WB for sdr and hdr not bothering with the CMS.Have calibrated a few tvs but this will be my first oled.This is what have to use. Xrite i1 Pro HCFR software AVS rec709 (sdr) R Masciola usb(hdr) Any tips pointers would be much...
  20. D

    LG C7 Issue - small uniform squares?

    Hi guys, Just recently I've noticed that I can actually see small uniform squares lined up across the panel. It is mostly unnoticeable until the scene shows certain brightness/colour and it becomes really distracting. I also notice that on certain screen I can see like split screen of...
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