1. J

    Question NAD M10 with passive speakers vs NAD C658 with AE1 Actives

    Some advice please. I am looking to set up a new hifi system in a 9' x 15' room. I've played with a few systems in there including Densen and Naim and never been really happy because of bass boom, not helped because the speakers have to fire down the length of the room. Even the LSX's that...
  2. J

    NAD C658 HDMI module

    Anyone have any experience with the C658 and the optional HDMI module? Background: Recently renovated our old conservatory and turned it into the main living area of the house rather than it just being a ‘cinema’ room. Moved the C658/C268/Dali Menuet/REL T-Zero setup into ‘conservatory’ as...
  3. HiFiRuss71

    NAD C658 BluOS Streaming DAC

    This isn't a full review with pictures, description of every technical aspect and all that jazz. I could talk about MQA over Tidal, Sabre DACs (means less than digital filter design anyway) MDC upgrade modules, etc, etc. There are people paid to do that. No; it's a story. It could also fit in...
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