1. D

    Question WANTED: LG C6 TV

    I know this is a long shot but is anyone looking to sell a LG C6 TV? Or know of anywhere?
  2. NicolasB

    2016 LG OLED TVs - anyone else having a problem with Dolby Vision for British shows on Netflix?

    The Netflix app on my LG G6 has recently started having issues with Dolby Vision on certain videos - they're advertised as Dolby Vision but play as HDR instead. So far I've established that it affects 14 out of 15 episodes of Black Mirror (seasons 3 to 5 - earlier seasons are not supposed to be...
  3. jrl

    Question C6 to C8 ?

    I currently have a 55LG C6 , had it about two years now , love it, had no issues with banding or tints Nor any image retention , and the 3D is amazing,can anybody tell me if the C8 would be an upgrade or would there not be much difference picture wise ? I know there would be no 3D , and I would...
  4. W

    LG C6 999 euro, good deal?

    Hello Everybody, I live in Holland and I can buy a used C6 with guaranty for 999,- euros. Is this a good deal? At the moment I have a Salora 55 inch 4k tv (55UHS3500). The tv does it job, but it isn't spectaculair. Do you think that the C6 is much better quality? I will mostly watch movies at...
  5. jrl

    Question Satellite on my C6

    I’ve just tried to get Freesat working on my C6 ,I’ve previously had sky Q so have already got the sky installed dish I believed that just using one of the two connections from the dish would work ( the C6 only having one input) I have tried both the dish connections, in turn, and tuned the sat...
  6. chuddy86

    LG C6 OLED

    Hi can anyone help. I've got a 55 of C6 OLED 18 month old and it's got screen burn from view sky news/sports along the bottom and a vertical band right down the middle of the screen. I got a 5 year guarantee with it () which by the sounds of it is as much use as an ash tray on a motorbike! I've...
  7. C

    OLED C6 Replaced

    Just had my Oled C6 Replaced well they fitted a new screen and main board. My old tv developed a line horizontally through the screen and used to flash green at either side randomly when playing my PS4 Pro. The tv I have now has firmware 4.30.95 Is this pre dodgey HDR Game mode because if it...
  8. Quintilian

    Question Getting my C6 professionally calibrated - tips?

    Hi! So next week I'm getting my C6 65" professionally calibrated. I remember that I read a post/comment here in the spring about calibrating the C6 (and other LG OLEDS?), and that there are some things the guy doing the calibration should take into consideration... But now I can't find it...
  9. H

    Question LG C6 - What Soundbar? Multiple HDMI 2.0 inputs?

    Hello, Just bought my first HD TV - LG C6. Want now to buy my first soundbar. I will be using a Blu Ray player and Tivo box. I read that I should plug my sources into the SB via HDMI (2.0 preferably). Is this right? Can anyone recommend a good SB with multiple HDMI inputs for less than...
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